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1. Reassurance, Inner Child Essence

Keywords: reassurance, support, comfort.

Positive Effects:
Brings reassurance to the frightened child within.
Giving comfort to that child, the baby you.
Supporting the child so he/she does not feel alone.
Giving the ability to connect to the child within.

For those who cannot connect to the child within.
For those who feel that they cannot give love, comfort or support to that abandoned frightened child.
For people who feel alone, unsupported, that no one cares for them, likes them let alone loves them.
For people who cannot like or love themselves.
For people who have had a traumatic childhood who have blanked it out, ignored it or pretended it never happened.

This essence is about your connection with the child in you from womb to 6 years old, your emotional experiences up to that age fix your emotional patterns for life. Your emotional behaviour patterns all stem from your experiences. These emotions repeat in your life scenarios until you heal them, the incidents get larger as you go through your life to bring your attention to them so that you take notice and act to heal.

Many people have lost their connection with this child within for one reason or another, as you begin to reconnect this essence will help you to reassure and love the baby you, as you do this you grow as a person and begin to like and love yourself, this is the path of healing.

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2. Compassion, Inner Child Essence

Positive Effects:
The ability to have compassion for yourself and others.
Opening your heart to feel sympathy, empathy, understanding and all encompassing love for ourselves and all other beings, creatures great and small.
For being able to reach out to yourself and others when in distress and give of yourself, to find it in your heart to be of service.
To love yourself wholeheartedly.
Feeling the desire to bless.

For people who have no compassion for themselves or others.
For people who find it difficult to reach out to others, you feel something is holding you back but you want to take the step.
For people who do not see a need or are scared to open their hearts to in case it makes them vulnerable.
For people who have no idea or comprehension of the pain, distress or feelings of others.
For people who have closed down their hearts because of insurmountable pain from memories and life experiences.

Compassion is a heart chakra emotion, a spiritual quality which enables us to grow as beings. Children are born with compassion but it gets hidden as bad, painful life experiences cause our heart chakras to close down.

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3. Play, Inner Child Essence

Positive Effects:
Remembering how the child plays and what it feels like.
Giving yourself permission to play.
Letting go of the rigidness of the confines of our adult lives that have inhibited our ability to play.
Reconnecting to being intrigued, the anything is possible no boundaries feeling, being involved in the moment, being enthralled by play, the
Curiosity, inquisitiveness, wonder, creativity, joy, fun, laughter, imagination, and the innocence.
Bringing back and allowing time to play into our everyday lives. Being playful. Being happy.

For people who have forgotten how to play.
For people who never played as children.
For people who take life too seriously.
For those people in the rat race who are so deeply entrenched that they have forgotten how to live.
For people who have forgotten how to be happy.

Play is where we grow. Play opens the heart and mind and we find our real selves for just a while. Adults need playtime as much as children; they need to remember their childlike qualities, to reconnect to being happy, to be in the moment, to slow down.
Playing is one of those positive things we can do for our overall health and wellbeing.

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4. Self-Worth, Inner Child Essence

Positive Effects:
For acknowledging and regaining our sense of self worth...
To acknowledge you are a wondrous being of this earth and to shine out and not hide from yourself or others.
To know that all men are equal, no one is better than another, all are a divine spark of all that is.
That you can love and approve of yourself wholeheartedly, see your own beauty, radiance and rejoice, celebrate who you are in all your splendour and be happy and content with that.

For people who do not acknowledge they are worthwhile.
For people who do not see themselves as good enough to be loved, be abundant, to be noticed.
For people who do not like themselves.
For people who always puts themselves last, don’t buy treats; look after themselves because they do not see they are deserving.

When you do see yourself as worthwhile you can then see the worth more clearly of others. [See Celebrate essence].

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5. Healing Jealousy, Inner Child Essence

Positive Effects:
To highlight and heal the seeds of jealousy that begins in childhood.
To acknowledge the lack of self-worth and feelings of lack that become the ingredients of the emotion jealousy.
To help you realise that jealousy is an unwanted behaviour pattern that has coloured your whole life and no longer serves you.
To help you to be honest with yourself and own the fact there is a jealousy issue to heal.

For people who are jealous by nature and it is an emotional habit.
For people who want to recognise and heal this issue.
For people who are jealous of their siblings, jealous in relationships, jealous of their work colleagues,
For people who feel inferior and are jealous of people they perceive to be cleverer.

