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11.12 16
A Christmas Message from the Community of Light

Will you be inviting the spirit of Christmas into your home this year? Or is your intention to negate it by linking to the created mind-set that Christmas is a waste of time and money and is over commercialised?

You can be the essence of the Christmas Spirit by what you create for your friends and family or you can be miserable, angry and the essence of Scrooge…..your choice.

We of the Community of Light seek to re-establish the true Spirit of Christmas and the Season of Goodwill to all men. We seek to bring back the Magic and the Spirit of Giving with no expectation of return. Giving for the pleasure of giving rather than because you feel you have to is the true Spirit of Christmas. Giving to bring Joy to the receiver is the true spirit of Christmas.

The happy expectation of receiving is part of it too, for one without the other creates and energetic imbalance. Giving and receiving is part of the Christmas ritual.

Many are the souls with other agendas who seek to spoil pleasure for others. It can be dire warnings about the dreadful weather you are going to have, or the harmful effects of things you are going to eat or the greatly increased risk of terrorist attacks. All negative, all dark, all designed to destabilise people and create fear at what should be a happy carefree joyful time of year when people leave their cares behind for a while and indulge in a little fantasy.

Anti- Christmas habits have become popular with people deliberately setting out to not join in, not to send cards, not give presents, not spread happiness, and in fact not enjoy any of it at any price. Over commercialised they mutter forgetting that many people’s livelihoods depend on this season. We say to you my dear ones, that Christmas now merely reflects the times you live in but the true Spirit of it is the same wherever you are.

We say to you that you do not have to try and destroy or negate other people’s pleasure. You do not have to cast a deliberate pall over what should be a happy and joyful time for family and friends. You do not have to shout other people down to make yourself feel right and righteous.

We say that it is what is in your heart that matters. In all honesty actions speak louder than words. You can behave like Scrooge and negate Christmas .. that is fine and your choice as long as you do not seek to impose your choices and will on others. We would say however, that to seek to bring light and joy to those far less
fortunate than yourself who truly will have a dreadful Christmas through no fault of their own, might be a better and less negative use of your time and energies.

You can truly forge your own path, for Christmas like anything else in life, is what you make of it. What you put in so shall you receive. If you put in bitterness, anger, hate and negativity then that is what you will get back and feel.

We say to you that it is time to look around you and see what you are creating, not only in your life at this time but in the lives of others generally, through your attitude, behaviour, thoughts, emotions and actions.

We work with the beings of light to banish darkness and bring love, light, joy, pleasure, and happiness and anticipation back into the world generally but especially now at this magical time of year.

Switch on your Christmas tree lights, sit in the dark and absorb the magical effect. Gaze at the lights until they go out of focus, then listen carefully …you just might hear the distant sound of sleigh bells and a far off HO HO HO!!!


The Worship of Deities    

It has long been the practice in your world to put people on pedestals, make them into saints and gods, and worship them.  Whether this is a good idea and whether they are worthy of this honour is doubtful.

In many cases the sanctified ones were ordinary people who were honoured thus and deemed worthy by religious leaders by dint of lifelong service to others for example. They were and are worshipped as deities by their followers… therein lies the problem. So we say to you that in this and many other cases ‘All is not what it seems!’ as we have said before.  

Each country, race, culture, cult and religion has a long list of created deities ….regarded as ancient gods who have been given status and reverence way back in your history. Often the reasons for this are lost in the mists of time, so that the truth about them and their origins are also lost.  To add credence to these deified figures whole belief structures, histories, personalities, characteristics and emotions have been invented and added to the blog throughout history to make the figure ‘real’ and approachable to the populace. Thus people were and still are encouraged to pray to these deities in times of trouble or to ask their aid in times of difficulty or in ventures such as healing, conquest in war or maybe just of a fair lady.

In this way an enormous amount of ideas construct and thought forms have been created for thousands of mythical beings who are not necessarily worthy of the daily outpourings of love devotion, respect and worship.

Many names that you associate with the deified figures which are part of your myths and legends, were in fact a number of more advanced star races not from earth at all. They came, as so many have over time, to plunder earth and her peoples of energy or to conquer. They had power and abilities far beyond the inhabitants at that time and it was easy to impress the less advanced and somewhat ignorant peoples with lies and misperceptions for their own gain. In the process it was a good game to set themselves as beings to be worshipped and served and revered.

An important point to remember is that antiquity does not automatically confer the attributes of goodness, kindness, helpfulness and universal love or the desire to aid your development as is so fondly imagined.

Some of the apparently more advanced ancient star races who came to earth such as the Titans, were like big children. They were not spiritually developed and were self -seeking, cruel, negative and power hungry. Earth was a playground and its’ inhabitants were but playthings to manipulate for amusement. Time and misinformation has built a myth, a thought construct, while they themselves, and many like them, were imposters and not gods at all in reality.

Throughout history there have been many visitors thus and each time the populace has worshipped them, sworn oaths of fealty, servitude, devotion and obedience. In the process they have unknowingly bound themselves for all time to the deities of choice through these oaths and the words of power and binding incorporated into the prayers and invocations used on a daily basis.  

The thought forms need energy to exist and to exert control. If people are bound to them and worship them daily so their requirements are met. They receive energy each time someone connects with them and also take energy to maintain and strengthen their thought-forms which have become powerful and real.

Thus billions upon billions of people were bound to them and linked to them down the ages, like dogs on a lead, that they could and do influence and manipulate for their own ends. The links and bonds and energy can give them access to this dimension particularly when the unwise strive to open dimensional portals which have been closed by us against such as these….

In your world today there are untold billions of people who still have the links to these deity figures and have carried the marks of allegiance and binding throughout all of their incarnations since the original lifetime where it began. Thus part of them is still a captive of the deified figure, good or bad.

Sadly even now in the twenty first century, there are still billions of misguided people who continue to bind themselves daily to thought-constructs through repetitive chants, prayers and invocations in the name of religions. Some intend harm and willingly and blindly ally themselves to mythical vengeful deities believing they have permission to perpetrate untold harm to others for reasons of religion. It has ever been thus.

What the ancients were worshipping and what so many misguided and misled people today are worshipping are in fact are misleading thought- constructs and intentionally created thought-forms…illusions which are, in reality, beings of ill intent  .

We say to you that you are no longer such undeveloped unsophisticated peoples, nor are you so ignorant and unworldly any longer… There is need now to wake up out of the enchanted sleep imposed by the man-made and self- made deities and realise what has been perpetrated on mankind!

Ask for help from us and our healing teams to free yourselves from all ancient oaths of servitude, devotion and allegiance. Ask for all the links and ties to be cut and all oaths to be dissolved. You are strong enough and sovereign enough not to need imaginary figure heads to worship!

It was our compatriot was it not, who once implored people not to worship false gods and now you know why!!

Archangel Michael  through Sue Stothard and Facebook : Michael’s Messages


Archangel Michael and Kryon [through Sue Stothard]

The Age of Light  

The Age of Light is something we of the Family of White Light and many others have been working towards, for earth and her inhabitants, for many millennia.

We have, as you know, been beaming light at the earth for some time to raise her frequency and yours. Why? It is because the earth holds a special place in the scheme of things. It is the heart chakra of the universe, both of which are living conscious entities. This is why we have concentrated so much time and energy in bringing earth and her inhabitants out of the enforced dark ages, because the changes have to come from the heart first to bring effective changes to all the energies and bodies which are part of the greater picture.  As earth moves on so do all around her and a new era dawns in the universe and also the multiverses.

