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The articles featured here were previously part of a much larger library of articles which were part of our previous site Some of the articles have in fact also featured on other websites such as Susun Weed and Suffolk Spirit Guides.

This short selection of articles were chosen for this site because they are directly linked to the unrecognised damage at soul level which affects everyone. They were written during the time we were developing Unfolding Enlightenment and as such include some of our own experiences as well as highlighting  aspects of the healing work of the steps of the process.

‘Feel The Feelings’  and ‘For Lightworkers , How to Release Emotional Baggage’ were written when we realised that the majority of the population are too afraid  to feel their feelings and spend their lives consciously avoiding them or blotting them out. ‘How to Release Emotional Baggage’ followed soon after because it became obvious from our own experiences and observations, that while many people understood the value of talking, they did not know how to release the emotions if and when they came up. Talking by itself  is not enough to enable the energetic release of deeply held negative emotional energy [baggage] which would allow healing to take place.

‘Reconnecting to your Inner Child’ was written when we realised just how widespread and damaging this kind of soul loss actually is and how far reaching the effects and consequences  are for those affected.  [Actually losing connection to your inner child is only a part of the soul loss which affects people]. 

By featuring these articles here we hope to trigger a recognition or emotional response in the people who read them which will help them to identify where some of their own issues and problems may lie.

Animal introjects and the Death process by The Animal spirit healing team through Lisa Mahoney


Yes, animals have introjects attached to them as well as people. it is very common and something we see frequently. it is not as damaging as you may think, animals' energy systems are slightly different structure to yours so they are not as affected. However, it does prevent them from moving on spiritually. Previously this was not really an issue for most, but now that all kingdoms are free to move forwards and develop, there are more animals on earth choosing this path who are unable to progress to their full potential as they are hindered by an introject.

Most often the introject is a loving owner who has inner child issues, and projects themselves onto the animal as way of giving them a sense security and support. This attachment almost acts like a grounding or anchor for these people, as animals are generally far more grounded than people are. The person is not doing this intentionally, but their inner child urges are strong enough that they cannot really help but comply and make the attachment. A healthy human-animal attachment is one based on mutual trust and respect, and where each has the freedom to be their own being in their entirety. There is a fine line between respecting an animal as a being in their own right and with their own emotional range and needs, and anthropomorphising an animal by associating it with human behaviours and needs. Animals live lives that are emotionally just as rich and complex (sometimes even more so) as humans, but their uniqueness of their species must always be upheld and to be likened to a human is not always healthy and can be misleading, disguising an understanding of their true needs.

For some humans, having a relationship with an animal and developing this realisation of another being with its own unique but still valuable emotional spectrum is part of their own growth and development. Equally, for some animal species, they are beings here in animal form to make a relationship with a human and to discover more about the human range of emotional behaviour, as part of their own learning and development. This is not often as most animals would consider themselves to be more advanced than humans in many of these respects. It is a human failing to think that to validate the emotions of an animal they must be described or interpreted within the human range when really they are not.

An example of this is death. Most humans fear death, it is part of the veil that has been put in place to protect them, but most animals are very accepting of it. Animals have a stronger sense than people of timing for their death, and will be reluctant to die before they feel it is their moment to do so. But when an animal is approaching their time of death, the majority do so with an open heart, and a full acknowledgement of their own death process without any fear or consternation. They consider dying at their 'right time' to be completely normal and acceptable.

Most animals are also capable of dying without human intervention or assistance. Humans are keen not to cause suffering, and this is absolutely reasonable, but sometimes they apply human fears and projection onto the animal death process where this is unwarranted. Many pets are happy to be left to die on their own terms. There are some who for various reasons will not be able to do this, and would suffer without intervention. Pets in these circumstances will make it clear to their owner as best they can that there are happy to receive help. An owner who chooses to do this for their pet will never be held in contempt or anger or resentment by their animal, it is recognised as an act of compassion and in these cases is a welcome relief for those in distress.

Owners often ask how to know to make these decisions. For the animal timing is everything, and for the owner impending grief and the desire to do the right thing can hasten a decision where help may not be needed. Animals are generally better at the death process than people, and even though humans find it uncomfortable, for an animal, taking 3 days to die is quite natural. Humans baulk at this but for a cat this is normal. Many humans would choose to euthanase before this point. For those who are going to make, or have made that choice, please know that this is an acceptable course of action, but may in reality be more to help you than help your pet. It is not wrong, but it is your fear, not theirs which you are responding to.
Unnatural deaths are another matter, and animals who have sudden and severe injuries do not follow a normal death process, and in these cases a swift end is kindest and actually helpful as a natural death in this case would not be possible. By natural we mean a death where the body and energies have been prepared for a smooth passing, at the allotted time. Those unlucky enough to have sudden injuries will not be in this state of preparedness.

