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Tricking the mind and body to hide painful issues.

If you trick the mind and body by various new therapies, does it help you or delay the pain?

Tapping, Bowen, NLP, EMDR, hypnosis techniques of which there are many kinds, matrix reprogramming, any kind of reprogramming is this the right way to go?

Are you in actual fact not dealing with the problem but just hiding it? Covering it up? Pretending it's not there, altering your consciousness or conscious awareness by taking your mind down a different route. Is this the correct thing to do, is it safe? What are the long term affects? Putting it in a box at the back of the cupboard and throwing away the key. Autosuggestion is like a slotted in new program you are running on. How do you remove it?

What you are not doing is processing them, facing up to them and allowing yourself to look at all the facets and transmute the energy of them one by one.

We know that many tragic events can cause soul loss. Broken spirits by brainwashing especially in the forces.

So many of my clients have had these techniques and I am dealing with the results.

One chap had had hypnosis for stopping cigarette smoking, he feels that it was like a blanket and can still feel it there. He began smoking again. Addictions are a deep can of worms to treat. This feeling was then corroborated by another client who had a similar experience.

Another lady had EMDR for child abuse, many years later she is still worried by it and all the thoughts, nothing changed. The pathways to it and its affects still remain open.

I noticed with a colleague who was giving Bowen how often the clients came back because the technique did not seem to last. The body is stimulated to respond in a certain way.

I think our physical, mental and emotional bodies are easily brainwashed and duped especially when they are so damaged already. Thoughts are energy always remember.

Robina Hearle

Hero worship creates demons, thoughtforms and thoughtconstructs.

Energetically hero worship is a dangerous game. Teenagers who begin with admiration, which leads to infatuation, adoration and then obsession over a celebrity or anyone can lead to loss of pieces of themselves, and in extreme cases psychosis.

We also recognise as I was told last night that demon energy will draw on the outpouring of emotional adoration and exist through it. This is without the beings who or hook ins of the drugs and alcohol which always accompany those substances which are often attached to pop stars and actors.

A person will create thoughtforms, fantasy and a thoughtconstruct. They create a pathway to that person and take up residence at the dead end of it. People can and do live inn the fantasy with that person and this can become more real then their everyday lives.

The object of adoration may be a film character like Princess Leia who has become an icon and a legend in people's minds....the energy she is given allows the solidity of the character in the dimension in which she resides. Every story exists in its own dimension from the writers mind and grows with energy from the fan base.

We are creators and we do so with thought, when you add powerful emotions into the mix then very solid creations occur.
The energy of any group admiration. worship, love, adoration, at events wether it is a church, a football match a concert is a phenomenon. What is it and where does it go? Well we know it's an energy and we know that energy can be used.
We live alongside many dimensions and exist in those too. Energy is a currency and a power for those who wish to use it.
Many concepts to ponder upon.

Robina Hearle

Be aware that People play emotional games.

People pigeon hole you often. They have made up their mind what you are like, how you think. In other words judged you.
When you react differently to how they expect it can cause them to be upset, uncomfortable. They have to revise their opinions of you or no.
This pigeon holing is like a stigma especially in families or communities where you get labelled as the black sheep, or a no good.
It is very hard to revise often.
People see what they want to see.
It's their comfort zone often to create opinions about you.
We often reflect to others traits they do not want to acknowledge in themselves.
If you have changed , let go of much often they do not want to see the new you. They are blocked.
Some of the games people play are all defence mechanisms.
Be nice to your face and stab you in the back when you are not looking.

Emotional blackmail, making you feel sorry for the.
Victims take hostages is a good lesson learnt.
Power games, trying to take your power away.

Making you feel angry , defensive , jealous to score poin .
Competeing with you, when you had not signed up to the game.
Having to win in a conversation.
Turning other people against you by bad mouthing you.

Making friends with you because they have an unspoken agenda.
Not speak to you ,ignore you until they want something.
Speak to you one day and ignore you the next .

Making jokes at your expense to belittle you.
Laughing at you rather than with you.
Always contradicting what you have to say to gain the upper hand.
Ignoring your opinions on purpose.
Always having to go one better.

People often give off the idea that they are better than you , cleverer than you, you are boring, not in their social ranking, not one of the 'in' crowd, or as one person put it ...not top drawer.

We only find out who our real friends are when they stick with you through thick and thin.
People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifeti .
Acquaintances are not always friends.