Since October 2014 earth and her inhabitants have once again been receiving waves of higher frequency light at intervals. This is a new phase of higher spectrum light which is very different from those we have beamed before. These waves are of a different part of the spectrum and contain specific frequencies for growth, knowledge and stabilisation. This presages the beginning of another rise in frequency for earth and her inhabitants and thus greater awareness.

The light waves are not continuous but are happening at times of significance in the life cycle of all beings and creatures and plants. The first wave was in October 2014, the next will be March 2015 in your time, followed by one in June and then two further ones in October this year and December/January 2016.

The angelic beings of the Family of White Light assemble with those of The Family of White light on your plane to sing in these frequencies. Thus a harmonic is created which is beyond human wavelengths and which includes specific light frequencies and knowledge.

The Age of Light which will last thousands of your years is the return of Light to your plane, a light which was extinguished many aeons ago by those who did not want earth to participate in this growth and development of the universe, [one which has long been predicted]. Thus earth was plunged into the darkness and all the low frequencies associated with the dark, which also affected all the planets and stars in her orbit.

Those who thrive on negativity, pain and all the low frequency emotions, sabotaged many worlds thus because they could and because for them the powers of darkness were more attractive and called to the darkness of their being. Creating environments to match their state brought satisfaction, while attempts to break free were consistently sabotaged.

The absence of light meant lack of growth, maintaining a low frequency, lack of knowledge, darkness, despair and negative emotions. The absence of light stunted growth for all- planets, stars, space, universe creatures and beings.

We of the Light have been working for untold aeons to bring healing and restoration to all beings and worlds thus affected.

Light means spiritual growth, expansion of consciousness, positivity and creativity. It means having the ability to see and comprehend the greater truths of your reality, your world, yourselves and the universes and not just those biased and untrue versions which have been fed to you at the times when you and the earth were only 3D. You and the earth are far beyond this now and it is time for the light to truly shine on you all once more.

Earth and her inhabitants are in the correct timeline and the correct probability now and so frequency has risen to reach this point…and will continue to do so beyond this point in time.

The Age of Light is one of enlightenment, growth, development and creativity. Those of us guiding you and your planet towards this grand future continue to work towards the enrichment and awakening of all including those who have specifically  chosen to be here at this time to assist, heal, participate, teach and expand in conscious awareness.

There is great jubilation among the angelic realms that we have reached this point so that a new age can finally dawn.

There are however, those on planet earth who incarnated out of a desire to impede growth and the return of the light. Some however, were coerced unwillingly into this role, but now will be released from their servitude and restored to their rightful state of being as part of the ongoing work of healing and restoration of all.

The dark souls of which there are still many presently incarnated, will try to create further disharmony to impede the trend towards the light. Be aware that this is so and do not be alarmed. Do not dwell on the unrest and negativity which results for the malign influences fight to retain the status quo that they desire. Know also that although change comes often through unrest and upheaval because of them, the light will prevail and will continue to do so.

Always try to dwell on the positives in your life and in the world for there are many wonders to behold. Do not allow yourselves to be pulled down by the stories going on around you.



Archangel Michael

Remembrance and mass public grieving

We note with sorrow that our friends recently become enmeshed in some controversy as they attempted to spread some light and truth on this contentious topic in order to help prevent anguish for so many of the departed.

Large outpourings of public grieving, prolonged deep grieving and constantly calling on departed love ones during the grieving process ties the departed ones to you and brings them back to the earth plane involuntarily. Initially this is of comfort on both sides, but eventually it is both necessary and healthy to make the realisation that they are there and you are here and to consciously let them go.

It must be recognised that to call departed loved ones back to you here on the earth plane in the ways we describe, causes them to take on the heaviness, pain and physical circumstances in which they departed this life.

Consciously cutting the ties between you and departed loved ones allows you and them to move on which is as it should be. Then if they choose to visit you after that to share family occasions, or to give love and support, you can be sure that they do so freely and out of choice rather than because they are forced to by their ties to you and the earth plane.

So our message to you all is this: if the emotional ties to you and events on the earth plane are not cut then thought, mass grieving, mass celebration of events and mass remembrance brings loved ones back involuntarily to the earth plane to re-experience the trauma and physical discomfort of their departure. This is unthinkingly cruel and unnecessary. The ties need to be cut so that they are not drawn back against their will.

It is one thing to honour and respect those who died to give you freedom, in your own heart, but public outpourings of grief and memories are very powerful energetically because they are en masse.

We say to you that loved ones should be free to come back to be near you if they wish but not because they are pulled back.

Those who object to this truth should look at their reasons for taking part in public celebrations of traumatic, dark and nasty events. Events which caused pain, anguish, soul loss and the destruction of people and their lives and expectations and which lower the overall energetic frequency of all who take part.

Is it done for you or them? Is it done to be seen to be doing it or is it out of respect for them? If it is the latter we say to you do they really need it 100 years on when they have made their way in the spiritual realms and may well be very far from the earth plane and its concerns.

If you do it for yourself then examine the why and the what for. Why choose one day to remember thus adding to the dredged up energies of sorrow, despair and pain? Does it mean you don’t care if you do not do it?

Ask yourself whether departed ones wish to come back to revisit and be reminded of their often traumatic deaths once more when they have already left it all far behind. Do they want or need to be re-traumatised by earthly events of 100 years ago on earth when in the long journey of the soul this has happened many times in other incarnations.

Events on the earth plane while significant during the soul’s incarnation at the time, cease to have such importance once the soul has recovered from its travails, cut the ties to the earth plane and moved on to the larger reality of being that is its true state.

We have to rescue all over again the souls who are involuntarily pulled back and get enmeshed in the energies and emotions from the earth plane during these occasions. Healing has to occur all over again. Healing the soul of the violent traumas accumulated during its incarnations is a complicated process. Feeling the pain and anguish of them all is not necessary or desired in this process.

Ask yourself if there is not a better way or a different view point such as celebrating the life you have been gifted and living it to the best of your ability while being thankful in your heart. This changes dark energy to light.

Ask yourself if you may not have already thanked and honoured that person on other planes of reality such as the astral plane when your body sleeps, [assuming of course that they wanted that]. Having done so privately, is there really any need to join in public displays?

Then there is the matter of All Hallows Eve which, because of what it represents, and through belief and celebration of the dark side of the supernatural, also draws vast numbers of souls to the earth It is the same for All Hallows Eve which, because of what it represents, and through belief and celebration, draws vast numbers of all manner of dark energies to your plane. However, there is no discrimination or understanding of this, so as a result all manner of dark energies flock to your plane. We all have to work harder still then to protect you and to disperse them because the veil is thin at this time.

We say this not to cause distress but to bring a little understanding of the unseen results of the energies and emotions of mass occasions, of the kind we speak of here, and which are accepted as the norm.



Archangel Michael through Sue Stothard

Where does the healing energy and light go when you are asked to send blanket healing or light somewhere?

It is a very popular thing among light-workers who follow twentieth century healing modalities for practitioners and participants to encourage each other in the name of compassion to send healing and light to people, places or situations in the world.

In Reiki particularly students are told that it is alright to send healing and light to people and situations they do not know. They are told that ‘if the energy is not needed then it will be used wherever it is needed or returned to source’.

I ask you to think awhile and ponder …… where do you think ‘where it is needed’ actually is’ since this is never specified. The assumption until now has been that it will do good anyway which is, you will admit, a rather vague idea. Have you ever stopped to think about this? How can you be certain that what you send off into the unknown like rain reaches the intended recipient or place and does the good that you intend?

