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Permission to Say No Essence

Essences are £12.50 each +p&p (30ml).

For people who cannot say no
For people who people please
For people who bend to emotional blackmail
For people who need to honour themselves and their own journey through life.
For people who cannot rest, be still , allow who feel they have to be busy all of the time.
For people who will go to the verge of illness because they cannot say no.
For people who feel they have to always be there for others Solve their problems .
For people who feel their life is being ruined by their inability to say No.
For people who do not want to cause harm or pain to others by not saying Yes
For people who cannot prioritise their needs before others .

So what is the inherent problem here ? It is certainly a learnt set of habits.
Perhaps it comes from childhood where you had to be doing jobs, were not allowed to sit still. "The devil creates work for idle hands."
The demons of guilt create the feelings that you "should" be doing rather than being
Gaining Approval and love from others through being of service to them.
An inherent need to be needed ?
Mothering instincts that have become out of balance , ties not cut
Do You feel you will miss out if you do not say yes ?
Do you feel you will not be liked if you do not say yes ?
You feel selfish if you do not say yes ...why ?
Once people realise you never say No , then you are taken advantage of.

To recognise the tactics that people use to get you to say yes, bullying, complimenting or guilt.
To remove the devices that make you respond to the plea , the tone of the plea the emotions used, the frequency and harmonics. In so doing you have the correct discern,net in the situation.
This essence helps you to acknowledge you cannot say Yes to every request made of you.
It helps you to honour yourself and see your own life is as important as anyone else's.
To learn to say no with a calm voice , not apologise , and be assertive kindly.
To have the courage to say No and know the sky will not fall in.
It helps you to let go of all fears about saying no , including guilt.
To help you to balance yourself.
To stop the ideas and feelings that you are selfish.
To acknowledge that sometimes people have to learn for themselves or cope without you and that is no bad are teaching self reliance.
Knowing when to set boundaries and this is perfectly okay .
To stop the habit , cut the paradigms, change the holograms , set a new course in life , clear old and ancient chains of events where this has occurred.
You can please the people you really care about some of the time, but it's not possible to please every person every time -- and maintain your sanity.
You're saying "yes" to spending more quality time with your friends, loved ones, and family instead of doing something you don't want to do.
You're saying "yes" to maintaining your sanity, to having some "me time," and for making time for the hobbies and interests that matter to you.You're saying "yes" to living a more relaxed, evenly-paced life that is centred around the things that having meaning for you,not for someone else.
You're saying "yes" to having a reasonable workload instead of burying yourself in hours of extra work because you couldn't turn someone down.

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