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The Soul Retrieval Essences

Everyone needs soul retrieval, if you wish to have this healing done please contact Robina for an assessment so she can work out which pieces of soul you have missing and therefore which essences you will need.

The cost of an assessment is £20.00. Add to Basket

Essences are £7.50 each +p&p (10ml).

1. Star of Bethlehem in the Healing Garden

People who cannot protect themselves from psychic attack. For people who have lost several parts of their soul and are on a course of healing. For those people who have had a hook-in removed and are in the process of strengthening. This essence gives protection by a) invoking protection from your angels and b) it gives a cloak of protection.

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2. The Protection Essence
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3. Reconnection and Integration of Inner Child 0-6 years
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4. Reconnection and Integration of Higher Self
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5. Reconnection and Integration of Young Child 6-12 years
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6. Reconnection and Integration of Teenager 13-19 years
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7. Reconnection and Integration of Early Adult 20-35 years
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8. Reconnection and Integration of Late Adult 35-55 years
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9. Reconnection and Integration of Old Age 55-80 years
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10. Reconnection and Integration of Emotional Body
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11. Reconnection and Integration of Mental Body
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12. Reconnection and Integration of Spiritual Body
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13. Reconnection and Integration of Casual Body
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14. Reconnection and Integration of Self Image
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15. Reconnection and Integration of Personality
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16. Reconnection and Integration of Identity
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17. Severing the Ties for Introject Removal

This essence is used for severing ties with people and can be a help in removing an Introject. An Introject is a part of another persons soul that has attached itself to you. This attachment can be done because that person wishes to assist you, control you, help you, or dominate you. It will often be a parent , husband or lover.

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18. Strengthening Connection to Higher Self
A Channelled Essence by Star of Joseph

The intention of this essence is to strengthen the connection with your Higher Self. This becomes weakened the more lives you live with no spiritual aspect.

Positive Effects:
For connecting deeply with your inner self, Higher Self, your intuition, your heart. For the beginning of the journey of discovery of remembering who you are. For enabling the inner dialogue with your Higher Self to take place.

For people whose connection with their Higher Self has become weakened. For people who become so entrenched in their day to day life of pain and or illusory materialism that any spiritual qualities are stamped out. For people who wish to change and grow and know themselves in totality. For people on the Ascension path and have begun to make realisations and have woken up to the fact that they can be more. That being a human being has great potential when you begin to understand there is more than we have been led to believe by religion and society.

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19. Strengthening Identity
A Channelled Essence by Star of Joseph

Positive Effects:
The Intention of this essence is to A) strengthen the connection with your identity. B) Help you to recognise your unique identity. C) To value, honour and love yourself.

For those people who have had this part of their soul retrieved. For those people who have a weak connection with their identity. For those people who have no idea what their identity is and cannot recognise it. For those whose identity is expanding, realising that they are more than who they thought they were and is having difficulty recognising themselves. This can happen for those on the Ascension path. For those who have lost a sense of their identity through motherhood, being a part of a large family, organisation or peer group. For when you have been overwhelmed by others and may have had an introject. For those people who do not honour, love or value themselves.

Your identity is a part of your soul; it is unique and individual to you.

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20. Strengthening Personality
A Channelled Essence by Star of Joseph

The intention of this essence is to A) Strengthen the connection to your personality. B) To help you to recognise and know your personality. C) For knowing yourself better.

For those who have undergone soul retrieval of their personality. For people who have a weak connection to their personality. For those who have little idea what their personality is. For those who wish to know themselves better. For those on the Ascension path and know they are undergoing a transformation which includes their personality. For helping to recognise themselves. For those people who have had their personality damaged by not being allowed to be themselves. Having to be what someone else wants them to be

Your personality is a part of your soul which can become lost or damaged. Your personality is part of the unique energetic signature of your being. It is not defined by your emotional baggage which often overlies and overwhelms it.

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21. Strengthening Self Image
A Channelled Essence by Star of Joseph

The intention of this essence is to A) Strengthen your connection with your self-image. B) To help you to identify your self-image. C) To encourage you to honour, value and love yourself-image.

For those people who have lost their self-image and have undergone soul retrieval. For those people who have a weak connection to their self-image and do not recognise themselves. For those people who have always been scared of loosing themselves. For people who lose their self image through being overwhelmed or are giving up their wants and desires to another, always putting themselves last until there comes a time when they do have time and have lost the idea of self image. For people who are on the ascension path their self-image will expand and it is hard to recognise this and put it into context with who you think you are.

Yourself Image is a unique quality of your soul. It can be lost, damaged or weakened.

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22. Sense of Fun Essence

To facilitate the re-connection of this piece of soul
For thosae who cannot see the comical, laugh, jokes, have a sense of the ridiculous, silliness, play, humour
For those that do not "do" fun
For those who are serious all of the time.

Positive effects:
To regain this aspect of yourself.
To gain a humourous, fun, playful aspect of yourself
To enable you to learn the skills of fun, humour spontaneous laughter and being jolly.

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