If there is no energetic link between you and the place or person [people] or animals for whom the energy is intended so that there is no energetic pathway for it to follow then it is like an electrical  wire with no plug or socket at the end. So ask yourself where does it really go and how can you be sure it is used by the ‘good guys?’

We ask you to ponder this for a moment and do not dismiss what we say because it is contrary to what you have been taught. It is time to ask the questions and ponder the answers!

We are here to tell you now that the vast majority of ‘free’ energy sent out into the ether without either an energetic link to the recipient or an intermediary to utilise the energy for its intended purpose, is misused or subverted for purposes not of the light.

Compassionate and caring people sending light or healing energy of any description be it the Violet Flame, Reiki, White Crystal Light or anything else to war torn, disease ridden, traumatized or strife riddled areas of the world cause an out pouring of enormous amounts of energy which, if there is not an energetic link to the recipient, can be picked up by any being who wants it. Thus the dark energies controlling these areas of the world obtain a free gift of energy to boost and fuel themselves and their purposes, while the intended recipient gets none.

Free outpourings of energy benefit those who are not of the light, lower dimensional beings, inter-dimensional beings and those of the darkness and because there is no metaphorical sign attached to it or an intermediary to control and oversee what happens, then the energy can be used in way they choose. You can be certain that in these cases it certainly is not for healing which was the original intention!

We say to you that the statement ‘if the energy is not needed then it will be used wherever it is needed, go to mother earth or be returned to source’ is not truth. It is a misleading idea construct which encourages sincere and well-intentioned people to send vast amounts of energy to worthwhile causes in the belief that they are healing people, places and situations.

This is not correct. In order to be able to have a specified beneficial effect on people, places, animals or situations around the world you have to have an energetic link and that is only there if you have visited the place in physicality or met the recipient  personally or spoken to them, so that the necessary energetic threads have been constructed.

 If this is not so then the only way to be effective in what you wish to do is to move on to work with a healing modality that works directly with angelic [spirit] healing teams who can at your behest, do the work you desire specifically.

 To do that you will find that you will more than likely need to raise your vibrational frequency since the energy used will be seventh dimensional at least.

To raise your frequency it is necessary to through intense and quite specific healing [beginning with soul retrieval] and clearing in order to be able to be attuned to the energy and still further clearing to be able to be attuned to the energies of spirit healing teams and the angelic kingdom. Then you can work with them and ask for them to do specific things in war torn areas for example.

Do not be swayed into believing that there is a short cut or that you can do it anyway without following the path we have laid out for you to do so. There is a great difference between being psychic and hearing spirit voices to actually being able to work with the spirit or angelic healing teams. Many people are psychic but are not necessarily of the required range of energetic frequencies to be able to do such work.

So our message today is that in this the twenty first century, it is time to let go of the well- intentioned but woolly practice of ‘sending healing and light’, the violet flame or Reiki {or similar] to anyone or anywhere  to which you have no energetic links.

Now it is time to recognise and understand what is truly happening when you do and to move on to be able to be more specific and more effective in what you want to do.



Exercising discernment about the energies you invite into your energy field

Archangel Michael through Sue Stothard

Our message to you today is this: be discerning about the energies you choose to invite to enter and interfere in your energy field.

Be discerning about the ‘truths’ you choose to believe and do not follow like sheep just because everyone else does. Some truths and the energies they contain are truly the path to enlightenment whilst others are the wrong frequency for you and so are confusing to the mind, the deva and the physical body with unseen results.

We have said this before and now we say it again: beware quick fixes! Beware those inviting and seductive offers which invite you to become instantly enlightened through high frequency energies or the downloading of codes which you are assured will help you take a short cut and become angelic without you yourself having to do anything except listen and download.

Beware the codes offered to you as downloads purportedly offering you light or healing or advancement from ancient sources or ancient personages in your mythology. The names and links to your history invite you to believe in the veracity and authenticity of their claims.

Beware off planet energy sources making claims of beaming energy or codes to you to enlighten you!

‘The world is your oyster’ they imply and if you do these things you can be enlightened ‘just like that’ without doing the painstaking work to raise your frequency yourself through healing and clearing the negative energies which you have unwittingly and unwillingly accumulated through many lifetime here and elsewhere.

Sounds fantastic doesn’t it? Well it is, but is it true and is it in your best interests? The answer from us is and always has been ‘No’!!!

Some more evolved energies purporting to be us or obscure Archangels [or Merlin for example] come through to those who seek and offer these things to the masses via your social media or videos. We tell you in no uncertain terms that we of The Great White Brotherhood do not offer or do this kind of thing.  We do not and never have offered anyone such short cuts or quick fixes so it is safe for you to assume that those that do this are not of the Family of White Light or of The Great White Brotherhood.

We say to you that the energies offered to you through these questionable and often bogus entities are very high frequency, often not of this universe and therefore not at all compatible or in harmony with your energies, even if you believe or are told otherwise.

The short term gain in the form of the immediate ‘feel good factor’ which often follows this kind of energetic interference [the pay-off] does not actually compensate you at all for the long term confusion, damage and corruption which results for the deva, the spiritual body, the mental body, physical body and the soul and that is without the blocks in the higher spiritual chakras  that we can see are also installed.

This kind of damage is cumulative and, like all the other damage accrued at soul level and within the subtle bodies over many lifetimes, it is carried from lifetime to lifetime. It will remain within your energies and gradually filter down to the physical to cause problems of many kinds until it is seen and recognised for what it is…. only then it can be repaired and healed.

To repair the damage and remove the blocks you would need specialist spirit healing teams who can do this kind of work.

To access higher truths you need to be at the same frequency as the truths you wish to access [which in some cases is tens, hundreds if not thousands of dimensional frequencies from where you are now]. There is a process to go through to attain the levels you aspire to and part of it is that before you can accept and acknowledge higher truths your higher spiritual chakras have to be reactivated and re-aligned. This however cannot be done out of context otherwise corruption of the spiritual body occurs. In fact none of this can occur until you have cleared and healed yourself on many levels beyond this one and risen in frequency yourself. It is painstaking work and is not instant.

There are no miracle quick fixes and no instant shortcuts and if offered to you they should be viewed with dubiousness and extreme caution!!



The art of manifestation from Kryon

Generally mankind are unsuccessful in their attempts at manifestation because they do not understand the basic principles of manipulating energy or the principles of time. These are truths which are not part of a 3D reality.  However, as humanity has risen in frequency to 5D and is in the process of a further rise in frequency, then the basic truths can be understood.

Manifestation is the art of manipulating time and energy through the use of will.

Will is the force or power of thought.

To be successful in manifestation you need to understand the connection and interrelation between ordinary thoughts and the moments of creation and the use of will which is the driving force behind thought. Without will the thought-form creations are too weak and do not manifest, they remain thought-forms and that is all.

Thought needs will and intention to drive it beyond being just a thought-form.

Intention and will are soul energies which should be part of you but may be lacking in their true form if they have been compromised by damage at soul level or even de-activated. Sadly for the majority of you, this is the case so they are either not working at all, or so weak as to be ineffective. What you have is but a pale imitation of what should be.

Thought and intention need will to motivate them for creation and manifestation purposes.

Creation is the result of thought brought into reality by intention.

Manifestation is the ability to manipulate time and energy to create what you want in any reality.

Will and intention  are energies.

Will is the energy which creates intention.

Will is the driving force.

Will is a soul aspect.

To exert will in order to manifest you need focus.

