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Susan and Robina are sisters who have been on the spiritual path for most of their lives. Whilst growing up it was normal to engage in discussions within the family about all manner of paranormal mysteries and metaphysical questions such as Who am I? Life after death, and the Nature of Time. Being shown that all is not what it seems* created two curious people who were not afraid to look beneath the surface for answers, while the question ‘Who am I?’* formed the basis of their spiritual quests over many years.

In adult life their interest in matters metaphysical continued and interesting experiences occurred for both while careers marriage and children occupied the major part of their time for some years. Later in life they were drawn to Reiki for health issues and it quickly became obvious that this was the path they were meant to take for their personal development. Both sisters followed the Reiki path to Mastership at the same time over twelve years ago.

During this time questions arose for which there did not seem to satisfactory answers and so they remained, ever-present, but unanswered. One of them was the real reasons why some people become ill and others do not. Another was the real origins for and the reasons underlying illness and disease. Lastly the ever present question Why? when anomalies arose created a thirst for more knowledge and true answers. ‘All is not what it seems’ echoed in their minds once more.

This led them to undertake the healing, guidance, teaching and vibrational essence making which was given to them by the White Brotherhood over a period of six years. This was ultimately to blossom into the Unfolding Enlightenment process.

Susan is a retired teacher who channels information from the Ascended Masters for Unfolding Enlightenment [and subsequently the books], channels Archangel Michael, records all of the information, writes the teaching materials and the books.

Robina is a retired physiotherapist who also channels information about the process and the essences from the Ascended Masters for the process. She has been a vibrational essence therapist and producer for several years and as such has channelled and produced the twenty sets of essences [over seven hundred essences in total] which have become an integral part of The Unfolding Enlightenment process over a period of six years.

Unfolding Enlightenment is a therapy, a spiritual path and a path of deep healing. Both Susan and Robina have had first- hand experience of the process and also have successfully treated friends and clients for several years. They have attuned at least fifty people to White Light and, having written a teaching programme of work, have also had Unfolding Enlightenment accepted as a training course and therapy in its own right. Insurance for this is now available through one of the leading insurers.

The path continues for them both as channelled information and knowledge is passed to them on a daily basis. This, with the first hand experiences they have had themselves, plus those of their trainees and clients, forms the basis for the material for the first series of books they have written. [see books]

*In fact these two seemingly small questions which are an enduring legacy from their father, continue to be relevant today since the more information they have discovered the more they realise they are still uncovering truths which point to the answer but are never the complete answer to ‘Who am I?’ [merely the next layer of truth] and all is truly not what it seems at all !!

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..Alison Saunders
Alison Saunders
We are very pleased to be able to introduce you to Alison Saunders. She is another of our students who has diligently worked her way through the experiences, development, teaching and learning of Unfolding Enlightenment to be a Master Teacher and Master Practitioner.

“Reflecting on my life, I can see the steps which brought me to where I am now although it wasn’t at all clear where I was heading when I was younger! My interest in animal behaviour prompted me to do a BSc in Psychology at Bristol University, but after graduating, I looked elsewhere and discovered the world of teaching English as a Foreign Language. I had always wanted to have adventures and experience new cultures but little did I know I would spend 28 years on the African continent!

Although busy with my teaching career, questions about ‘life’ continued to pop up and I was drawn to various healing-related activities. Meanwhile, my time in Africa had made me acutely aware of the environment, developing societies and the plight of both wild and domestic animals - how they are impacted by people. My desire to make a difference initiated a new phase of learning in my life: returning to the UK, I completed the Diploma in Animal Healing with the Healing Animals Organisation in 2010. This valuable training helped me to understand how the healing dynamic involves all the individuals within a family group, both animal and human. Besides practising spiritual healing for animals and their guardians, I received a foundation in small animal physiology, anatomy, nutrition, common ailments, first aid, behaviour problems and other factors necessary to understand the challenges that our furry-feathered- scaly friends face. Now armed with a professional healing qualification, I started up my own practice based in Bristol. However, I continued to have unanswered questions and I knew I needed further healing and development myself!

I started looking for the right teachers. When I found the Unfolding Enlightenment website, I knew this was ‘it’ and started a series of healing sessions on Skype. There was never any question in my mind about going further and I was eventually able to be attuned and aligned to work with the Spirit Healing teams. I now have a far greater depth of understanding about healing and spirituality than I had ever thought possible and I am still learning. The process is on-going as new information continues to unfold – something I find both challenging and exciting! I feel the Unfolding Enlightenment process is truly a gift to us all and it is my remit, and pleasure, to share it with others.

I now live in Norfolk and continue to offer healing to animals and people, and teaching to those drawn to this path. Consultations may be in person for those living in the North Walsham area or over Skype or on the phone for those further afield.”

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Face book page: Animal Healing with Unfolding Enlightenment

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Jayne Postans

Jayne Postans
I am a natural born medium living in South Suffolk.

My life has been such that I have experienced much. This enables me to understand and help many people with a wide variety of issues.

I am happy to do Unfolding Enlightenment Guidance readings, one to one White Crystal Light healings, and Guided Meditations.

Skype, FaceTime and email gives us access to the world!

Telephone 01473 311111, mobile 07812413475

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