So, if your animal is old, and tired, when it comes to their time, do not be afraid to allow them to do what they already know and are ready for. If they get unstuck or want assistance, they will ask you. And by this we mean there will be a clear signal from them, or you will be helped to be told in some other way, that help is needed for them to pass. For most, the quiet comfort of home, or a place they go to feel secure, is all that is required, and they can go with love and happiness, and the contentment of a life well lived.
Lisa Mahoney, The Unfolding Enlightenment team.

Robina Hearle

A True Psychic Narrative

My sister Sue Stothard and I had the kind of upbringing that many would envy. In our house it was normal to talk about life after death, the astral plane, dimensions, star people, space and time, and all manner of exciting metaphysical topics. Considering this began in the 1960’s it was forward thinking even then.

In 1962 our father met a man called Mr Giles who was a trance medium and his lovely wife was a psychic also. Giles had a rescue circle and father joined it, meeting up once a week. The guides for the circle were a bomber crew who had died when their plane had crashed; they had decided to be of service in this way from the astral plane. The purpose of the circle was to help those who had died suddenly in the war, who perhaps had come down in a plane or been blown up in a tank or sunk in a ship. These men had become stranded between two dimensions. They did not realise they had died because it was so sudden their means of passing and certainly not knowing how to move to the light to make the transition across they would be found still hanging around their plane ,tank or ship. Nowadays it is easier to do this work and a whole circle sitting is not necessary because the energy has become more easy to use.

The guides had a great sense of humour and would come at night and poke father in the ear when he was asleep or ring bells just to be mischievous, there was great camaraderie.

When father had to have his appendix out, the guides had reported back to the circle after the operation that they had watched and it had all gone well. Another time with great hilarity they reported back when father and another member of the circle had tried to give a sick pig an enema [father had trained as a nurse after the war and knew how to do this, well at least on a human]. Another time they had reported they had to hold their noses because of the stench when father had had to rod his blocked cess pit.

Father was asked one evening at the circle if he would go and visit the parents in Ipswich of a young man who had died suddenly by coming off his motorbike and crashing.

Father did not go immediately; he was worried at the reception he would get. He woke up suddenly in the night with all of these terrible pains they were so severe that he could not stand it and asked for them to be stopped. The young man had come to father to visit and father was picking up all of his pains from the crash. When people return here from the astral plane they will bring with them all of the physical symptoms from which they died if they have newly passed. Father knew he had to act now, so he plucked up the courage to go and knock on the door of this young man’s parents, he explained why he had come , the mother was so pleased and grateful to hear what he had to say . The young man wanted to reassure his parents that he was still about and was alright and okay now. After all in the 1960’s this was a strange thing to have happened and even now the reception you might receive if you knocked on some ones door with such a message may not go down too well.

One evening during the time when guests came to speak , a member of The prestigious Great White Brotherhood came to the circle to speak to father. Instead of speaking through Giles they used an ectoplasmic trumpet, which was pointed directly at father, a booming voice repeated Gordon , Gordon, Father was so overcome by the power of the being and fear of why only he had been singled out, that unfortunately for us he was unable to remember what had been said to him afterwards. The Great White Brotherhood visited Father a second time , this time at night and he plainly saw a figure in a white hooded robe. The man wore a breast plate of crystals, signifying office. The encounter was so overwhelming that again what he had come for alluded father. We were told some years later that it was because father had important work to do. My sister and I now work with The White Brotherhood in a healing and teaching role.

Father came home one day and stood and watched me playing with a little spirit girl, I remember this, I was four, she was a little black girl and we were making mud pies. [I have since met her as an adult spirit woman.] The children who have passed to the astral plane have too much energy and are a handful for their guardians; they are often farmed out to play with children on this plane for the experience of being on the physical earth.

Mrs Giles every Christmas would have a Christmas party at the circle. She collected toys for the event. During the séance the toys would be dematerialised so that the spirit children could play with them. At the end of the session the toys would re appear. Sue and I still have a pair of black dolls given to us by Mrs Giles that had been used in this way and even now they are played with by spirit children.

A common visitor at the circle was Arthur Conan Doyle who was a great spiritualist in his earthly life. When he use to arrive he would say through Giles, Doyle here. He told them that he was upset that he had become known for his Sherlock Holmes stories and not for his huge amount of work for the spiritualist’s movement.

Father was known by the guides as the professor because he always wanted to know more truths, learn and he asked them many questions. When they did not know they would go to the halls of learning on the astral plane and report back with the answer the following week. Of course father passed his enquiring mind on to us and we have carried on the tradition, we are always asking questions, and because of willingness to learn and evolve have been given a huge depth of new knowledge by spirit, which will be imparted via our books.