Intention, Will and Focus are soul energies or aspects which are no longer working properly for the majority of humanity because they have been compromised or switched off. They have to be reactivated and reinstated to work properly*.

You also need to be able to cut the threads and ties* to all the past thought-forms which did not result in either creation or manifestation. This clears redundant thought forms and helps future success and clarity for manifestation.

[*This work forms part of Module 6 in the Unfolding Enlightenment healing process].

Thought- forms driven by will, intention and focus have to be linked or anchored to you and to your dimension in order to successfully manifest, otherwise they just float away as random thought forms and remain as such in perpetuity.

Thought, intention, will and focus have to be aligned with your dimension and be in the same time-line as each other and you in order for all to work together in order that manifestation may occur in your dimension at the time you wish.

Sue Stothard


The true nature and actuality of Kundalini Energy. Kryon

The true nature of kundalini energy has been badly misrepresented over time and also tainted by those of the darkness. You have a name and a thought construct built around it which has created the wrong ideas about what kundalini energy is, as well as energy flow.

You are both [Sue and Ro...bina] quite correct when you say you do not have this energy and have no interest or desire for it either, and nor should you! Kundalini energy is not an energy that was ever meant for your plane and certainly not for people personally to have or use. It is much larger than that. Unfortunately, due to erroneous ideas and thought constructs, many people have spent years trying to get it to flow, use it and feel it. What they were feeling is the flow of universal energy itself of course, but due to misguided misinterpretation of facts, believed to be something new.

Kundalini energy in its pure form is a very high frequency universal energy. It is actually the name of the energy flow in and out of the void. It is a particular ray or part of universal life-force energy at multi-versal level and is in reality far too strong for use at human levels, even supposing that was what it is intended for!

As in your dream [Robina], the old lady representing kundalini energy is to be resurrected and restored. Presently it is corrupted and needs help and restoration to be able to fulfil its’ correct purpose. However, though this work will be beneficial within the universe and beyond, it will still be an energy which is not in existence on your plane and was never meant to be, despite what others may claim.



Kundalini energy, earth energies and life-force energy. Archangel Michael

Today we both address the perennial issue of Kundalini Energy. Much has been made of this and, over time, it has assumed a far greater importance than is warranted for something which is in fact so far beyond human ken as to be invisible.

It comes to our attention that many people have believed and acted upon a misin...terpretation and possibly a misrepresentation of the facts about this energy. Many believe that it is something latent which can and should be activated and used and is beneficial. This is not so!

In fact people who believe they are activating it are merely feeling the flow of the band of universal life-force energy tailored to your requirements through filters and the chakras, which is not dangerous to humans. Additionally people may feel the earth energies also.

People may, if concentrating, feel the earth energies coming up through the right foot and circulating round the body via earth energy meridians and then exiting out of the left foot. This is normal energy flow if it is unimpeded and is part of your symbiotic connection to planet earth as well as a ‘grounding’ mechanism.

Sadly for so many, their symbiotic connection to the earth’s energy is lost or weakened by living too long in artificial environments where there is no natural connection to earth herself. This is why people like to walk barefoot in the grass , it is to re-establish the connection and to feel the beneficial effects of the energies
Universal energy enters through chakras where it is synthesised by the chakra crystals for use within the subtle bodies and the physical body. It is stored in the chakras in crystalline batteries. This is then used when needed and the energy circulates round the body via the life-force meridians.

Therapies where the hands are used as a conduit for universal life-force energy are indeed beneficial for a short time, but the energies may not be synthesised properly if the chakras are damaged or if their purpose has been interfered with. Chakra crystals and their batteries are often damaged or may have been shattered so then the correct process does not occur and severe energy depletion is felt.[all this can be corrected and restored by spirit healing teams working through someone of the correct and compatible frequency. ]

The crown chakra is your spiritual connection to your higher levels of being so the flow through this chakra includes spiritual knowledge, certain light frequencies and crystalline energy. Sadly, for the vast majority of you, this inflow has been badly corrupted over time and so the energy, light and knowledge which is your right does not flow properly, if at all. In the process of corruption your access to your higher spiritual chakras was also blocked or switched off. If this has not happened already, then some popularised energetic attunements which are not of the Light, will also actually introduce blocking devices into the crown chakra which stop spiritual growth and expansion.

Food for thought!!



There is no spiritual merit in staying in a bad relationship

Archangel Michael through Sue Stothard

There are no spiritual ‘brownie points’ to be gained from staying in a relationship with someone if is wrong. All you do is create disharmony, energetic wounds every day, as well as  a huge amount of mental and emotional damage which is carried around as clouds of dark negative energy like a dead weight from life to life.

It is better by far to realise that the person was only intended to be in your life for a short period of time, recognise what you have learned from the experience, separate the truth from the dross and let them go gently without harm.

The myth of staying within a negative and unfulfilling relationship because of the dictates of religious doctrine was invented to cause distress, fear, pain and disharmony as well as untold damage to those involved. Constantly repeating the pain and hurts and disillusionment on a daily basis maintains low frequency and the participants remain locked into a repeating paradigm of pain ad negativity.

Lasting harm is done to all who are involved in a disharmonious and negative relationship where people who are incompatible at soul level struggle to stay to together for appearances or because their belief structure tells them they should.

Recognising that someone is not a partner for life after all, is a big step to take we know. It is better though by far for the happiness and mental, emotional and spiritual well- being of each person than the alternative of a self –induced and painful prison of misplaced sense of duty which stifles the soul and kills the spirit.

Staying in a wrong relationship means that you do not fulfil your true potential for this life because you do not take the opportunities, when they arise, of moving into a new probability where you fulfil your life-plan and open the door to the person you are destined to be with.

It is a lesson not learned.



What a rise in frequency means to you and your future on planet earth

Archangel Michael through Sue Stothard

Many of you probably wonder how a rise in energetic vibrational frequency relates to you in everyday terms. Some of you may ask why a rise in frequency is important and how this is linked to spiritual development. Others may ask what spiritual development is and why it is important.

For most people a rise in frequency means little because it is something of which they are unaware. Eureka moments in people’s lives are not associated with a rise in frequency in the minds of the average person. So the significance of them is not recognised for what it is- a moving on.

For some the idea of spiritual development may include a vision of yourselves wearing robes and thinking spiritual thoughts rather as those who dedicate their lives to their spiritual ideals are wont to do. This is not what we mean however, and it would be understandable that many would not be attracted to this idea nor be able to envision how this vision of spiritual development would fit into their busy lives now.

Spiritual development leads to increased awareness and expanded consciousness which in turn creates the environment for the acceptance and understanding of universal truths beyond this plane.

As planet earth rises in frequency, due to the healing and clearing taking place of which we have already spoken in a previous channelling, so ultimately will her inhabitants also due to the healing and clearing of which we spoke.

A rise in energetic frequency enables people to expand their minds and thinking, they become more aware in their thoughts and ideas as they are able to access knowledge and thought forms which pertain to those frequencies. This is what we mean by expanded consciousness. Spiritual development is primarily about rising in frequency to be able to perceive and comprehend the greater universal truths and the true nature of yourselves and your reality. It is also about taking responsibility for all you have ever done in any lifetime.

A rise in frequency enables humanity to finally, after thousands of years, develop beyond the turmoil created by the dark, base emotions and issues of the inner child which pertain to the third and fourth dimensions. At each rise in frequency so more healing and clearing work can be done, so more truths unfold and more the awareness expands.

When humanity and planet earth reach twelfth dimensional frequency new ways of thinking and doing can emerge and be accepted. Higher dimensional thinking does not include the ‘me first’ culture of the inner child. It does not include greed, killing, war, destruction, materialism and the need to grasp money, power, influence and importance regardless of the cost to others.