My advice is to be as honest as you can in all aspects of your life, let go of people who are not for your highest good.
If you work with people who are bullies , or make you feel uncomfortable then be pleasant, polite. Try not to react in their presence.
The word no is very effective.
Asking them a direct question as to why they are behaving like this is also a way of taking your power back.
Put a bubble around yourself they cannot penetrate.
Do not engage unless you have to.

There comes a time when these games are like water off a ducks back as you grow in yourself, they no longer bother you, the issues have become healed.
You can see what these people are doing.

What these people are doing is the politics of the playground just being me a little more sophisticated.
They are reacting at the emotional frequency of their development, in that they do not know any better.
Forgive and move on.

Robina Hearle 5.3.2015

Technology versus Nature, where is humanity going ?

Humanity is at a crisis point in evolution.
We are turning more and more to technology to run our lives.
Many have turned from a being of Nature , turning away from the nuances of the web of life we are all connected too. Using technology to tell us how to think, what to think, how to live ..becoming living robots.

Many do not see, they only look.
Many do not listen they only hear.
Many do not feel , their bodies, their emotions.
Many are unaware of themselves at all

Many are so hooked into the TV, computer games, phones. Their self awareness has withered if it was even used at all.

Many have lost the ability to send out their senses to perceive the world about them.
Many do not know they can, many do not want to.

Can we retrieve ourselves?
Can we slow dow , become mindful.
Many have to because their lifestyle makes them become ill, have a mental or emotional break dow .

To have the choice, you have to recognise what's happening in the first place.
We all live fast mad lives caught up in the media , the shoulds, the politics, the religions. We often give ourselves no time to think because we are in the middle of a fast flowing river.

Perhaps slow down, ponder, take a fresh look around at the trends, what's going on n the world, or even your world.

Nature is a not separate from us , we are a part of it. We have often tried to ignore this fact ...believing we run the planet. Nature will be here long after we have passed on. Damaged mind you, because we cannot see how our actions cause reactions. Why? Because we have lost our connection at a very fundamental level of being and knowing and sensing.

Mindfulness is a buzz word at the moment, it's the way to begin to train yourself to sense the world around you.

Robina Hearle. 6.2.2015

Meditation and blood pressure

Do you have problems with high blood pressure ?

When we are under stress our blood pressure of course goes up.

The stress level you live with can become such a silent partner that you ignore it, however this means that you are tense all of the time at some level. This tenseness translates into a rise in blood pressure to a greater or lesser extent.

We have forgotten how to live in the now.

Being in the now not, worrying about the future or the past either in minutes, hours, days or weeks. This is what we have lost in our fast mad world.

I have noticed in myself that I am much calmer since doing regular meditations.

Aware of my state of being. I know when to rest and when to play.

Listening to my body.

So what gifts do you allow yourself from doing guided meditations.

One is time to your self, me time.

The ability to reach a state of calm becomes easier.

The paying attention to your body becomes easier.

You notice if your teeth are clenched, what you hands are doing. If your shoulders are up around your ears. Whether your breathing is shallow, if you are holding your whole body tense. If your stomach is rolling, or has anxiety.

So you lower your blood pressure and learn to monitor yourself for when it goes up by recognising the situations or people who create it thus.

Then you have choice how to live your life, what changes you require to make to help yourself. Who and what you need let go of in your life.

Your health is your wealth, we only recognise this when it becomes a crisis, and our body is shouting instead of whispering.

I would suggest that guided meditations are a very positive way forward and a key to a better way of life. The help to lowering your blood pressure is invaluable and worthy of your thoughts in this direction.

Robina Hearle. 14.10.2014

Psychic or Mentally Ill?

It is so easy to get labelled by people who do not understand the human condition, or who have never thought outside their own experiences.

Being Psychic for many is very normal. People are waking up all the time and are finding they have gifts.

Many people have been since childhood and it is a part of them.

However many people go through huge traumas, mental or emotional breakdowns

Every breakdown or trauma means a huge leap in spiritual growth.

After a breakdown it's very common for people to become more sensitive, feel energies around them, become clairvoyant, clairaudient. It's like they have opened up instead of being closed down after many years. This can be very isolating, fearful as a whole new world open up to them and they may not have others they can turn to.

The danger here is being labelled by Doctors, Social workers as being mentally ill, when in fact they are not. Many health care professionals have no idea of the abilities that others have.

There is however subtle differences or not so subtle at times!