Eventually we had to move because of father’s work, the guides had told him where we were to live and we moved to a remote village near Bungay. Hintlesham where the circle met was too far now for father to go.

Father during his time at the circle had learnt healing and thankfully for me was able to help me with the aches and pains of shingles when I was about eight years old. He was able to remove all of the pain and I recovered very quickly. Sue and I now work with spirit and continue the healing legacy.

Mr and Mrs Giles have passed on to the astral plane now. However Mrs Giles does come to talk to us from time to time and has watched our progress. As I write this our father is still here but poorly.

Robina Hearle 6.5.2012.

Holy Water or is it?

Holy water has been an accepted part of our lives for centuries. I would like to add some wisdom to the subject about what it is we are really talking about. Holy water is used in blessing people, places and christenings and in other religions in ceremonies. We all make the assumption that this is a good thing because it is called Holy water, we blindly follow without questioning.

We know that water holds memory. It will hold as all flower essence makers know the electromagnetic vibrations of a flower, a thought , a place, a crystal, music in fact anything you wish to think of including the vibrational frequency of the maker. All energy has an electromagnetic vibration. Everything is energy.

The church has long created Holy water through the blessing of water. So if we look at this in depth, the water will hold the blessing, the frequencies of the person doing the blessing, the place where the water is created.

The water itself has to have come from a source which is not contaminated in the first place. This actually is not possible. Where ever the water has run it will have picked up frequencies which may be favourable or not.

The blessing which is an energetic process, we know from our work with the knowledge of the Unfolding Enlightenment may well have energetic blocks and etheric devices within it.

The person doing the blessing has to be true of heart and have honesty and integrity and have no violent or sexual perversions, mental instabilities, and dire inner child issues because all of these frequencies will end up in the Holy water.

The place where it has been made also has to be clear of ancient magical frequencies, geopathic stresses, violence and discarnate energies that are attracted to the place.

People tend to collect Holy Water from ancient sites whether they are places where saints were born or died, Stonehenge, pyramids from all over the world, shrines from all religions, places of superstition and many others.

An assumption has been made that when you visit these sites the energies that you feel are good. Many people are sensitive today and can pick up the feelings of the energy of a place, they cannot always interpret them. This is because the frequencies will be very complex and a grand mixture of what went on there.

The frequencies of a site will be the history and the intentions for what the site was created for and by who made it. The history will include the geopathic stresses of the site, ancient magic from aeons ago before man walked this earth deep in the ground, deaths of some those who built the site possibly, if slave labour was used , there will be much anger ,fear , pain and resentment in the fabric of the site, violence, human and animal sacrifice, modern magics. Again resident and visiting discarnate beings of varying frequencies of will also impregnate the site.

Some people believe that many ancient sites are used by visiting star people, may well be portals, be of great import with highly desirable frequencies that will enhance their spiritual growth. Sadly people flock to this idea without giving thought as to whether they are ready for such frequencies and whether they will do them any good. The grass is not always greener, and you would not feed a new baby on steak and French fries. This is the equivalent when imbibing frequencies that are not compatible.

It can be seen from this that Holy water from ancient sites may not be a good thing to use as a healing modality or a spiritual aide. In fact it is highly questionable as to its uses for good at all.

[Bottled spring water that we drink regularly again we cannot be sure is of good frequency , but certainly it will be better than tap water that has additives as well as the fact it is recycled. The frequencies of this can be demonstrated in the work of Masaru Emoto.]

When we imbibe less than harmonious frequencies from Holy water, it will lower our own frequencies, if we are already in a lowered state through depression, grief, fear or anger these unwelcome frequencies from the Holy water will reinforce us in a negative fashion. There power is not be underestimated. The frequencies that you imbibe will stay with you forever unless you actively seek to remove them, they become an integral part of your own frequencies that are held in the water of your body and your subtle bodies your energetic aura. Especially if they have devices and energetic blocks attached.

We are all trying to heal ourselves, raise our frequencies and enlighten ours. I suggest the use of Holy Water is not the way to go. I also suggest you make a decision as to whether you still believe it is Holy.

Robina Hearle

The Truth about Magic

Unfolding Enlightenment has encompassed many topics as we carry on our journey of exploration of the truth of what is. Magic has come up many times. The simplest explanation of magic is that it is manipulation of energy. It is the who and why and how and what for that complicates the subject.

For the understanding of further pieces of truth about magic  there has to be an acceptance by the reader that the earth has many dimensions, that other beings of other dimensions exist, for instance the beings of  Nature, Pan the devas , elementals and nature spirits and many more besides. That there are star races who have different vibrational frequencies to us as do the dimensional beings. Humans are just one sort of being here on earth and have not been here since the beginning. Earth has been the playground for many races and they have not all been in third dimension or physical.

