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How the books came into being
When we began inner child healing with the help and guidance of the Ascended Master Qu’an Yin some five or more years ago and she channelled the Inner Child Essences to help us to deal with the emotions we were experiencing , little did we know what we had started!

As we finished that step believing ‘That was it’ we then went on to another step and then another and it was all healing which we had never heard of before. Each step we went through was overseen and guided by another Ascended Master of the White Brotherhood - Lord Kuthumi, Jeshua, Mary and Archangel Michael to name only a few. Each Master channelled essences for us, listened to our woes , answered our questions and became our friends.

As we rose in frequency we ourselves expanded in consciousness and awareness and were able to see and understand more and more universal truths. This allowed us to see with greater clarity the misperceptions that mankind labours under. We also came to understand how small and fragmented the few pieces of real truth truly are and how they have been distorted, lost or obscured over many hundreds if not thousands of lifetimes by people with the influence and means to do so for their own ends but not for the highest good of all concerned.

‘All is not what it seems’ has become our personal mantra as we uncover yet another startling fact or piece of truth which is totally contrary to popular belief. This became even more apparent when we realised that we were experiencing and learning about ever deeper levels of healing for which there was no knowledge or information.

Our friends, knowing what they were giving us [and also how long the planning for this to occur had been in motion] encouraged us to write it all down as it happened and collate our experiences and the information we were receiving/channelling on daily basis in answer to our never ending questions [usually ‘why?’]. Gradually it dawned on us just how enormous, amazing and truly ground-breaking what we were engaged in really was.

Our notes became teaching material which became documents. These were ever expanding and then the idea penetrated that it was time to share our knowledge with the world at large and not just with our students!

We have already written the first set of three books based on the Unfolding Enlightenment process. They are ‘The Power and Importance of The Inner Child’ ; ‘Soul Loss and the need for Soul Retrieval’ and The Complexities of Illness and Disease’. They are available through our online bookshop or from Robina [distributor] directly, contact her on 01473 738905.

We are about to embark on writing the next three books ‘Death the Dying Process and beyond’ ; ‘The Illusion of Reality’ and ‘The Human Experiment’.

The following are excerpts from our first three books and are taken from different places in each chapter in order to give a taste of what is within.

Excerpts from Chapter two ‘The Power and Importance of the Inner Child’

Who has inner child issues
‘The issues of the inner child may very well seem small, insignificant, unimportant and even silly to most adults in the world today. If you cannot see it or touch it then it is not real or does not exist, is a philosophy adopted by millions of people. Anything to do with the mind is most often rejected out of hand and is regarded as being only to do with mad people anyway. Taking a good hard look at oneself and ones behaviour for the reasons why life is rather hard and is not going as well as hoped, is something only recognised as being important by the few so far, though this is changing.’

‘For a large percentage of the population, childhood traumas resulting from the unresolved inner child issues of their parents or the illness or emotional instability of their parents have lasting and damaging results. For the children of drug addicts, alcoholics, mentally unstable or sexually deviant parents , the problems that they face on a daily basis can and do include mental, emotional or physical abuse, lack of love , lack of food, lack of care and destruction of trust in those around them, as the people who are supposed to nurture and care betray the trust placed in them by the child and cause damage instead. It is easy to see and understand the issues that are involved for the inner child in such cases, just as it is easy to see and understand the inner child issues which result from being born into a war zone ; living in care homes or institutions ; losing twin, sibling or parent(s);being bullied.’

‘What is not so easily recognised are the inner child issues which result from apparently ordinary lives. Many people are under the misapprehension that because they remember having a happy childhood and they loved their parents they couldn’t possibly have any inner child issues and have nothing to heal. The truth of the matter is that even happy and idyllic childhoods have their moments of sadness, fear, insecurity and emotional pain. Even seemingly innocuous occurrences to the adult you, created fear, misperceptions and negative emotional behaviour patterns in the child and then later, in the adult you. Sometimes, children with apparently happy well- adjusted backgrounds will go on in later life to do unspeakable things and everyone wonders why. So the answer to the question ‘Who has inner child issues?’ is every single one of us!’

