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"I have been working with Robina and the UE family and teams for around 4 years, I was introduced by an old friend. I came to it because I was struggling to get out of a toxic relationship that kept dragging me back. Most things I learnt resonated and were easy to accept and say; yes I know this on another level, some things took longer to absorb and grasp conceptually.

My children saw the visible change and benefits through the help I received. One of them has joined me on the path because she found it helped her too. (she was very cynical at first until she experienced a healing session for herself) many of my friends have had and some continue to have healing sessions with Robina. Its ok to come to work on specific problems.

For me its a continuing work in progress which gives me a sense of purpose, meaning, inner confidence and calm. It has become a way of life which runs in parallel to my normal daily life. I especially enjoy the opportunity to help everything and everyone around me in all sorts of unseen ways."

J Walters

"I have been doing the Unfolding Enlightenment for nearly four years now and I can truly say it has been a remarkable journey. Although my main reason for doing this was because I had been looking for the right spiritual path for me, I had a lot of emotional stuff to clear up. With Robina’s and the Spirit Healing Teams help and also taking the essences, all the old emotional shackles that bound me just melted away. I have continued on the spiritual path and have had revealed to me the answers to so many profound questions, both from Robina and Sue. They never cease to amaze me with their genuine abilities and their endless patience, dedication and kindness. It is not a lonely journey, you meet like minded people and you can share your experiences with them. I feel such gratitude that life lead me to this point."

Margaret Drane, January 2018

"We have found your treatments so useful

Bradley was only saying tonight that he feels so much better after having treatments from you.

I have enjoyed your Meditations when I have attended them and found them most beneficial. I look forward to attending more in the future."

Jennifer & Bradley O’Connor 23 January 2018

"So far I have had seven visits to Robina for the Unfolding Enlightenment treatments.

I was in emotional turmoil after the loss of my daughter , and also from complex, unresolved inner issues that I could never quite put my finger on.

I felt I was going around in circles. With Robina's own insights and those of the Healing Team as to my condition, and with the Channelled White Crystal Light and appropriate Vibrational essences, I have come out "into the Light" and feel much more emotionally stabilised and strengthened.

I am fascinated by the multi layered process which is explained in the three available books. This makes far more sense to me than anything I have come across before."

Margaret Drane. 30.3.2015

"Since I started to work with Robina and Unfolding Enlightenment process in 2013 I have had significant improvements in many areas of my well being and clearly improved energy levels.

This work is far more comprehensive than any other healing modality I have previously encountered.

It is a great pleasure to continue work with both Robina and Sue and the teams."

Maria, Scotland

"The unfolding enlightenment programme is the most true and powerful healing process I have ever experienced. Sue and Robina have channeled something truly magnificent. I feel blessed and privileged to have received this energy on my path. It has been truly life changing for me.. even life saving. It is with me daily now . The depth of this must be experienced to be believed.

Thank you Sue, Robina, Jeshua and Mary."

EP May 2014

“Since receiving healing and distance work with Sue and the angelic healing teams of the White Brotherhood I have had transformative shifts. Some of the older patterning that I've worked so hard to release in the past with other healing modalities were quickly lifted after just 2 sessions with Sue. I have had great insights into the parts of my life that were keeping me in a feeling of being stuck, and now I'm feeling very light, very hopeful, and am noticing that my spiritual transformation is quite rapidly developing. I'm an energy healer and have worked with many other amazing healers in this field, but I am clear from my experience with Sue that this work has a very strong light and is in right alignment with all levels of my development. I am also in gratitude to Sue for the ongoing healing that is channelled through her even when I'm not in a formal session. I recommend the sessions wherever you live if you would like to heal through all layers and maximize your light.”

Lisa Jansen
Certified Yoga Instructor
Cranio Sacral Therapist
California USA

“Unfolding Enlightenment has been a major part of my life for many years now. I started originally in Reiki, but when I began to have powerful psychic experiences, my reiki colleagues didn’t quite know what to do with me, and neither did the mediums or others with ‘experience’ I contacted. When i spoke to Robina, everything fell into place for me and I knew I had found the right teacher. UE has helped me to develop at the speed i wanted, has been tailored to me through the essences, and throughout the focus has been on my own balance and energetic integrity. I have seen many other healers suffer with illness through using their energy inappropriately, and I can say I have never felt exhausted from any healing work i do with the teams. It is a very special and lovely energy to work with. On a more personal level, the self-exploration and development that UE has offered me has been unrivalled by anything else I have ever done. I have made discoveries about myself I couldn’t have conceived of previously, and whilst I must say it has been challenging at times, the growth I have experienced has made it all worthwhile. A lady called Maechelle Small-Wright refers to two schools of spirtualism, those who ‘try’ to be spiritual with long meditations, candles, and theorising, versus those who belong to the ‘scuzzball school’ who grab the bull by the horns, and get on with the dirty work of facing and clearing their issues. UE falls firmly into the ‘scuzzball camp’ - it’s not always pretty, but it is absolutely 100% worth it.”

Lisa Mahoney

“I have been receiving sessions from Sue for over 4 months now. Initially I felt the power of the White Light and the healing work through Skype as a tremendous download of energy. It cleared my physical body of tensions and holdings, as well as clearing my mental and emotional energies that were blocking me from moving forward in my life.

'As the Soul Retrieval work progressed I noticed that I felt more centred and strong in myself. My concentration and focus improved and I felt less scattered'

I can feel the energy move through me usually right before we connect online, it comes in strong. The day of a session I feel so light, so free and so clear it's almost giddy. Usually a few nights after my session, I have profound dreams about Masters that come in and offer me more healing.

The past session my entire neck began to move and turn in ways that were unlike anything I've ever experienced. It was as if I was being offered chiropractic and energy adjustments through my neck which has been a long time area of stiffness for me. *This is being received from California!

As an energy healer and Yoga Instructor I cannot be more grateful for allowing my guiding light to guide me to the Unfolding Enlightenment via website. I feel complete in that I don't have to look outside of the White Light for anything. All is unfolding as it should.

Sue has been an excellent teacher and support for me as I am in process of Unfolding my own Light and Attuning to the White Crystal Light.”

Lisa Jansen
ERYT, Cranio Sacral Therapist. California, USA.

I feel very blessed to be taking the path of Unfolding Enlightenment with Robina and Sue. Both Robina and Sue radiate love and compassion and certainly walk their talk. No issue is too big or too small for them to offer help with, either on a personal, global or universal issue, always leading to healing and a better understanding with an expansion of consciousness on every level.

If you feel ready to heal, expand and grow in energy, love, peace and understanding, I whole heartedly recommend choosing the path of Unfolding Enlightenment with Robina and Sue.

Deborah Woodmansee - May 2014









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