 The frequencies and intention of the thought together with the characteristics of the energies that are used determines the outcome. It is a very complex matter to create magic, involving more than the one party and the bringing together of many energies and organising them.

For the purposes of this article I am going to explain five types of magic.

Wild Magic is the magic that the intelligences of nature put in place, Pan, the devas, nature spirits and elementals. This magic is in harmony and balance with the energies of the planet. It enables the flora and fauna of the earth to survive and flourish. Wild magic is a good magic.

Ancient magic has been put in place by visiting interdimensional beings who wished to create disharmony and harm and used earth as a playground aeons ago. This magic is found in deep fissures, caverns, caves, and ancient water courses, underground lakes deep in the earth, volcanoes and lava fields. It has caused distress and harm and causes Nature not to flourish in those places. This the cause of geopathic stresses. Ancient magic is a harmful magic. Is not of this earth, many beings bring magic here from their reality, it does not have the earth frequency imbued within it. It is therefore out of time and out of space and is disharmonious.

Magic created by man, this sadly is a cause of much distress and disharmony. It is because of mans lack of understanding of the whole concept of manipulating energy that they have created a harmful unstable magic, which is out of balance with its surroundings and nature. They call on powers of which are harmful and are of not good frequency. Even though intentions are often good havoc is still wreaked in the natural world it is  a harmful and destructive magic.

White magic is the manipulation of energy by use of The White light and cosmic abilities to create a healing of man and the planet, and beyond. It is wielded by the Family of White Light  together with Pan and the nature intelligences, The White Brotherhood in this dimension and other realms and planes of existence. It is always used for the highest good of all; is in balance, stable and harmonious with nature and the earth.

Black Magic the darkest and most harmful of magics, is extremely destructive, always involves demons who have the capabilities to create and carry through the magical processes,  it can also involve the use of hexes, curses, spells and magical devisees. The beings who employ this sort of magic are rogue star beings who use interdimensional magical beings [demons] to create an environment here of darkness to maintain us at third dimensional frequency. They have the power to manipulate men and women who indulge in black magic through auric devices.

Magic is a reality, not just confined to fairy stories, which amusingly are the beings of other dimensions that exist and what they do is a truth in their reality. Our stories of myth and magic have a basis in fact and truth, we once were able to see and interact with the magical beings of other dimensions, but unfortunately we have become so damaged that our uses of our inherent gifts have eroded away over time. People with psychic abilities that are very finely attuned can interact with other realms. As the Vibrational frequency of the planet  rises and humanity heals once again these gifts will return. However our over indulgence and reliance on technology however stops us from developing as we could, it is a left hand path that we have been led down and this is not by accident.

This article was to explain that magic is a manipulation of energy, to take the mystical out of the subject, to set the record straight as to who uses it, why and for what purpose.

Robina Hearle.

A Shield around the Heart

I was told twice that I had put a shield around my heart. Both times it was by people in spirit that were concerned that it was there in the first place.

My shield has now been dismantled because of the healing and cleansing I have done on myself.

I understand that it is common to put a shield around the heart, and the majority of people do so when they are children, it is an action of the inner child... This is because we live in a very harsh violent angry society where people’s feelings are not considered to be of any account. We have not evolved sufficiently to be aware of doing no harm in our thoughts words and deeds.

So what is it and why is it there? [Not everyone has a shield, but everyone experiences emotional pain which impacts their thoracic spine over their heart chakra.] It is only the inner child [age 0-6 years that can put up a shield, if you have experiences beyond the age of six to seven years that are traumatic you are not able to protect yourself in this way. [ The inner child who sets your emotional patterning for life is a very powerful being , actually is a portion of your soul and can rule your whole life if you do not heal your emotional issues.]

A shield is an energetic barrier and also a physical one also. As a physiotherapist I regularly come across tightness in the fascia [thick connective tissue of the body] and trigger point pain all around the back of the heart chakra in the muscles. This signifies a presence of a shield or where there is emotional pain being held onto in the tissues that have caused them to energetically windup.

Why it is there is to literally shield the heart from emotional pain going in and to shield the heart chakra from completely closing down this in turn protects the physical heart from being broken that being manifesting heart conditions. All emotional issues impact us at cellular level and can lead to pathology or disease.

We have the etheric template for a shield in place in our blueprint our etheric body, one of the subtle bodies that make up our energetic auric field. The masculine energies of the inner child that protect you put the shield in place when there is danger to the feminine vulnerable side of you, the open hearted tender side. It is to understand that all of us are a blend of the masculine and feminine energies. Each of these has a role to play in our lives, irrespective of our physical gender.