Excerpts from Chapter 1 ‘Soul Loss and the need for Soul Retrieval’

‘In book one ‘The Power and Importance of the Inner Child’ the effects of losing the connection to your inner child were outlined. However, it is a startling and sad fact that one in two people residing here on this plane of existence at this time have some degree of soul loss. This means that it could be you, your husband, lover, son, daughter, father, mother, your friends , work colleagues, pop stars, actors , doctors, nurses, or anyone you meet in the supermarket, library, on the tube or at a pop concert- in fact anyone at all.’

‘The health of the soul has never been recognised as something needing attention beyond trying to be spiritual by meditating, saying prayers, having spiritual thoughts and trying to banish ‘evil thoughts’. The fact that the soul can be damaged, suffer debilitating loss and need healing has, until now, only been the taken seriously by the native Americans, Aboriginals, Maori, and all other native peoples who are closely linked with the earth , the animal kingdom , nature and their souls.’

‘Post traumatic shock from witnessing or participating in the appalling and horrific acts and events of war cause both soldiers and victims to lose pieces of soul. If the soldier is twenty years of age he will lose the young adult piece of soul. If he remains in the armed forces until he is thirty and continues on active service witnessing, perpetrating or being the victim of horrific scenes of violence or torture, then he will lose the late adult piece of soul too.’

‘As soul loss is carried from lifetime to lifetime and looking at our planets savage and bloodthirsty past with its history of battles for other people’s lands and riches, persecution for beliefs etc, it is no wonder that many souls come into this life with pieces of soul already missing as a result of being victims of war or being members of the armed forces in previous lifetimes.’
‘Other causes for soul loss are prolonged stress of any kind; manic depression; insurmountable grief; sexual, physical, emotional or mental abuse; divorce or death. Any kind of severe trauma to the physical body can cause soul loss: plane/car/train crash. Loss of limbs through accident or amputation (voluntary or involuntary ie through accident or illness) for any reason not only corrupts the body elemental or deva, but causes soul loss as well. In fact any trauma which causes damage to the psyche will result in soul loss.’

Excerpts from Book Three ‘The Complexities of Illness and disease’

Chapter 8
Energetic Wounds and their part in creating illness and disease

‘Energetic wounds are an energetic phenomena corresponding to wounds in the physical body but created and held in the emotional, mental and etheric bodies. As such they are invisible to the naked eye...’

‘How energetic wounds occur
Energetic wounds are created when anyone thinks negative, harmful or malevolent thoughts about you or talks about you when you are not present [in other words, behind your back] in a negative, malicious or vindictive manner. Most people do not realise that this happens and would be horrified to discover that their cosy gossip session about other people’s lives and actions actually has real repercussions.’

‘Everyone has a multitude of unrecognised energetic wounds of varying degrees of severity. They are added to or compounded on a daily basis through the thoughts, words and actions directed at them unknowingly by everyone they know. Additionally, there are the energetic wounds created unknowingly by friends or enemies as they ‘give you a piece of their mind’[literally ] or verbally abuse someone as they either argue with them or try to get the better of them on a personal or business level.’

Energetic wounds created by external factors
‘Everyone also unknowingly receive energetic wounds regularly from external sources of energy which are detrimental to the human energy field. Many millions of people unwittingly subject themselves to damage through the everyday use of electrical appliances which all carry radiation of varying degrees of intensity. In this age of technology we all have many appliances and technical gadgets both as tools and as toys in our homes and at work.’

[ N.B. There are many other external factors involved – the complete list is in the book.]

‘The power of unhealed energetic wounds
Unrecognised and unhealed energetic wounds remain in the subtle bodies as pockets of negative or dark energy. These will gradually filter down to the physical causing pain in the areas of the body where the wound was inflicted. The phrase ‘Being stabbed in the back’ has its origins in energetic wounds and as such is a very real phenomenon’.

‘If the energetic wounds are not healed and remain undetected for many lifetimes then their power increases as does their ability to create first pain and then illness and disease. Such dark or negative energy which is not healed or removed from the subtle bodies after up to two lifetimes will certainly cause pain of varying intensity as it filters down to the physical. However, if after three lifetimes it still has not been healed or removed it will cause cellular change and then disease in the area of the physical body where it is held.’

Copyright Sue Stothard and Robina Hearle January 2012