Beyond twelfth dimensional frequency there will be significant changes in thoughts and ideas planet wide. New truths will emerge as the consciousness of the planet and her peoples is raised. This in turn increases the ability to perceive that which awaits and has not been able to be perceived before. Values and attitudes will alter for the better as people stop thinking only of personal gain and realise that the perceived and much hyped need for money and possessions are not the all-consuming reasons for being as portrayed at 3D/4D.

As rises in frequency herald greater awareness generally so there will gradually be a cessation of the 3D/4D need to annihilate everything and everyone that is different to themselves. So a more humanitarian and spiritual approach to life and the well-being of others will emerge.

The revolution in your development heralded by rises in frequency has already begun as the negative, self –seeking and destructive behaviour of many in positions of authority and power are revealed for what they are. Once revealed and brought into the light healing for all involved can begin. For victims of bad behaviour and past and present transgressions hearing the word ‘sorry’ with the energy contained within the word, allows release of pain and negativity so that healing can begin.

Higher dimensional thinking enabled by rises in frequency on earth will also open the doors to knowledge, information and thoughts of a higher frequency so that new technologies which are waiting to be discovered can then appear.

Remember that all knowledge has an energetic vibrational frequency and until you have risen in frequency sufficiently to equal the frequency of any new knowledge you cannot perceive, understand or accept it.

This is what a rise in frequency means to you.

Love and Blessings


The misleading romantic idealism surrounding spiritual development

Archangel Michael through Sue Stothard

Our words today are for the many who are striving so hard to become spiritual.

We have concern about the ever increasing number of websites offering ‘shortcuts’ to this state of being without any concern or reference to the actual stage of development of the people who may be influenced by their words. There are many such websites advertising recipes for paths to enlightenment and spiritual development. With few exceptions they actually do no such thing and only encourage the idea that you can take a take a short cut.

Meditation and reaching a state of bliss so revered and desired by so many is certainly a vehicle for altering the state of consciousness for a short period and for lifting the spirit when it is overwhelmed by everyday woes. However, until you have risen in frequency sufficiently to be able to utilise this tool to its fullest potential as part of your expanded consciousness, it does little for you at this stage beyond what I have said. By itself it is not the path to enlightenment, the gateway to true spiritual development or even the key to a state of ‘bliss’ so many strive for.

Meditation can and does quiet the mind and alter the state of consciousness which is beneficial. However, because of all of the unresolved and unhealed negativity of which we speak the time spent in such a state is always going to be transitory.

The truth is that to be able to access higher spiritual truths, increase awareness and be able to meditate and access the higher realms, you have to first grow and develop to reach the vibratory level of that which you wish to access.

Many people entertain the idea that if they can connect to the high vibrational frequency energies of mythical beings or figures around which whole websites, belief structures and ideologies are built, they will automatically achieve spiritual advancement and a raising of consciousness, just by being bathed in the energy of it all.

So many of you have had so much of this idealised ‘stardust’ of instant development thrown into your eyes that you are confused and have therefore missed a vitally important point.

The point is that there are no shortcuts. The desired state of ‘bliss’ is a misnomer or myth misleading people to long for something which is not real. In actuality it is the higher states of consciousness of the soul itself which are referred to. These cannot be adequately described or perceived whilst in physicality and certainly not accessed until you have reached that point in your development. At this point in your time there are only a handful of people who have reached anywhere near this point.

Even more important to you is the fact that too long a contact with very high frequency energies which have not been modified for your dimension and human contact is damaging to the human mind and psyche. Those of us who wish to interact with you do so via an intermediary energy or we communicate through someone also of a high frequency so that the full force of what we are does not harm. We never bring the full force of what we are to bear when working with the earth plane.

There are those who are not so responsible and whose remit is not your growth, who encourage you to absorb their high frequency energies, look at pictures or download complex and damaging high vibrational codes for instant growth. Do not take this step. These are often the energies claiming to be the romantic and idealised versions of mythical beings or claiming to be advanced spiritual beings whose remit is confusion not growth.

Spiritual development is actually a path of healing and clearing which allows a rise in energetic frequency. A rise in frequency brings with it greater awareness and expanded consciousness because as you rise in frequency so more and more universal truths can be perceived and understood. Expanding the mind and awareness beyond the physical plane means you can access knowledge and awareness pertaining to each frequency you reach. With this comes the ability to achieve an altered state of consciousness for the periods of time required to talk to and interact with those in higher dimensions of reality. However, living on this physical plane of reality means that you can only visit these dimensions for short periods otherwise you are not properly engaged with the life you chose to have here.

To achieve growth and expanded consciousness and awareness is actually a never-ending journey since you never cease to grow and develop. It is not the romantic rosy path of passive acceptance that so many believe it to be. It takes hard work, courage to face oneself, determination and a strong commitment to the path of healing and development as well as the humility to take responsibility for all you may have done in any lifetime as well as the real desire to put matters right. This is a part of your spiritual development that is not properly recognised yet- accepting and taking responsibility for every negative and harmful thing you have ever done in any lifetime and seeking the means to put matters right.[we will speak of this in greater detail in another channelling].

To develop yourself involves being a whole soul to start with and only those who have had the work of reconnection done properly through us are whole at this time. Being actively prepared to seek the healing on all levels of being that you all need at this time is vital. For only by being whole and then releasing the negative energies of all traumas from all past and present lifetimes, healing all your inner child issues from this and all past lives, being reconnected to all pieces of soul which disconnected themselves through trauma in this and past lives, plus the removal of any unwanted energetic attachments, for a start, will any rise in frequency begin to be felt. That is only the beginning!

To achieve a safe and stable rise in frequency it must be achieved by all aspects of yourself together in harmony and synchronicity to avoid the problems of imbalance [by all aspects of yourself we mean is the subtle bodies [emotional mental and spiritual] as well as each piece of soul having the human experience and the physical body.

This healing and clearing is truly the only way to achieve true, lasting and stable spiritual development. You cannot and should not expect to be able to rise to the stars before you have even begun to walk in your own shoes here with awareness and understanding. The majority of people have hardly begun to do any of the healing and clearing needed to create the very substantial rise in frequency they seek. You cannot suddenly go to a high level of development and spirituality that is beyond your frequency without doing the groundwork first of which we speak. It is against all the laws of the universe and is just not possible.

So I say to you again ‘There are no shortcuts.’

Love and blessings



The issues of spirituality  and money

Archangel Michael through Sue Stothard

We have noticed that there has developed over recent times an ever increasing idea that to be spiritual one should be poor, work for nothing , give all ones possessions away or suffer in order to be spiritual and prove one’s commitment to the spiritual path.

Even more disturbing is the distortion of our words over the centuries which has lead so many people to believe that they should go a step further and forsake home, family, belongings and the experiences of ordinary life [job, family, relationships] to follow the spiritual path. Those who have often quite misguidedly believed this have thereby deprived themselves of the greater part of the human experience that they came here for.

Now is the time to redress the balance about these erroneous ideas which have bred over a the centuries much suffering, anguish and pain as well as abuse of all kinds resulting from the unnatural suppression of normal human emotions and sexual expression. The harsh ideals of bygone times were the result of a tragic misinterpretation of words spoken by Jeshua 2000 years ago.

His meaning was that rich people who were so totally involved in money and materialism were less likely to be able to be spiritual if their values were entirely mercenary and self- seeking.