The right side of your body being masculine and the left being feminine. If the masculine energies are in overdrive protection control mode it will explain why in some people there is a pattern of right shoulder pain, tennis elbow and thoracic pain as all of these symptoms manifest mainly in the thoracic spine, the area that protects the heart. If there is no shield in place the left side may manifest these symptoms.

It may well be that you put this shield in place lifetime after lifetime if you were a sensitive and vulnerable person. Thus the behaviour pattern is well defined and strong.

The emotional symptoms of people who have a shield in place will be vulnerability, people who had great childhood trauma and unhappiness, fear, anxiety, depression, ME, fibromyalgia and other chronic conditions associated with emotional pain. These can also occur without a shield.

So you now know what it is, why it is there and now what do you do with the knowledge and how do you heal it? It is not desirable to go through life with a shield in place, you are stating by doing this that the world is not a safe place and you will remain in the fear and draw fear to you and negative experiences will continue to arise until you face your fears. This drawing fear to you is the law of attraction, what you give out in the energetic Vibrational frequency of your fears and beliefs is what you attract to you. Now is the time to realise and stop the patterns of behaviour that cause this. While you have a shield in place you are also not able to reach emotional maturity, you still have the emotional patterning of the inner child.
You need to look at the issues that make you unhappy. The inner child fears and anxieties, the sorrows and troubles that are so painful to remember.

The practioners of The unfolding Enlightenment work with these issues all of the time. Flower/Vibrational essences can help peel away the layers of issues and act as catalysts to move and transform emotional energies our spirit/angelic healing teams support and work alongside us.

Robina Hearle.

Ascended Masters are free of Disease

Ascended Masters have no need for disease. They do not have emotional baggage and issues that they hold on to; they harm no-one and therefore do not create karma. We are all becoming Ascended Masters; beings of light, as this occurs diseases and miasms [a special energy phenomena lying at the core of some health problems] will eventually become obsolete on the planet. Disease teaches you that something is wrong that is all.

Becoming an Ascended Master is a choice, we all have choice we can all become ascended. So what is it and how do I go about it?

One of the keys of knowledge about this is that you only ascend to the level of the amount of cleansing and healing that you do on yourself. Each time you clear or heal an issue your overall vibratory frequency rises, you lighten up a little more, become less dense. Ascension is the process of becoming a being of light, what stops you is all your dense and heavy emotions and karma. Becoming enlightened is not a sudden turn on of a switch it is a systematic round of cleansing and healing which in turn raises your light which has the effect of increasing your awareness and consciousness. The only turn on of a switch is when you ‘’wake up’’ and signal to your higher self that you wish to begin the process or it may be that your higher self signals to you !!

Many people have been preparing for Ascension over several lifetimes and have chosen this century to fully ascend, however they still have to do the work on themselves, there is no getting away from this. Those people who are on this journey always have guidance and help from other Ascended Masters in Spirit, you are never alone and you can always ask for help.

Our bodies are designed to live for hundreds of years. The reason that they do not is because we have become so densely physical and we habitually hold on to our issues and karma and this can go on for lifetimes. As we once again become beings of light[ many civilisations ago this was so] our consciousness and our thinking is so clear that we are aware of what we are thinking, saying and doing and can clear any issues instantly rather than hold on to them. We become such loving beings that negativity no longer plays a role in our reality.

The energy or frequency of the vibrations of emotions eventually lead to cellular changes and hence disease. The other importance of removing your miasms and issues is so that you can return to your original blueprint for perfect health which your etheric body holds. Ascended Masters have perfect health.

For Sue and I the healing and cleansing path has been very arduous, taken time and dedication and has been very cathartic. We are western women with all that that entails and have not had the luxury of being able to sit in a cave in the snow [at times that would have been very welcome!] Our path has led us to look at our Inner child issues from in the womb, birth and being in an incubator and then into childhood up to the age of about six. This taught us the emotional behaviour patterns we took in to adulthood which needed to be cleared. We were then guided to look at past life issues that we had brought in with us and how they parallel some of our Inner child Issues. We then went on to clearing the Energetic wounds we had sustained from others in this life and past lives and then took responsibility for our actions [karma] and the wounds we had caused others. Next came the Miasm clearing, [they were inherited and random or acquired miasms], the deep emotional issues associated with these and the understanding of the karmic nature of these energetic phenomena. Miasms have a huge karmic link in mans habitation of planet earth.
For Sue and I the journey continues and as we are guided and given tools to help us we in turn pass the knowledge on to others.

Ascended Masters are now living on the planet in physical bodies. It use to be that this was impossible because of the density of this dimension. Their physical bodies have been healed and cleansed and have returned to their true blueprint of perfect health. These beings of love have no place in their reality for disease, it just does not exist.

By Robina Hearle and Sue Stothard.