However I am not dismissing people who are truly mentally ill and are being driven by hook ins, spirits who will not leave them alone who try to control. Whisper to them, cause self harm, delusional states. These people need huge help.

It is to understand you are an energetic being residing in a human body, which you leave behind once you die.

It is also to understand that we live in one of many dimensions. Communication between dimensions occurs all of the time.

Robina Hearle. 6.10.2014

The Past holds you Back

How many times do you think of your past? Daily, several times daily, weekly?

How many times do you go over and over past life events torturing yourself?

If only ...I should have said this, I should have said that. I wish I had done things differently ...constant monologue going on in your head as you review events.

This is a habit, a behaviour pattern that you have got stuck in a cycle with.

All you are doing is going around in circles. All negative thoughts are in fact energetic blocks, they have loops, spirals and helixes attached.

Oh what does this mean I hear you say, how does this affect me?

Well you make the blocks and spirals of downward thinking stronger each time you relive it. This in turn lowers your frequency , creates your spirits to be low, gives you the blues. You create the bond to the past to be stronger than being here now.

So what can you do about your past? The events, hurts sorrows, guilts.

Firstly it's no good beating yourself up about it. It happened in the past, which now you regret. You were a different person then.. It's easy this hindsight business but look at the big stick you beat yourself up with over it. Time to stop.

Firstly set the intention that you want to stop this as you are wasting your life.

Forgive all parties and yourself. Know now you would have done things differently, acted differently, thought differently, responded differently. Take responsibility for your actions. Apologise to yourself and all parties. Forgive them their part, realise at that time you or they did not know any better, or they never will. Everyone has their life journey, reasons why people do things react in a certain way. Many have big inner child issues that makes people react in a certain way.

Now as you begin to think this way, you can see things a little more clearly. As you live in the now, you let no problems mount up to fester, if you have a problem, sort it out as soon as possible. Think before you speak. There are always ripples on the pond. Other people take offence because of their own in securities, lack of self worth or inner child issues that they have not healed, or even know they need healing.

A tip of understanding is this. Some adults have the emotional development of teenagers or children. Because of events in their lives that stopped their emotional selves evolving. This makes it very hard for their children, work colleagues and family to deal with them on a daily basis. It also often creates arguments, misunderstandings and heartache.

Try to see the bigger picture and ask why someone is behaving as they are.

Look at how their parents were and what their background is. The jigsaw can fall into place this way.

Avoid people who bring you angst as much as possible.

People are responsible for themselves you know. You are responsible for your health and wellbeing.

So live in the now. Let the past be resolved and let it go. Let it not hinder your progress in your day to day living. Understand where people are coming from and this will lead to your understanding and helps you to let the past go.

So do not allow the past to hold you back , you hold back the past. Begin letting go, understanding, having realisations of truth. Let the habit dissolve.

Robina Hearle. 31.8.2014

6 minutes of me time

A little meditation exercise for you

This exercise is one you can do any time of the day, even on the tube or train!
It only takes about 6 minutes. So 6 minutes of me time!
Notice before you start how you are feeling.

Put your hands together.
Feel your right hand as it touches your lef . Spend some time doing this.
Feel your left hand as it touches your right ...spend some time .
Feel the fingertips of the right then the left.
Slowly rub your hands together. Feel what the right feels like, feel what the left feels like. Spend some time doing this.
Now imagine a ball between your palm.
Roll it around and up and down your hands. Spend some time doing this.

Finish. Now notice how you are feeling
Are you more quiet? Calm? Stil ?
If you found this helpful repeat every day.

Robina Hearle 21.8.2014

We have a problem Houston

The amount of time we have said that to the spirit healing teams when queries come up, or things are not working, I can imagine them putting their hands over their ears and saying Oh no not again!

The problem we are trying to highlight is delicate in a way. There are many Lightworkers, healers, bods of good intent who send blanket energy to help in war torn areas. To help the people, animals, the earth, to try to put some light into a seriously bad situation. It is very laudable and good, and I have done it myself.

We unfortunately know there are many beings of the dark and of other dimensions who wish to perpetuate the wars and strife and misery, who rub their energetic hands with glee as they feed on the energy we send.

As far as The White Crystal Light goes we send it so healing spirit teams can use it at a certain place, site. The energy allows them to work for the highest good of all.

When you send a blanket of energy there is no recipient for it to specifically go to. Hence the problem. It's like rain, anyone can catch it and use it.

