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Stopping Being too Tender Hearted Essence

Essences are £12.50 each +p&p (30ml).

When you are too tender hearted it creates in you an inability to act appropriately and face the world ,bear witness.
We all cannot bear to see terrible things or hear about them.
What we should be able to do is rise above them not just block them out.
Perhaps see them with more dispassion rather than allow the energy to fly to our hearts and create wounds. We then cannot face the world and we retreat.
This can become a habit and a paradigm down the ages, a train and chain of events.

We know there is energetic interference which we will call a device which creates pain and anguish in us when we have to bear witness. This in turn lowers our frequency and renders us unable to cope. We internalise the pain, feel the emotions of others to a point we cause ourselves harm, heartache and illness, emotionally, mentally and physically.
Compassion and empathy are our natural states of being, a balance which allows us to act appropriately to circumstances.
It is not about not caring, of course you care. It's about not being pulled into the low frequency dramas and not being able to let it go.
Shock is a factor here also, causing further energetic damage.
Your heart and emotional body needs some healing, this essence seeks to address this. Remove the unwanted codes of behaviour which have distorted your responses. Heal the shock.Enable you to cope, gather your inner resources, to not drop in frequency when you bear witness.

As healers we respond sometimes with a gusto and zeal to help a person or animal. Sometimes this response is also a device or a distortion of our natural empathy.
To be effective as a healer is to way up assess with no emotional response what needs to be done, plan and carry out that regimen. Often your emotional responses gets in the way of the energies and frequencies required to effectively treat.

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