Breaking the Spirit

Breaking the Spirit of people I am sad to say is an accepted method of control in our society. It is done in some cases as part of a regimen of discipline, by others unwittingly as they are not aware of their own destructive powers. People do it to other people and humans do it to animals.

What does this actually mean? Well in order to exert influence, will, control, very harsh measures are taken to achieve a desired outcome in the person who it is being inflicted upon.

The affect this has is to literally break someone’s spirit. This means a piece or pieces of the soul break away because they cannot cope with the situation, the person becomes diminished and damaged for life. When a piece of soul is missing the power of the person is much less, they do not function properly and are open to further attack and mental and physical illness. The piece or pieces of soul will stay lost for the whole of that person’s life and if not reconnected will continue from lifetime to lifetime until such time as the energetic reconnection takes place.

So in what circumstances does this happen? Well parents can do this to their children, husband to wives and vice versa, teachers to pupils, bosses to their employees. Some bosses will systematically break the spirit of their subordinates to gain their influence. This happens in large corporations to small firms. It happens in prisons, schools, care homes, colleges, in all societies. It will happen anywhere where people are given power. These people who inflict the bullying, and tyranny and have issues around controlling others are themselves damaged souls.

Historically the armed forces are one of the main culprits for breaking the spirits of the young men and women in their care. The reasons why are not up for debate in this article .I am trying to point out that it is an accepted method of control and what long lasting damage it inflicts. It is up to the reader to decide if this is the type of behaviour that we wish to continue in our society. As I have mentioned this has gone on for generations it means there are many souls incarnating with aspects of themselves missing.

Can you mend a broken spirit or to put it another way be reconnected to your missing soul pieces? The answer is yes people with soul fragmentation can be put back together again. The question which has to be asked is does this apply to me. You may feel that something is missing that you are not whole. You may look to others for clues as to how to behave, you may just know that something is not right with yourself but cannot determine what.

By Robina Hearle. Nov 2008.

Feel the Feelings

It has been said “You are afraid to feel. Your feelings are vast and all powerful, yet for many of you they are crosses of shame. However, it is through your feelings that you can ascertain what you value" [Marciniak]

We discern our world through our feelings. They are an unsourced tool for discovering more about ourselves and the world about us. Yet, as the quote so rightly says, we are afraid, nay terrified, of feeling. We block our feelings and hide from them, and as a result we overload our cellular memory with our emotional baggage.

Our bodies are perfect records, holding every nuance of our lives. They hold all our memories of the things we have done to others and how we felt about it at the time, the judgements we have made since. Besides all this, there is what others have done to us and our emotions surrounding these things. We also hold shocking or traumatic memories from our lives which can appear to come 'out of the blue.' There are no accidents or coincidences, the universe works and everything is a part of the rich tapestry, even though we may be unaware and cannot see it at the time.

To illustrate this, I recently had an opportunity to clear a very painful memory from my birth canal. I have shoulder pain and so I went to see my colleague who specialises in "un-winding" the tissues. She found that the primary site was not my shoulder, but my birth canal. As she said the words, the memory of the birth of my eldest daughter eighteen years ago surfaced, along with all of my feelings about it at the time. As I began to cry, my colleague felt a sudden 'whoosh' as the birth canal released the tension and 'unwound', I was at that moment of release, able to feel the feelings, acknowledge them and let them go. Just imagine, for eighteen years this memory had been sitting in my tissues.

Emotional energy such as this can cause vibrational damage to the cells and eventually pathology. One of the feelings that came up for me was shock. As I am like a terrier when I know I have something to clear, (I “worry” at it until I achieve my intention) I took some Bach “Star of Bethlehem” flower essence which is for shock held in the cellular memory.

Five days later some more shock came up for me. It was a fourteen year old memory this time - my next door neighbour had hung herself and her husband came around to ask us to see if she was dead. Two sets of memories from fourteen and eighteen years ago, all filed away and stored in my body as I had held onto them.

I am very self-aware, continually working on myself and watching for signs, feeling the feelings as they come up for me so that I can acknowledge them , embrace[accept] them and let them go.

When something or someone angers you or strong feelings come in any situation, stop for a second and do the following: allow yourself to feel the feeling, acknowledge [accept] it as yours own it. Then examine it, asking yourself the questions why., what is going on ? Be honest with yourself about this you will find the feelings will go as you change your perceptions around the issue or understand it and quantify it. You will release them in this way before they settle back into your cellular memory.

Like as not similar situations will repeat themselves for you to examine, feel the feelings and have the opportunity to clear them. This will be no coincidence the universe and your higher self will have engineered it so to help you move on in your life. Once you show an aptitude for this and a willingness to feel the feelings and clear your issues you are on a path of healing which you will be helped along. The key is not to sit on any stress or issues clear them as they come up, this prevents them sitting in your cellular memory and one day causing pathology.