So please think again before you send energy off to a place, country or continent unless you have a specific link.

Robina Hearle, Unfolding Enlightenment 18.8.2014

Karma, yes or No? And what to do about it

What a huge misunderstood subject.
One that is not to be gone into without the mention of energetic wounds or karmic debts.

If you have done someone down in a previous life in a small way or in a huge way , you have created a karmic debt to that person , if you never owned up to it or apologised or sought forgiveness.

So why does that matter ?
Well your progress in any lifetime is hampered by the energetic links, threads and ties you have to people in past lives and this one.
You cannot personally grow until you hold your hand up and say you are sorry to people or animals who you have caused injury to , emotional, mentally or physically...these are the energetic wounds you have caused which forever link you to the person or animal .

Once you say sorry own up, acknowledge your mistakes , then the links can be broken . The damage can be healed .
Similarly you cannot move forward nor can the person who has done you wrong until you forgive them .
Sometimes you follow people from lifetime to lifetime trying to resolve or in some cases peruse and create more problems.
Revenge and hate are hard lower frequency emotions that can be perpetrated from life time to lifetime.

Our aim is always to evolve and heal ourselves .
Forgiveness saying sorry , owning up taking responsibility is part of our development as beings with conscious awareness. It is your spiritual development.

So what can you do?
Look at your life and see who you need to forgive.
Look at your life and see who you need to say sorry to .

As you move through life do no harm by thought action or deed. Try to be consciously aware as you interact with others , think what you are about to say is for the highest good or not.
Try not to judge others as you are not really knowing their story.
Keep out of others dramas.
Gossip is so malicious, harmful and spiteful shy away from it.
Notice how better and lighter you feel as you work on these issues.

Please ask us for help if you have a need

Robina Hearle, Unfolding Enlightenment 11.8.2014

Spinning too Many Plates?

Do you remember those game shows where an expert would spin plates on bamboo canes? Then contestants had to copy the expert, they had to have as plates in the air as they could to win the prize.

Are you like this?
They would have to run around to each stick spinning it to keep all the plates in the air.
So many people run around trying to do all the tasks they have set themselves to achieve the prize of life called happiness, or security , or love or money , creating more and more stress as they rush to keep everything spinning.

So what happens when you founder and all the plates come crashing down.
This can be a break down, mental and emotional or your body stops you by creating an illness.
You have not heeded the warnings when one or two of the plates fell in the beginning.
Too many plates and too much on them.

You crash like the plates, it causes you to re evaluate, and always there is a spiritual break through after and a steep,learning curve.
Does it always have to be this way?
Well no of course not.
However we are brainwashed into thinking we must achieve and that the God Money is the goal so we have become driven in the rat race.
It may be time to stop and think how you can achieve your life goals in a more stress free way.
It begins with you having the realisation in the first place... that things can be achieved without total disaster and that change is not scary.
Also what do you actually need in life, and what have you that is not important and superfluous.
We would encourage you to begin letting go of all unwanted thoughts beliefs and relationships.
Lighten your load through out all of your life.
Let go and Simlpyfy!

Mindfulness is an in word but it allows you to become more consciously aware on a daily basis.
To make choices that are relevant, think out a problem more easily
We use guided meditations to help and or one to one healing sessions also.

Our aim is to advance people so they do not need all those plates in the air, and they can live life more simply and become de cluttered.

Robina Hearle, Unfolding Enlightenment 5.8.2014

The Pitfall of The Rainbow Bridge

A concerned friend and animal healer brought this to our attention. Many people have begun to think create and believe that their pets after they have died await them on a rainbow bridge, waiting for their owners to pass over and reunite with them.

The rainbow bridge is in a limbo in some dimension.

... A sweet idea you may think look at this a little deeper.

Animals have souls, have their own spiritual journey. Animals are sovereign beings . They are companions we do not own them.

So by creating a rainbow bridge which is now a reality in the dimension it has been created in , and wishing your animals to be there you have in fact trapped them there until you pass over. Thus taking away all the rights of the soul of the animal.

No one should have this power over another being. It is one of the aspects of The Unfolding Enlightenment path is that we spend time freeing souls.

Remember and realise that thoughts are powerful and when many people think the same thing a thought form is created and becomes real.

Having said this animals like humans pass onto the astral plane and often live with relatives of their human friends. In this way they have freedom to be to a certain extent.

It would be kinder on the animals if their owners set them free and cuts all ties and emotional links. The animals could then decide where they want to be and have choice as sovereign beings to continue their journey or wait for their former companions.

