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Case Studies

Case study of Clare

A lady who we will call Clare came to see me who had toothache, some of the pain had been alleviated at a guided meditation session. However the symptoms came back the next day.

Clare went to see her dentist, but was very scared which is so unusual for her, as she likes her dentist and does not normally have this reaction.

Clare came back with some antibiotics that she had been given to take.

She contacted me to see if there was an appointment she could have for healing with the white crystal light and the spirit healing teams. We have a dentist amongst our teams.

As Clare talked about her toothache and jaw, I began to get an idea of a past life, bone infection.

"Extraction" someone said in my head... ( that's not a term I would use that's when I know someone is speaking to me as they use words not in my every day vocabulary)

Clare climbed onto the treatment couch, I settled her down and the teams began working.

The information came through that she had been a soldier at the front in the First World War, had a tooth extracted with dirty instruments which introduced a terrible infection that went into her bone that never resolved.

This was why she was frightened at the dentist this past life memory had surfaced.

Further more a week or so before we had done some toning in the garden and she found it very difficult to open her mouth and sing any note.

In this life her she has found it difficult to be heard, in the past life of a soldier she would not be able to complain, and also would have been of a Victorian family, where you did not speak up.

She reported to me that the fear had gone her mood had lightened and the symptoms were much better.

Unfolding Enlightenment
July 2015

Doing some healing for a friend's rescue cat. she can only cope with short sessions due to the extensive traumas she has gone through, only releasing one thing at a time. today she came to me etherically in need of help, ready for her next release. She showed me a flash of being strangled by a human, and i felt the pain round her throat, saw her choking, and felt her shock and deep trauma of this experience. She then released the deep emotions of this event, and it was an outpouring of grief and distress. I am sharing this to try and help others understand the depth of emotions that animals experience and the long lasting effects they can suffer from traumatic events. This little cat is very brave to be facing her fears in this way and to ask for help with healing them.

Unfolding Enlightenment
November 2012

Regeneration of the land at Pond Farm.

It is to understand that nature, the earth, buildings hold the energy of all of mans releases of emotion. The energy of accidents, wars, massacres violence of any kind to man and beast is stored. Unfortunately this has consequences. Life does not thrive in these places and negative energies flock to the areas to indulge in the negativity.

When I arrived at Pond farm, a friend showed me the garden, I could not go in because there was a wall of terrible dark energy that hit me in the chest. I knew immediately that something bad had happened there and it was a huge event, a catalogue of death, many deaths, a massacre, a killing field.

I went home and connected with Pan and the Energy cleansing spirit teams and we put work in place to cleanse and heal. When I subsequently returned the energy had changed, we had removed a layer.

Some months later I visited again this time with a clairvoyant friend, we had cause to go into the farmyard itself. The animals there we noticed were unhappy and depressed. My friend was horrified as she felt and saw much bloodshed, horses being slain, massacre and violence. No wonder the animals were unhappy they could sense this they are very sensitive to atmospheres.

Since the first time I went my healing ability has developed and the energy I use is no longer the White light, it progressed through to cosmic and now universal frequencies. This has enabled the following to take place.

I connected to Pan again and the energy healing teams and was told we could now do a deeper healing; we began the energy cleansing processes at 120 feet below ground, to encompass the depth at which this terrible emotional energy had gone into the earth. We covered the whole farm, all the fields, buildings and farmhouse. The healing went up into the stratosphere.

After this I knew I had to put myself in the farmyard to infuse the area with Universal energy .I was then shown a grid of crystals, the crystals were 3 feet apart creating a huge lattice in effect.  We had to put the grid 9 feet down in the ground all over the farm, this would emit a pulsating universal energy .The energy would begin to restore and regenerate the land. The terrible energy of the massacre had created a suppurating sore on the earth that had not been able to be resolved, we removed the cause and the grid now is healing the symptoms held in the earth.  Man has to take responsibility for what he does, to be able to begin a change and healing. It will take 20 years to get to full flourish we are told .We have no idea what full flourish is as nowhere on earth is in full flourish. The Devas and Nature spirits of the area had lost heart and were severely disabled, sick and could not function, now they are able to begin rehabilitation.

My clairvoyant friend witnessed this and she reported seeing the land dark red the colour of old blood , turn khaki then go to the green light of nature, the grid caused a pale blue/silver light as it worked. We both could see a huge vortex of light shining down on the farm, which is still there.

On returning there it was noticeable that there was a feeling of profound peace. The energies were settled , although much work is in the process of being done to rehabilitate the nature spirits and aide the Devas.

