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Unfolding Enlightenment is first and foremost a healing therapy using The White Light/Crystal Energy, The Rose Cottage Flower/Vibrational Essences and Angelic [spirit] Healing teams.

The healing contained within this innovative process heralds a new and exciting direction in healing today. The steps we offer have never been previously used or even recognised and are unique to Unfolding Enlightenment because The White Light/Crystal Energy, The Vibrational Essences channelled by members of The White Brotherhood and the Angelic Healing Teams of The White Brotherhood are unique to us alone [and then those we train].

These three components together make Unfolding Enlightenment a powerful healing therapy which reveals and heals the reasons why people become unwell repeatedly and is able to identify the origins of all the disharmony within mankind which results in illness and disease. It truly heralds a new era in healing and development for humanity.

Practitioners are able to both identify and address very deep and long held damage and corruption at soul level [the pieces of soul] and on energetic levels within the subtle bodies from many lifetimes. Releasing the long held damaging negative emotional energy, negative behaviour patterns and negative energetic blocks which are held within the tissues of the physical body as well as within the energy field of the subtle bodies enables people to break free from cycles of illness and emotional issues which prevent them from moving forward in life.

What happens during a treatment session
For prospective clients the first step can be either a telephone consultation or a one to one healing session which includes a consultation and extensive assessment from which the practitioner will create a treatment plan. This will include the use of the Vibrational Essences from the Rose Cottage Flower/Vibrational Essence range which support each and every step. Discussion of a treatment plan will take place with the opportunity for one to one healing sessions and /or remote healing. You will be advised on what essences you may need and how often and how many healing sessions you may require.

For clients, once they have begun this healing process it leads also to a path of development. This will involve a long term commitment to themselves and their own healing and development on the part of the client, but does not have to take place all in one go. For many people a period of healing is followed by a period of adjustment and assimilation. A return for further healing will then be prompted when the need arises.

For others it may be a shorter experience because the healing and development that their higher self wished them to have in this lifetime has been achieved.

The steps of the process
For everyone the first step is Soul Retrieval and the healing needed at soul level because if the soul is not whole then any healing which follows will be transitory at best but also ineffective in the long term.
After that you will receive any other healing that you need from the process which is appropriate to you but which may not follow the order you see on the site because everyone is individual and is at a different stage of healing and development.

Commitment and Support
Prospective clients should be aware that the healing involved in each step of Unfolding Enlightenment has at its core the releasing and healing of deeply held negative energy in the form of long held emotional issues, behaviour patterns and all the accumulated negative baggage from this lifetime and many previous ones. In this way the real reasons why a person has become ill can be addressed. We do not put a sticking plaster over the emotions to enable people to continue with their lives but instead clear and heal the reasons for the emotional baggage. This involves courage, commitment and honesty[with themselves and the therapist] on the part of the client.

The practitioner in turn offers a sympathetic ear as well as advice and constructive support in dealing with the emotions and issues which may arise during or after treatment.

Copyright Sue Stothard and Robina Hearle January 2012