It is not necessary to cut oneself off from normal life and its full range of experience which are part of your learning and development as a soul, to be spiritual. It is perfectly possible to tread the spiritual path and be totally committed to it as well as leading an ordinary life, even in these times.

Of course we recognise that it is sometimes a personal choice even so, to follow the route of seclusion and withdraw from earthly life. What we are pointing out for all is that it is not necessary, expected or even demanded now or ever by anyone on any level that this should be so. Also we wish to make it clear to all that to do so does not make the path more valid or meaningful than the path followed by those who do not choose that route.

The next idea is linked to this and pertains to Jehsua’s words again. It is the idea much perpetuated among those who aspire to the spiritual path, that it is somehow not spiritual to earn money whilst following the spiritual path and spreading the light. Worse still is the highly emotive ideology created around the necessity of charging for time, energy given  and expertise. he negative energy of this condemning attitude breeds judgement, negativity and spite which is not in the least spiritual and worse creates energetic wounds for the recipients of such thoughts and word. 

There is no judgement about charging for services rendered whatever they are, except that which is created on this plane by those with issues surrounding money.

It is not lacking in spirituality to ask for remuneration of some kind in exchange for expertise or help. It is more about valuing what has been given and offering a return that is acceptable in today’s society. An exchange of energy  in the form of money or a service returned [swap] is matter of personal choice, negotiation and agreement between the parties involved.

In the world of the 21st century people have to live, eat, pay bills, look after families and clothe themselves. Not everyone has the choice to be able to give of themselves and their gifts for free just as not everyone chooses to rely on free gifts to help them survive in your world.

Of course there are people for whom spirituality and the peddling of ideas is big business conducted without honesty and integrity to take money from the unwary with little or no return. We do not condemn these people either, but know that they have many spiritual lessons yet to learn.

For those who are so adamantly against people taking money in exchange for expertise and help given I would say three things.

The first is do not confuse those who truly are of honesty and integrity who give freely of themselves, their knowledge and their help in exchange for money with those without integrity who charge money to become rich and famous  and give nothing in return.

The second is, examine your own beliefs and issues surrounding money in this and past lives before passing judgement and creating energetic wounds for those who choose to take payment for what they do.

The third is why should you feel that it is your right to judge those who take payment for their work whether it be spiritual or otherwise? Our human angels working here do the vast majority of their work remotely and also at night without remuneration and nor do they desire or expect it. Who among you has the right to judge them when, after many lifetimes of such service, they make charge for work they do here in the physical during your daytime then? Certainly we do not!

Love and blessings



The energetic reality of disease

Any disease is a living entity. It is generally recognised that this is so just by the mere nature of their existence in your world and the fact that they thrive within a host when the correct conditions of low energetic frequency, emotional negativity and unreleased unresolved pockets of negative emotional energy from past lifetimes all coincide.

However the true energetic reality of disease is much more multi-layered than previously understood. In fact diseases are complex living entities which are comprised of several parts, all of which have a consciousness and a reality of their own.

So it can be said that diseases themselves are living conscious entities with awareness. The different energies which comprise the whole that is called a disease work together to create the environment for disease to occur and each contains within it one of five aspects or components of the whole.

The five energies or living entities which comprise a disease are:

The Spirit of the disease

The Energy

The Mechanism

The Trigger

The Creator

The Spirit of the disease is the consciousness of the negative energy which is a disease and this is called an imp.

The Energy of the disease is the  life-force energy of the imp, the miasm [also an imp] and the virus [an imp].

Mechanisms of the disease are miasm, virus and germs all of which help to create the environment for the disease to occur and flourish.

The Trigger is any traumatic event which works with the spirit and the mechanisms to compromise the immune system and lower frequency so that the disease is activated.

The Creator of the disease is another imp whose task is to breach the energy field to enable the other energies to begin to work and then to co-ordinate the them for the disease to grow and develop.

The miasms of which I have spoken are energetic realities which are also imps. These carry the potential for a disease to occur and can be inherited [genetic] or acquired during a lifetime. They are activated by trauma to the mental, emotional or physical body.

Through the work of our human angels the miasms themselves have been removed from the planet. However some traces remain in the energy field in the form of the spirit, and the energy until they are released by the work of the Hereditary Cleansing Programme [if you wish for more information about all miasms [including new maisms] and how they are removed see ‘The Complexities of Illness and Disease’]

The spirit of a disease lives within families as a genetic miasm which can be transferred to carers and partners through the vehicle of the energy field or through the exchange of energy involved in sexual relationships.

So our message to you today is this:

For a healer of any kind to successfully remove all traces of a disease from a person as a whole [and then from the world] it is necessary to remove all of the energies and entities which collaborate to be a disease from the physical body, the subtle bodies, the soul and all past lives.

To remove all chance of a disease ever recurring in the future all of the energies and entities associated with it must also be removed from the physical body, the subtle bodies, the soul and from all past lives.

The fact that so many people suffer from repeat visits from the negative energies of diseases shows that when healing has been done it was incomplete. In fact it is true to say that in most cases only the symptoms are actually removed so true healing has not actually occurred at all.

For healing to be complete all the negative emotions relating to the disease, the spirit of the disease, the energy, the mechanisms, the trigger and the creator must all be removed. If even one remains they can pave the way for a return of them all when the immune system is compromised again and when frequency is low.


Deep concern from Archangel Micheal.

Archangel Michael through Sue Stothard July 7th 2012

To all who hold meetings [public and private] where channelling, clairvoyancy and mediumistic skills are used.

There is concern among us here that the precautions being taken by those of you holding psychic circles and public meetings where mediumship and clairvoyancy are used are no longer adequate at this time.
Many of your mediums are [unknowingly] what we call open channels. This means that the normal protection/filters and safeguards put in place to ensure the safety of both the medium and the people present have been altered to allow any random energies to come through and communicate.
The dangers of this are that beings from both lower and higher frequencies and levels of development can come through unimpeded. They are not of the light, are of evil intent and can then freely use these channels to not only spread untruths but also to damage the energy fields, energy systems and development of all present. In this way darkness, and destabilisation from the low vibrational emotion of fear is also felt by all.

To protect yourselves and all who participate in the excellent work of bringing some relief and the light into the worlds of those suffering from grief and the pain of loss, I wish you to do two things in the future, both for your own sakes and for those you help.
The first thing I wish you to do is:

Before every single meeting or circle [public or private] whether for two, fifty or a hundred people, I wish you to connect with me [use my name] beforehand and ask that the room, hall or whatever is being used is cleansed.

Anyone in your group can do this but do not ask the medium [no disrespect to any of your mediums is intended, but they will not know if they are an open channel and those communicating will only deny it.]

The second thing I wish you to do is to invoke my protection over the proceedings to stop just anyone or anything coming in. To do this you just speak my name and ask for protection for what is to take place. This will protect not only yourselves, your group and visitors but also loved ones waiting on the other side to communicate as well. Again anyone your group can do this.

I wish this channelling to be circulated to as many other people and churches as possible including many who are not currently on the list of friends of Susan and Robina on your Facebook.
This is very important for the safety and well-being of all. I do not say these words lightly [as Susan will know] nor is my intention to scare. However it is time to take responsible precautions now because the safety of all such proceedings is in question, security as you know it having either been compromised or about to be.

With loving concern,

Please read this at least twice, there is a lot to take in. Robina


Channelling from Archangel Michael through Sue Stothard

Part of your growth as human beings is the recognition of the truth of ‘All is not what it seems’. Being able to understand and accept this universal truth starts to create an expansion of consciousness.

