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Unfolding Enlightment as a Spiritual Journey

It is difficult to separate the healing of Unfolding Enlightenment from the spiritual path which it offers because they are so interlinked. In effect the success of the healing processes determines the amount of steps you will take along the path you have chosen.

Unfolding Enlightenment is not only a path of deep healing at soul level but is also a series of steps towards true enlightenment. This is well used word with the wrong connotations which has led millions of people to strive daily to reach this elusive state assumed to be a state of being that they can reach just through sitting and meditating and not thinking bad thoughts.

While it is true that meditation does allow people to enter a different state of consciousness which is beneficial to mind, body and spirit, it is not the complete path to enlightenment. The state of being reached during meditation cannot be maintained for any length of time due to the fact that everyone is so damaged at soul level and are carrying so much emotional, mental and spiritual damage and baggage that it all gets in the way.

To successfully embark on the journey to greater awareness, expanded and altered states of consciousness and then enlightenment the soul must first be whole.

True Enlightenment is actually about becoming filled with light – this means letting light into the bodies which then creates a rise in energetic frequency in all of them. In turn a rise in frequency allows access to greater levels of awareness, expanded consciousness and spiritual knowledge.

Basically each step of Unfolding Enlightenment allows the very deep healing and clearing throughout the physical body and the subtle bodies that is needed to allow a rise in frequency in all of the bodies in synchronicity. This piece of truth is fundamental and absolutely vital to success on the path to greater spiritual being.

So many people develop their mental or spiritual bodies to the exclusion of the others and then become stuck and are unable to go further because they have not developed all of the bodies at the same time. This misperception about spiritual growth results in a corrupted deva at the very least.

At each step of Unfolding Enlightenment the damage and corruption at soul level from this and many previous lifetimes are healed and released from the physical body, subtle bodies and pieces of soul. At the same time the release of the long held emotional negative energy which accompanies this damage allows a rise in frequency in all of the bodies. As the bodies are gradually restored to their true state of being then also a gradual rise in energetic frequency can take place. This state is then easier to maintain because of the healing which has taken place.

For those who continue on the path of healing, attunements to the higher spiritual chakras and alignments with your true self follow until you become the light and are truly enlightened.

It must be understood that there are no short cuts and we are not offering a magic formula to fast track yourself to somewhere else on a higher plane of being.

The way forward for those who are called to follow the path is challenging and sometimes hard. It demands a high degree of commitment from the individual to look at themselves truthfully and be prepared to see and accept things about themselves in order to let them go and move on. Someone who pretends to themselves and to others will not succeed.

The rewards and changes in oneself are sometimes obvious and easy to detect, but most often are subtle and cumulative. While many people will achieve a rise in frequency and a degree of heightened awareness and expanded consciousness, the path determined by your higher self will dictate how far you will go in this lifetime. The journey may begin here and be completed at a later date in another lifetime.

Copyright Sue Stothard and Robina Hearle January 2012