Robina hearle.

For Lightworkers, How To Release Emotional Baggage

Releasing your emotional baggage, behaviour patterns and belief systems leads to emotional maturity. Emotional maturity leads to Enlightenment and Ascension.

So where does your emotional baggage come from? Your emotional patterns for this life are set from your perceptions or misperceptions about reality or what was happening from in the womb to the age of six years of age. These are the emotional experiences of the Inner Child. These patterns will repeat themselves throughout your life, be added to with each repeat scenario until you have a many faceted, complex emotional make-up. It is also true to say these patterns and issues may also come from past life experiences that have not been healed and still need to be addressed.

Releasing your Inner Child emotions is, very painful, takes courage and people on the whole prefer to ignore and bury them. How ever unless you face them and let them go you will not progress. Also stored emotional baggage causes dis-ease.

Behaviour patterns are something we are born into, each family, village, society, country and planet has its own behaviour patterns. Patterns of how to think and live for instance.

Belief systems also come from, religion, society, education, parental influences, peer pressure. Both belief systems and behaviour patterns have to be acknowledged, owned and released to unclutter your mind. When you have un cluttered your mind you can go within without all the mental chatter. When you can go within you can more easily open up to your internal dialogues of intuition, and your higher self.

So back to emotional baggage the starting point of the journey. Emotions are energy. We store our emotions in our physical body. Hence the great number of bodywork therapies that exist to unlock them. However the therapies may bring your issues to the forefront of your mind but you have to do the work to release them.

How do you do this? However painful it is you have to feel the feeling associated with the issue, it may be anger, grief, and frustration. You then have to acknowledge that this is yours, own it. As you do this the energy begins to move. Sometimes it helps to sob; wracking cries very quickly shifts the energy, and in a trice it’s all over and the feeling has gone. Deep breathing in to the feeling also will help move it. When an issue is coming up it may take days to materialise, bubbling away under the surface, you will feel out of sorts and irritable. Once you have done this once or twice you soon get to recognise it. Have faith, set the intention that you will clear it, and worry at it like a jack Russell and you will swiftly bring it to the fore. It may help to write it down to help you to acknowledge the issue. The issue once it has gone you may think that that is the end of that one, I am sorry to say that it may well arise for a second time or third because it is huge, complex and many faceted and you can only clear a bit at a time.

If you don’t go to body therapists how can you identify your issues? Well your family are the ones who serve you in this because they push your buttons the most, friends and work colleagues also help. You have to be alert and be on watch if your are serious about doing this work. For day to day incidents cause issues to arise. Your higher self will make sure of that. This being on watch is what the Dalai Llama calls mindfulness.

Is there an end to this, it can take several years. Yes there is an end; eventually you clear all your emotional baggage. People and incidents that use to bother you no longer have any effect.

This is hard diligent work. Let no teacher tell you that the road to enlightenment is easy. Attunements to ever higher vibrational frequencies is not the answer unless you do the work associated with each attunement. Then you will have balance in your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and this will lead to enlightenment.

Cleansing yourself of your emotional issues/baggage inevitably leads to emotional maturity. , then a whole new awareness occurs.

Robina Hearle and Sue Stothard. The Enlightenment process.

Has Your Inner Child Gone to Never Never Land?
Reconnecting to your Inner Child

Reconnecting to your inner child, what does this mean? why do I need to do this? , and who is this inner child anyway? And what has Never Never land got to do with it?

Your Inner child is a part of you, a real being. A fragment of your soul. The part of you that first consciously evolves from in the womb until six years of age. This child during this time experiences the world, and forms from these experiences her/his emotional pattern for life. This is the most important time in a person’s emotional development, because what happens now lays down behaviour patterns for life, good and bad.

It would be fair to say the Inner child is the real you, the innocent beautiful, angelic being that you came in as.

So why do I need to reconnect? Well you might not have to, but just need to acknowledge his or her existence and strengthen the bond.

If you need to reconnect it’s because the energetic connection has been severed and this fragment of your soul has been lost. This loss of connection occurs because of serious emotional, physical or mental trauma has been witnessed or been done to, and has occurred in the first six years of life [including the time in the womb] and the child has chosen to flee.

These children flee to the Cave or Never Never land. This place is very real, J.M Barrie’s story of Peter Pan and the lost and neglected boys is in part true ., children do escape to another plane of existence , remember we are talking about a soul fragment not a physical being. This soul fragment, this child may stay in the cave for the whole of your life if you do not make an attempt to heal your emotional issues, traumas and pain.

My sister and I who do this reconnecting work have met people who know there is a part of themselves missing and don’t know what to do. We have also met people who have completely blanked out their childhoods because it is too painful to go there. Others have known they have left whilst in the womb. Some people do not ‘do fun’, do not know how to play , be in joy, have wonder, have no concept of their child like qualities which are an essential part of our ability to experience the world. We have also met people who have a poor range of emotions.