There are many such truths to be found in your journey of development. Another one is the truth which states ‘As above so below’.

So many of you have limited your belief structures and thus your understanding of reality, by only being able to see the reality of your own lives. Your reality is in actuality much vaster than that.

Just as you are beings of energy with energy systems and chakras, so your solar system is a conscious being too with earth as the heart chakra of this body. The other planets in your solar system are the other chakras.

Just as earth is the heart chakra of your solar system, so in turn your solar system is the heart chakra of your galaxy. Your galaxy is part of the consciousness that is your universe. Each of these beings of which I speak are billions of years old but all, like you and planet earth are in a constant state of change and growth.

Each of these beings which are vast compared to you, all have corrupted energy systems and corrupted energies which affect both the larger and smaller realities.

The restorative work of Unfolding Enlightenment began with all the entities which inhabit earth- humanoid energies, animals, birds, nature and earth herself. This has been the model to enable the other planets in the solar system who have been drained of energy and denuded of life-force, to begin to be restored once more.

In this way the conscious entity which is your solar system can also be restored over time to her former vibrancy of being-ness. Looking at the larger picture then the consciousness that is your galaxy and then the consciousness that is your universe can also be gradually restored.

There are many galaxies and many universes [we call them multi-verses]. You can see from what we are saying that the healing and restoration which has begun on earth is being spread and will continue to be spread over time, which will be in your future.

Love and blessings to you all,

From Doria - a Spirit of the Universe
[I wish this channelling to be made public and for it to be part of the channelling from Michael. We have agreed that I will explain this part.]

The evolvement of the spirit of the planets involves a different hierarchy. Pure thought creates the planet and that becomes the embodiment of the thought in physical form. The thought is the spirit of the planet.

When the planet evolves it becomes a star being in the form of a star- rather like your etheric body. Beyond that it re-becomes the energies you see as clouds or bands of coloured energy like your photon belt. This is also an evolvement of the soul of the planet.

These energies then re-group as a consciousness to create something else which you cannot see with human eyes. It all nevertheless still exists, but not within your timeframe. At this point energy, matter and time become entwined into something of which you have no understanding as yet.

I will come and tell you more another time.

Doria, Spirit of the Universe


Archangel Michael through Sue Stothard
Sites of Antiquity and Power

Many of you make pilgrimages to sites of power and antiquity around the world believing that by doing so you will connect to sacred, pure, ancient energies. It is a commonly held belief that such sites hold the keys to ancient wisdom and are revered for their perceived mythological restorative or healing powers.

While it is true that there are places where ancient knowledge is stored on planet earth, it will not be revealed until such time as the population has progressed spiritually enough to both believe and understand what they find.

Sadly though for all the eager seekers of transcending and enlightening energies at ancient sites, the energies they seek have been contaminated and corrupted for thousands upon thousands of years.

Wars, conflict, ancient magic, corrupted energy lines, contaminated soil and water holding the frequencies of pain, torture and death, as well as malign energies from other dimensions which have been placed within the earth as energy blocking and jamming devices all result in the energies held within ancient and revered sites being detrimental to the energy systems and energetic make-up of humans.

Long ago after the fall of Atlantis there were once special key places which were created to hold White Light, Cosmic Energy or Universal Energy for future generations. They were placed around the earth long ago by The Great White Brotherhood to aid the spiritual development of earth and mankind through the dark times to come as man’s energetic frequency began to drop. They were designed to release their energy so that mankind would not drop too low in frequency and would be able to maintain sixth dimensional frequency at the very least.

However these sites, which indeed became recognised throughout history as being sacred places of great power, were discovered, subverted and contaminated long ago. This meant they then ceased to function as they were intended and did not fulfil their original function of keeping the frequency of mankind stable to facilitate future growth and development.

These are the sites which are recognised and sought by today’s seekers of knowledge, power and energy. However, they and are no longer sites of purity or enlightenment and the knowledge they held has either been corrupted or moved to safer havens for the future.

Much work has already being done and continues to be done through the agency of our human angels here who have been attuned to Universal Energy. They are able to work with us to identify and remove that which is damaging [ancient devices, ancient magics and energetic corruption on many levels beneath earth’s surface] and then they also work with the devas and the nature spirits to cleanse and balance earth’s energies once more.

This is a big moment in time for earth and her inhabitants. You are moving towards a new future which heralds a state of being for all which has not been seen since the time of Atlantis. It is a time of great rejoicing for all of The Great White Brotherhood, the Angelic kingdom, nature herself as well as the nature spirits and the devic kingdom who are at last being given the opportunity able to function as they should. Plants, animals and all creatures as well as earth herself will be able to develop freely into what they should be, without restriction and impediments, for the first time in millennia.

2012 is truly a new beginning for you all.

Love and Blessings,


Archangel Michael through Sue Stothard

It was ever thus that those not of the light sought to obscure the light through lies and falsifications to obscure the path and cause confusion. Sadly it is still happening. We of the light are maligned and smeared with darkness in an effort to prevent the spreading of light and a rise in frequency for the human race.

It is all a juxtaposition- it has happened so many times before, but to realise the juxtaposition is to dissolve it and move into a different time frame where our light can shine.

Those wishing to obscure us and our truth have chosen to equate our reality and being with the darkness of racial hatred, particularly in the USA. What better way to create disharmony, disbelief and malcontent then to imply we are of the darkness.

We of the White Brotherhood have existed for millions of years as guardians and guides of planet earth and humanity. Our guardianship involves the spiritual growth and development of mankind. This is for the highest good of all concerned regardless of race, creed or gender.

We are not a sect, but rather highly spiritually evolved beings who have incarnated at crucial times during your history to help humanity along the path at difficult and key moments in history.

One such incarnation was Jeshua Ben Joseph who came at a time of great darkness to spread the light and spiritual truths.  There have been many other incarnations of his energy including Sanander and  St. Germain. There have been others of his ilk throughout history.

Some of us have chosen to incarnate here again at this time to help humanity move to the light. These people are all members of the Family of White Light and are the present day incarnations of those long ago who accompanied and worked with Jeshua ben Joseph.

The second coming of this energy at a significant time in man’s evolution has long been planned for and awaited. We applaud those of you who have chosen to do this work at this time and we support you through the difficulties you face in making the truth known and spreading the light against many seen and unseen obstacles.

We urge you to link with others around the world who are also knowingly or unknowingly of The family of White Light and of The White Brotherhood. As you link with them the light will circle round the world and create a rise in frequency and enable spiritual growth and development.

We are with you and are proud of what you are achieving. The majority of what you do is unseen, unsung and without monetary gain, but you knew and accepted this when you took up the gauntlet and agreed to do the work.

Yours in loving support, Michael

14.11.2011. Public channelling

The Myth of Numbers, by Archangel Michael, through Susan Stothard.

I am going to talk to you today about the numbers.

Many people have got themselves very involved with the significance of certain patternings of numbers. While it is true that the configuration of certain numbers holds energy, the magical qualities of the numbers for instance of 11.11.11 do not really exist. The ideas are put into people’s minds to create an outpouring of energy on those days which is used for nefarious means by energies that have an interest in creating confusion and blocks for mankind. The greater the influence of these numbers that is created so correspondingly there is more energy for those unseen to play with. While we do not wish to scare people it is important to recognise that not everyone that is unseen has your best interests at heart.

Largely the confluence and science of numbers is way beyond human minds. Snippets are brought into your reality and used to confuse the body elementals of people. Many of you have got involved in numerical processes purporting to be healing processes which seem to take short cuts to spirituality and perfect health. These numerical short cuts are from another dimension and are of a very high frequency which is not suited to your plane.

