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Time to Stop Seeking Approval Essence

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The only person who needs to approve of you is you.
Your self worth depends on your feelings about you, not approval from an outside source.
Being self loving and liking yourself because you are worthy of it all.
It is time to recognise you are a sovereign, beautifu , complete being.
You give your power away when you depend on adulation, a pat on the back, pride of a parent in order to bolster your confidence, sense of being and self approval and self worth.
It's stating to the universe I am no good unless someone else says I am.
Is this a truth or a misperception?
Your parents were the vehicles for your soul to incarnate here for you to accomplish your mission.
Look beyond see the bigger picture of who you are.

It becomes a habit and an obsession and a need from childhood.
It can be become very destructive as you strive in your life.
It can alter your intended life path which you chose before you incarnated.

This is linked to the feeling or knowing there is a lack of love or attention given by one or both parents. The child perceives this as a sign that they must earn the love, be good, not do wrong, in the hope of praise or being noticed.
So the child, then teenager then the young adult seeks to do things to impress, sets out to win, be perfect, succeed , be the best, has a need for recognition for doing well.
You can spend life disappointing yourself as you strive to achieve the impossible, for when is it ever enough? and where do you draw the line? this in turn under lies your self belief you are not good enough, not worthy.
Another self created behaviour paradigm.

What has really happened is that the parent has not been able to forfill the requirements /needs of the child. They themselves are lacking, often because they had little love or approval shown to them. Look at the grandparents and their behaviours as this often explains it where your parents derived their parenting habits.
A feeling that you are always a disappointment to a parent, because a parent sets the bar of achievement too high.
Being told constantly you are a disappointment and will be no good.
Being compared with a sibling who you perceive to be more than you in every walk of life .
Being labelled as the black sheep of the family which you then forfill, the label is like a prophesy/curse, thought form which you live under and cannot escape from.
Trying to be noticed because your sibling always seems to get the attention.
This sets up the paradigm of sibling rivalry that can never cease.
Another case scenario Is if a parent remarries and devotes more time to the new partner then they do to their children then the feeling of being ignored, not being wanted perhaps, feeling they are a nuisance can occur.
Abandonment by a parent by adoption, living in an orphanage, with foster parents, being in many homes can also create this paradigm of wanting to succeed or the opposite just give up.

This becomes a paradigm and part of the family hologram, and will keep repeating down the generations and lifetimes as a chain of events.
Our responsibility as parents is to love the child and show it.
Take notice, praise.
This makes the child feel safe, secure and happy with themselves.

Energetically there are blocks here in the thinking and many layers of thought called miasmas and emotions to clear.
This essence is to help with this, many realisations and lightbulb moments may occur when this essence is taken.

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