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"Sensible... very caring person .. I will recommend Robina to everyone for healing. I am always amazed by her and her work."
Beatrice Medium

"A very intuitive and professional lady. Her passion for her work and to help others is amazing. Would not hesitate to recommend Robina to all my friends and customers."
Jules Button

"Robina is a special lady with a gift. She shares it and she cares, and she is not afraid to explore, and widen her ability to heal."
Emma Rose

"a very wise and amazing lady who works for spirit with healing and words"
Peter Brown

"I have known Robina for many years. When my husband died suddenly she was a guiding light for me through Reiki. I know Robina to be a kind, gentle and caring soul who radiates warmth and happiness through her peaceful messages.I feel lucky to have met her on my journey xx"
Sue Edwards Stagg

"I started the Unfolding Enlightenment Process in 2013. I was already a 'healer' but I felt I needed guidance to aid my personal growth and I still had a lot of questions that no one else could answer. My first UE teacher was Sue Stothard. She and her sister, Robina Hearle, are co-founders of the UE Process. As I learned more, I realised how much healing I still needed on an energetic level and the importance of raising our own frequency. Eventually I was ready to be attuned to channel the White Crystal Light and aligned to be able to work with Spirit Healing Teams. I wanted to continue learning so the next step was to become a UE practitioner which involved studying the use of vibrational essences. This was when Robina also became my teacher and introduced me to this fascinating field. I had already met Robina when I visited Rose Cottage in Suffolk and she tested and made up a combination bottle of essences for my own use. She immediately made me feel welcome and impressed me with her enthusiasm and humour! Robina is an extremely experienced healer who has developed incredible intuitive abilities yet her down-to-earth approach immediately puts you at ease. She, like her sister, is an excellent teacher and is always ready to help and advise. The range of Rose Cottage Flower Essences is enormous and provides an invaluable tool to promote well-being on every level. I highly recommend Robina in her professional roles of Master Healer and Teacher of the Unfolding Enlightenment Process. See More Read Less"
Alison Saunders

"Both Robina and I go way back, probably at least ten years... Both of Her Children were at School with me and they always informed me of her wonderful practices. Robina's work and her wonderful essences are truly inspirational... And not only that, but she always comes to make contact and talk to you at the right time - with words of wisdom!"
All My Love and Blessings to You Robina,
Montgomery Sadler

"I met Robina in her wonderful healing practice around 2000, then re-established contact through FB:-)) She has helped me enormously, both with her comforting words and her fantastic essences. Blessings Robina, and thankyou for all you do X"
Penny Hemans

"Robina has been a constant source of support whilst we work together on clearing blocked energies from this lifetime and others. Robina is a genuinely kind, empathic and sincere lady. Her broad knowledge & understanding of spiritual awakening and enlightenment is both relevant and essential in assisting with the ascension process and healing others on a deep level. Gratitude & Blessings for the work you're doing. Namaste."
Jen Whelan

"I know Robina through using her Flower Essences during a hard time in my life a few years ago and she proved to be the perfectly timed guide and healer for me. I owe a lot of my healing to her intuition, patient and non fussy guidance and of course her sets of channeled flower essences which really shifted a lot of old stuck energy from me, giving me the clarity to see more clearly my issues, so I could move forwards. Which I have! She's a very special lady whom I feel privileged to have met on my path to enlightenment."
Lisa Murray

Seeing Clearly Now - Rosa Alba
10 ml Bottle - £6.50

On taking Seeing Clearly Now I was able to see where the focus of my thoughts had been, in this case very inward looking and worrying about the future. I was able to identify the problem and rectify it. Everything appeared almost magnified, greater Clarity. I found that I had the ability to look around and see things in a different light, with a fresh perspective.

J. Simmonds, Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK

Courage - Phalaenopsis White Orchid
10 ml Bottle - £6.50

Courage essence gives you just that 'courage’ to speak your truth.

J. Simmonds, Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK

Water of Enlightenment - A Channelled Essence
10 ml Bottle - £6.50

In my experience Water of Enlightenment is a powerful essence, which reaches beyond anything that can be said in words. It is a precious aid to me, personally and in my work as a house parent. Since it releases a lot of deep emotions that are locked inside of me, it opens new doors, new ways of perceiving myself and the world around me.

I have used Water of Enlightenment with children who have had traumatic family experiences (e.g. parent’s divorce, death etc]) At the moment, I am using it with an eight year old Japanese girl who finds it difficult to go to sleep. At bedtime, she used to complain about painful stitches around the heart area, saying that she could not go to sleep because ‘’it is so scary!’’ I usually gave her some Rescue Remedy mixed with Aspen before she went to bed. I have since found out that her parents recently split up and that she rarely sees her Mum anymore, when she goes back to Japan for the holidays. So now I give her Water of Enlightenment, once a day. She does not complain about the heart pain now and seems to sleep well. Moreover, she often comes to me to talk about her house and family etc. and this is big progress. She told me the other day, that when she feels the pain around her heart, it is because she can not cry: she explained it as swallowing quickly to stop the tears coming. I have told her how important it is, that everyone in Summerhill is allowed to cry, and why she should not feel bad about crying.

In that moment, it was clear to me that Water of Enlightenment is working, releasing deep seated anxieties and emotions, allowing them to come to the surface and therefore allowing them to heal.

Pascale Andrivon, Summerhill Houseparent

Case Studies

A thirteen year old boy had been experiencing panic attacks; he was worried and anxious about everything. Every time he had one of these episodes he took Water of Enlightenment. He found that the attack would stop and he could control his feelings. Now at the age of sixteen he has less panic attacks, but knows and is confident that if he did experience one that he can stop and deal with the situation.

A forty–six year old woman who was quite shy found people and situations often intimidating. She also experienced anxiety and fear about her safety. She took Water of Enlightenment and found herself moving to a new level of beingness. She was suddenly talking to people who previously would have frightened her and doing things without a second thought that before she would not have contemplated. This has enabled her to move forward in her life more confidently.

Angel of Peace - A Channelled Essence
10 ml Bottle - £6.50

After a disturbed night (for whatever reason), clearing out dreams or a ‘busy’ mind, taking Angel of Peace drops in the morning has a centring/calming effect.

J. Simmonds, Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK

A mother was distressed that her baby was crying at night and would not settle whatever she did for it. She began giving the baby Angel of Peace and found that the baby went to sleep easily and was quite happy to do so.

A middle aged therapist who was going through huge emotional traumas found that if she took Angel of Peace after such an episode that she very quickly became centred and calmed down and was able to put the episode behind her. Angel of Peace brought closure rather than dwelling on the trauma.

Now - A Place Essence
10 ml Bottle - £6.50

Helps to keep me focused on each moment and what I’m doing/feeling at that time, rather than always looking ahead to the next ‘task’ and ‘doing’ it mentally, only to repeat it physically later. A ‘grounding' Essence.

J. Simmonds, Retired Teacher, Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK

Mother Beech - Fagus Sylvatica
10 ml Bottle - £6.50

I was feeling upset and angry about a situation with a friend, and anxious about meeting her again. So I took Mother Beech, not knowing whether it would be helpful in this case. I found that I became calmer and less emotional about the situation and the worry about crying in front of my friend went away. It helped me to think more rationally and feel less hurt.

P. Pantall, Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK

I have been a Vibrational Essence producer since 2000. I am also the cofounder of Unfolding Enlightenment. A trifold modality facilitating change on all levels of your being. Personal and spiritual development, ascension, awareness, focus, mindfulness, and Enlightenment are the goals.

Robina Hearle.

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