The energy of these numbers corrupts the deva and the higher self of the recipient. In the short term people may be fooled into thinking that something miraculous has occurred and indeed may feel okay for a short period of time. However, because people using these techniques are skipping or missing out the healing that they really need, the beneficial effect that they think they feel is like a house built on sand with no foundations.

All short cuts offered to you in this way should be regarded with deep suspicion and avoided at all costs.

So while it is true that certain number configurations do hold power, they are not of this dimension. So downloading advanced number configurations into your brain will always create problems. It is not that they cannot be used; it is just that you have to rise to the frequency that is compatible with them before you can use them safely and understand them.

Many of you will have seen geometric shapes and patternings on the internet which encourage you to look at them to allow the downloading of advanced information of the type I have already mentioned. These also damage the Deva and the higher self and are not beneficial in any way. They are not compatible with human minds at their current frequency and as such are always damaging. It is like trying to load a computer with very advanced technology for which it has not been programmed. The computer ultimately crashes and shuts down without the proper programming that it would need to accept such information. The expansion of consciousness needed to be able to accept the advanced information contained within numerical codes and shapes is a very gradual process, which is dependent on the healing and clearing that everyone needs to do on every level and for all of their subtle bodies, so that all can move on in synchronicity to greater levels of awareness. This can take many years of your time and there are no short cuts.

So the message is if it looks too good to be true it probably is...

I will leave you now,

Love and blessings to you all.


7.11.2011. Dispelling the myths and hysteria of 2012

Channelling Archangel Michael through Susan Stothard.

Today I am going to talk to you about the untruths and myths surrounding the year 2012, which keep being circulated and constantly brought to the attention of mankind by those with an investment in creating disharmony, disorder and panic.

The stories become embellished as time goes on and are used to frighten people which lowers their frequency as they panic. The myth about the world ending in 2012, long held to be the truth and purporting to be an ancient prophesy, is a fabrication from long ago. It is important to realise this and not join in the thoughts which reinforce the fears in the morphogenic resonance, and which become like a dark cloud surrounding the earth when constantly reinforced by lots of people on a daily basis.

2012 is just one year amongst many that have heralded the rise in frequency of planet earth and her peoples, which has been happening gradually over a period of years. There is no magic moment when a switch will be switched and everything stops, changes, disappears or ascends.

The ascension of planet earth and her peoples is something long awaited and for which much work has already been done on unseen levels by our Angelic Friends and helpers on this plane. There is no end product for it is all an ongoing process of development, rising frequency and increased conscious awareness that is a result of energetic work behind the scenes as well as work that people with awareness have been doing for themselves. We are well ahead with the work that has been planned and no great cataclysms are part of our plans.

Moving from 3D to 4D to 5D and beyond necessarily involves some changes and disappearance of some of the old order which is not of integrity or honesty to allow in the higher frequency energy and thought forms which will allow planet earth and her peoples to move on.

Many of you will point out the areas of disquiet and unrest in the world and hold these up as an example of things not going smoothly, however the emotions in those places in the world are of low energetic frequency and dark energy. This owes much to karmic debts and negative energies held within the earth itself. Work is ongoing through our instruments here to clear these energies and emotions from the earth as well as the people to enable all to move on. Much has already been done and there is much work on-going. Problems are identified by our instruments here so that healing and help can be put in place where it is needed.

Do not feel that you are alone with any positive thoughts that you may create. All positive thoughts and light reinforce the positive in the morphogenic resonance, help raise the frequency and create a positive environment for more changes to occur. The healing and removal of negative thought forms makes way for the new.

So my friends do not be disheartened or dismayed by what is created in the media, do not allow yourselves to be pulled into the stories. Try to keep your minds and thoughts on what you wish to create, focus on the positive and do not allow yourselves to be dragged down into the murk.

You do not have to take on board the negativity which surrounds you in any area of your life. Create for yourselves a space that is free from such things, and allow your mind to roam free and dream of things that make your heart sing- the beach on a sunny day; the sunlight on water; sunlight through the trees in a forest as you walk along; the sound of birdsong; beautiful vistas in nature and gentle music. Try to connect with people of like mind, instead of people who try to damage you with their negativity. All will help you to attain a state of peace and harmony for short periods which will free your mind.

On this note of positive thoughts I will leave you.

Love and blessings to you all,


2012  A Juxtaposition of Timelines.

Channelling  from Archangel Michael thru Sue Stothard.

In our previous channelling we talked about the fact that 2012 is one amongst several years which form the progression and development of mother earth and mankind which people have termed the shift. We were at pains to point out that there was not going to be one magic moment during this year where the ‘shift’ would occur and that in fact it was a culmination and continuation of years of preparation and work on the part of our agencies on this plane.

However, the year 2012 does hold a great deal of importance because it is the juxtaposition of timelines. It is the time when the events of this lifetime are come together with the same events in previous lifetimes. At these moments an acknowledgement that this is what has occurred allows the events in this lifetime and all the previous ones to be released and healed. This is going to happen throughout 2012 until such time as all the events have been healed and cleared for planet earth, her peoples and the universe. These are big energetic moments with huge emotional content as the same events from previous lifetimes are added to the snowball of what is felt on this plane. Much help is being given and will be continued to be given to everyone during these times throughout the year.

We, through our human agencies here are able to identify when, where and to whom help needs to be given. Reemember if you are in difficulties you only have to ask for help, and the plea is heard by us and your higher self. Help will come even if it does not seem so.

The juxtaposition of timelines is an important time in the development of mankind towards sixth dimensional frequency which was always the aim of the ‘shift’. At the moment of a juxtaposition it is like being at the crossroads of many lifetimes and at that moment you can move backwards or forwards. It is the same for the earth, her peoples and the universe. This means that the moment of juxtaposition is critical in terms of development and evolution. Going backwards means returning to old behaviour patterns, old paradigms, old issues and all the old negativity which has stopped mankind’s development for hundreds of thousands of years.

Choosing to go forwards however is a major step and development, because at the moments of recognising and letting go of these ancient paradigms, a rise in frequency will occur. Planet earth has already risen in frequency and now mankind has to do this work to catch up so we can all move on in tandem.

 So the ancient prophesies about 2012 being an important year are true in part because the juxtaposition of timelines is a very important time for mankind. It could herald the darkness people have spoken of if at the time of juxtaposition, people choose to go backwards instead of forwards .This is particularly noticeable in the worlds’ trouble spots where ancient beliefs, ancient feuds and political disharmony are continually resurrected to create a continuous loop of disharmony , war and unrest. This is enhanced by professional troublemakers whose path it is to disrupt and prevent peace and harmony. Know that much healing work is ongoing in all the world’s trouble spots both for the peoples and the earth itself.

In fact 2012 is a year of great hope and a time of moving forward as each person lets go of past negativity and problems from many lifetimes and starts to move forward into the light. The time of energetic interference which has caused so much disharmony and the difficulties surrounding the smooth flow of people’s lives is gradually dispersing. This means that events will happen as they should and the continuous difficulties experienced by so many of you will be swept aside ,so that your lives will flow more smoothly. There will be difficulties during 2012 but remembering that it is a juxtaposition of timelines for everyone and everything is an important part of being able to move on. Once released and healed these moments will disappear and you will be able to move on once more.

We of The White Brotherhood are very positive about this and can see the light at the end of the tunnel !

Love and Blessings to you all Michael.

Copyright Sue Stothard and Robina Hearle January 2012