Emotional energy in the form of traumas, issues, long held pain is held in your cellular memory and therefore it is in your tissues. This energy when it is not dealt with continues to grow as you experience your issues in different ways down the years, eventually this energy can begin to cause cellular change leading to dis-ease. If your emotional pattern begins in childhood then this is where you need to begin the healing process. This may be an energetic reconnection to your inner child through healing energy and the use of appropriate flower essences, or it may be just a strengthening of your connection and to begin work on childhood issues that surface.

Personal and spiritual growth comes about by years of cleansing issues and healing. Facing you emotional baggage is one of the hardest things to do; your issues begin here in childhood. You may not consciously want to gain spiritual growth but to simply be happy and have fun but know there is a block somewhere. To reconnect with your Inner child or strengthen you connection is the beginning of a healing journey which will eventually help you find out who you are.

By Robina Hearle and Sue Stothard The Enlightenment Process.

Undiscovered Feelings of Premature Babies

My sister and I were both premature babies. At the time of writing, I am 53 and she is 60. The feelings we experienced at that time have surfaced for both of us when we were clearing our inner child misperceptions and issues.. We now realise that the feelings that we experienced then have coloured our lives.

I have connected to a devastating and deep feeling of sadness; it was like a black hole of emotion. This occurred twice years ago when I attended a Reiki share . As I Talked about the feeling, I remembered the story of my birth. I had been born early one morning at home, seven weeks prematurely. It was in the 1950's in a small Suffolk village. The local G.P. came and convinced I would not survive, wrapped me in a blanket and put me on the front seat of his sports car to take me to the Ipswich Hospital. There I was put straight into an incubator.

My father rang the hospital the next day to see how I was. The Ward Sister said she wanted me named because it was still thought I would die. Mother, recovering from the birth, was of course not able to visit the hospital straight away. As I recalled this story, my heart began to race and tears came to my eyes, I realised I had identified the cause of the feeling. This has since happened again, and as I talked the emotion surfaced once more.

As a young child, this deep emotion surfaced several times and I remember crying myself to sleep in this deep misery, never knowing from where it came. So, at last I have the opportunity to clear this emotional baggage. For my sister, she has a deep feeling of being sad and alone and not wanting to be so.

Sue's story: Throughout my life I have always got fed up, down or depressed on or around my birthday in early September. It has often lasted from a few days to two months (longer if it was connected to a life changing trigger). The onset always seemed to be September no matter what avoidance tactics I tried to use. For many years I had thought (without any evidence) that this could be linked to being born prematurely in September and being in an incubator for two months.

It wasn’t until I did Reiki that I realised this could indeed be the case. After a course of Metamorphic Technique about three years ago, I have never been depressed at that time again.

Recently, however, another aspect of this came up following a family emergency. As I dealt with it (alone initially), I was overwhelmed with waves of deep sadness, fear and unbearable feelings of being absolutely and totally alone and unable to cope. As I discussed this with my sister later, I was suddenly able to see the pattern. I thought about all the other life changing events in my life when I had felt these emotions. When would I have had my first experience of being/feeling totally alone, isolated, full of fear, with intense sadness? Answer, when I was born two months prematurely, taken from my mother and put in an incubator for two months!’

Robina continues: Imagine it: you spend 8-9 months inside your mother, hearing her heartbeat and her voice etc. Then you are parted abruptly and put into an incubator. You experience deep feelings [probably of loss, anger, sadness and fear) and you are helpless to do anything about it. So the first stage of your emotional pattern is set and this setting of emotional patterns carries on for six years. This pattern is what you repeat throughout your lifetime until you clear it (or not). Your life experiences are geared around these first six years of life.

I remember talking to another lady who said that her son had been premature and found that he could not hug her. My sister and I also share this experience. We found it very difficult to hug our mother or have her hug us. The bonding seemed not to be there on her side and certainly wasn’t on ours. In fact a part of me felt unloved. There are many premature babies out there and mothers who perhaps for some reason or another were not able to spend time with the baby in the incubator. I desire to highlight that this scenario causes emotional pain on both sides, and I hope this article brings it to the fore to be noticed.

My sister and I are lucky in that we are both now practioners of The Unfolding Enlightenment Process use vibrational essences to reveal our emotional pains that have been hidden away, and we also have the help of our spirit healing teams who can aide us when we are stuck to flag up where we need to look to enable us to heal ourselves. Many others not so aware will go a lifetime and not discover these feelings or understand the impact they have on their emotional lives.

Robina Hearle

Copyright Sue Stothard and Robina Hearle January 2012