I have been told that to do the work in places like the concentration camps we will have to go deeper into the earth.

March 2012

Unfolding Enlightenment Case Study. February 2012.

Due to the fact we have been doing the Unfolding Enlightenment process for several years, we have been attuned not only to the white light but also progressed into the frequencies of cosmic energy and latterly universal energy .This gives us the ability to work at such a high level with our healing teams and what I tell you next is what is happening now.

Mrs Tailor a seventy year old who is clairvoyant was able to tell me exactly what the spirit healing teams did, I just know where they are intending to work and am told where to put my hands.

 Mrs Tailor’s medical history, diverticulitis, arthritis in right hip,  cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine, also spina bifida spine that has been fused.  Born with arteries too thin and now has Coronary artery disease. Pains in left thumb and arm. Headaches every morning. Very poor stomach muscles with no tone since giving birth.

1st treatment.

 Lying on her stomach on the treatment couch, I had my hands on her lumbar spine and the base of her skull, energy flowed. She felt and saw them pouring soothing oils into her spine. They removed  etherically some struts that she had put in place to support and hold herself up. She could see white light and blue. They pushed down on her spine. She felt energy going down her legs where previously it was blocked. They drilled into her left hip and then packed it. When she got off the bed her hip pains had gone in both hips, her eye sight had improved there was a clarity to her vision. She had no headaches the next morning.

2nd treatment.

Mrs Tailor was lying on her back while I held her skull, energy was flowing. The team manipulated her occiput [base of skull] and manipulated her shoulders and her neck. After the session her neck was freer, felt lubricated, she can now stretch her neck, feels like she has a new spine and no headaches.

3rd treatment

In sitting with my hands on her shoulders, energy flowed. There were loud cracks as the team manipulated her neck. There was a feeling of being given energy into her chest, this happened twice a feeling of power being given back. After she had no arm or hand pain and she reported her arm pain as being 80% better.

4th treatment

Lying on her stomach again, I had my hands on her lumbar spine. Again the feeling of hot soothing oils being poured into her spine. Some manipulating and pushing on the spine occurred on the left then the right, some straightening, some midline, some over the sacro -iliac joints. Removing of energetic blocks down her spine allowed energy to flow. Spine loosened. My hands went to her left shoulder; they unplugged something from underneath the shoulder blade. They mobilised the shoulder blade, she experienced pains down the muscles of the upper arm to thumb they then put the plug back, the thumb became looser and free of discomfort and the pain in the muscles went away. Her posture has improved immensely and back pain has diminished.

5th treatment.

This was done with her lying on her back by a team of four. I had my hands on her stomach. They gave her some anaesthetic she could smell eucalyptus.  They put several clear sheets of tissue into different areas of her colon, after each layer they smoothed it down so there were no wrinkles, or tucks. They followed this by cutting and pulling up her stomach muscles to shorten and tighten them and then they sewed them up. Again the eucalyptus smell was very strong. Although she could feel  what was going on she was oblivious at the same time. Her bowels are now working normally.

6th treatment.

A team of six were working. I had my hands on her heart. Mrs Tailor saw a lot of white light, her heart beat altered, and she felt no need to breathe her eyes rolled back in her head. Time stopped, she started to feel heat and then they took her heart out of her chest, cleaned the arteries and veins with golden rods. I moved my hands to her shoulders she could see a healing blue, white then green light and felt heat from my hands to her chest. She could see an oval

machine, with floating tubes trailing coming from it; activated with pure energy they used it when they put her heart back into her chest. She was told this is your second chance. She was very tired following this and took a while to come back. It took 12 minutes by the clock, but it had actually been a lot longer. They told me they had stopped time in order to achieve the removing of the heart and its cleaning.

The results of all of this work are as follows. Mrs Tailor now has a huge increase in energy in her everyday life, she was so depleted that she could do only one major task in the day and would be no good for the rest of the day. She says she feels as if she is 40 instead of 70. There have been no headaches since treatment 1. Or hip pain either. She experiences twinges in her lumbar spine where there was pain. Neck movements she says have improved 120% and she is able to exercise it. Her bowels produce no pain, consistent bowel motions and she is now able to eat what she likes. Her thumb gives her a lot less pain and it no longer locks and there in no longer any shoulder or arm pain.

The depth and breadth of what the team achieved astounded me , they were showing and teaching me what can be achieved and I was told that stopping time would often occur in difficult procedures in the future.

Robina Hearle February 2012

Unfolding Enlightenment

Copyright Sue Stothard and Robina Hearle January 2012