Not all animals have had a happy time being companion animals.

Robina Hearle 20.7.2014

The reasons why programming crystals is unnecessary and unwanted

People should be aware that the spirit, the energy  and the essence of crystals are beings in their own right. As such they are sentient energies with their own integrity, frequency and their own path. They have their own range of frequencies which are far beyond human perception.

Crystals choose to be here to aid expansion and to increase awareness. They lend their energetic frequencies to aid the healing that mankind needs. As sentient energies with their own path they do not need or require programming as so many people seem to think.

Programming is an unwanted and unnecessary energetic interference in the innate energies of the crystals and compromises their integrity. It equates to attempting to ‘brainwash’ someone into doing things against their will and which is contra to their own frequencies or path. In other words people are trying to override the existing programming of the crystals and enslave them without their permission.

The arrogance of man is such that he believes that everything on planet earth and within the multiverses has been put there to be his tools. He has to realise that this is not so. The question must be asked ‘Is it morally right to be doing this?’

Sue Stothard [with help from Sharinia a crystal being]

Conscious Awareness or Mindfulness in Business

What is conscious awareness?  It is an aspect of ourselves, which for many is very underdeveloped. It is an ability to be here now, fully present, awake, clearly thinking, focussing. This enables you to correlate all of the incoming data and process it from all aspects of yourself that is emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. We are talking about a more efficient you.

Okay I hear you say that sounds waffly..It is the difference between seeing and just looking. It is the difference between listening and just hearing. It is using the higher aspects of the creative you.   Mindfulness is another adjective for conscious awareness.

Highly consciously aware people know what is going on with themselves and act on it. They do not let their problems back up so they are snowed under, they are more able to let go of the trivia, drama, gossip and focus on what is important.

Self-honesty or honesty with self becomes a part of your daily life; you see your foibles, know your faults and work through them.  Honesty in dealing with other people, family, friends, and business comes with ease. This gives you a good name and people know you for this.    You find cannot tell lies in any shape or form.

To expand further being consciously aware brings with it wisdom. The ability to see clearly now all aspects of a problem, opinions and discussions.  This enables you to make efficient decisions.

Creativity is enhanced you see how to go about a problem in another way. Your ability to think differently , leads to creative thinking, lateral thinking, deeper thinking, and thinking outside the box.

These abilities of enhanced thinking become very valuable when you are working to gain contracts against your competitors.

Your communication and dealings with people, family, work force, work colleagues flows more easily, becomes easier, more empathetic and compassionate. This pays dividends with your employees; you create trust, loyalty and a happy work force that will go the extra mile for you when you ask them to do something extra for you.  Good will on both sides is an invaluable resource.

Conscious awareness of yourself brings you more peace.

Peace comes about for you when you deal and acknowledge your fears, anxieties, worries and issues.  You no longer have enemies you have forgiven them and moved on. Relationship problems become ironed out. This is all possible it is just a process which we take you through step by step.

It brings into question who, what and why you are. It shows you how you tick. It enables you to have a greater self-knowing and self-understanding.

Conscious awareness is therefore is a path of personal development that continues for life, where you operate at a higher level of your being than you do now. It allows you to gain new skills and wisdom and levels of understanding.

It is in fact your spiritual beingness that you are evolving, growing into.  Nothing to do with religion, but all to do with you operating at the highest balanced level of yourself that you can.

Robina Hearle   13.5.2014

Hello, this is our first blog post

We are constantly asked at Mind Body and Spirit events what makes us different from anyone else in the room.

We are unique in that we combine The White Crystal Light which is a seventh dimensional healing energy..beyond Reiki. [ I can say that because I was a Reiki practitioner.]

 Working with Spirit healing teams  and Rose Cottage Flower Essences.

The  Healing work is a process not a one off.  The knowledge we have been given is new, unique, and goes far beyond anything previously known about.

It may be that you lie on the couch, see colours, feel energy rushing down your arms and legs, have tingling, odd pains or see pictures.  That would be common to a Reiki treatment..but the depth of the clearin , repair and restoration done by the teams is unequalled.

We have written and published three books with knowledge that has been used on us, then our students and then clients. Every day more knowledge comes through which is combined into the work we do once it has been tested on us then refined. We are the guinea pigs so to speak !

Robina Hearle   9.5.2014

Copyright Sue Stothard and Robina Hearle January 2012