Rose Cottage Flower Essences

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What we can do


Attunements and Chakra Alignments

Attunements for individual people in person [four sessions]

Attunements for individual people [ie one person] attunements over the phone

Chakra Alignments [four sessions].


Individual Attunements : £40 each Add to Basket

Individual Chakra Alignments : £40 each Add to Basket

Guided Meditations
For healing, personal, psychic development.
Helps with relaxation, sleep problems, stress, anxiety or just a treat for you.

Price £40.00 for an hour session, on a one to one basis, via Skype or at our homes.Add to Basket

Healing sessions by phone [incudes Spirit Healing team intervention and use of The White Light]

Healing sessions in person [includes Spirit Healing Teams and The White Light]

Channelled healing and advice sessions from Archangel Michael by arrangement through Sue [face to face using skype /video.]


All first healing sessions include an initial consultation and assessment from which a treatment plan is devised.

Remote or Personal One to One Healing Sessions £40 per hourAdd to Basket

Channelled Healing and Advice Session £40 for an hourAdd to Basket

Healing and Advice by phone £40 per hourAdd to Basket

Essence consultation and advice in person, by phone or email

Essences available by post

Personalised tailor made essence combinations by post.


Essence Consultation in person, by phone or email £40Add to Basket

10ml Bottles of One Essence £7.50 eachAdd to Basket +P&P

15ml Bottles of Combination Essences £9.00 eachAdd to Basket +P&P

Tailor-made Bottle of Essences £25 +p&pAdd to Basket

Teaching and seminars

Talks to small or large groups about The White Light and /or the process.

Teaching seminars for therapists

Training sessions/seminars for students of Unfolding Enlightenment

Charges determined by venue location and numbers of those interested.

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