This essence highlights where jealousy stems from in childhood. It may be that you perceived that your parents loved your sibling more than you, that you felt there was a lack of love, favour, gifts, praise which made you feel unworthy. You may have felt your brother/sister was cleverer than you and your parents rewarded them but not you.
In understanding where the jealousy came from, being honest with yourself and owning it then you can begin to heal it and let it go.
Knowing that love and approval comes from within and that no one outside of you is needed to validate yourself. A realisation that we are all equal sparks of all that is and all valid because we exist. To recognise that you are good enough and have enough.

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6. Safe & Secure, Inner Child Essence

Positive effects:
To help you to feel safe and secure.
To highlight the times in your childhood when you did not feel safe and secure. As you acknowledge these, you feel the feelings and decide they are no longer part of your reality, you can let them go.
Realising our security comes from within our hearts not from things.
Realising feeling safe is about being loved, supported, cherished, having trust,[in yourself] knowing you have a place in the world.

For people who feel unsafe in the world.
For people who have childhood memories of incidents when they were not safe or felt secure.
For when we feel we are not secure if we don’t have enough money, possessions, the right people, the things we collect to make up our world but are in fact excess baggage.

Feeling unsafe to the child in you can be when you feel you are in danger, things are unpredictable, fear of the unknown [the bogeyman under the bed, fear of the dark] when you get lost and loose your mummy, [who will look after me] being somewhere unfamiliar and overwhelming. These are all base chakra fears based on survival.
Feeling secure for the adult is often about knowing you will be alright in the future, having enough money, somewhere to live where you can be, having enough food, and having a companion to look after you. Again these are base chakra survival fears. They are just that thoughts that are fears, just thoughts which you do not have to create.
As we move forward we begin to realise that we create our own reality and we are in charge of our lives and we can create what we want we do not have to be in fear of the lack.

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7. Healing Anger, Inner Child Essence

Positive effects:
To understand why the child was angry. To help reveal the childhood issues.
To understand why the adult is angry.
To understand the emotions behind the anger.
To have a healthy allowance of our anger, it is alright to be angry so long as you don’t inflict it on anyone else.
To safely release the anger from our bodies that has been long held.
To learn to manage your anger.

For people who are angry and don’t know why.
For people who feel powerless, undermined, injustice, frustrated.
For people who were not allowed to be themselves.
For people who have a short fuse, are violent when angry, feel the need to lash out.

Anger is mostly about being powerless in any given situation. Frustration is again about powerlessness, fear.
It is fine to be angry , to stamp your feet , shout and rant[ so long as you do not impinge on anyone else] how ever after the outburst and calm ensues , it is then to ask why ?………why was I angry what was this really all about . Your inner child will have been angry and this is where the pattern of anger will have come from. If you can acknowledge the feelings coming up then they can be let go of and that particular issue will not cause you to be angry again.

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8. Healing Sadness, Inner Child Essence

Positive Effects:
To let go of the deep sadness held by identifying the Issues that created it.
Giving yourself permission and the opportunity to be happy, carefree, and free of the mantle of sadness that has overshadowed you.

For people who have held deep sadness from their childhood.
For people who can never quite be happy, there is always something missing.
For people who are sad because as children they felt loss, grief, loneliness, feeling unloved, lost, have no friends, cannot make friends, feel their parents did not love them ,feel unwanted, isolated, a sense of injustice, feel they were undermined, betrayed, abandoned abused, disregarded, ignored.

Deep Sadness hides other deep often buried emotional issues, when you begin to address this many facets of issues will be raised. Taking Water of Enlightenment for courage would be recommended.

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9. Being Happy, Inner Child Essence

Positive Effects:
Reconnecting and remembering the carefree happy child within that wants to sing, run, skip, dance, jump in puddles, who gets ecstatic, excited and delighted with life, feeling that warm glow in the heart.
Reconnecting to the original happiness that you came here with, before your life became overshadowed by misperceptions and fear.
Remembering to be happy on a daily basis, that it is your birthright and okay.

For people who are never truly happy, who only feel a low grade sense of happiness, who have forgotten what it feels like to be ecstatic
For people who are always miserable, who have closed down to the possibility of being happy.
For people who feel they do not deserve to be happy.
For people who have been conditioned by society, parents, or religion that happiness is wrong or a sin, that we are here to suffer.

Many people have lost their connection to their inner child to such an extent that they have blocked shielded or forgotten feelings. Our natural state is to be happy, joyous and feel unconditional love.
When we feel no happiness we close down our heart chakra and let in no light, the heart is in shadow this essence helps shine the light of happiness once more into the heart.
Life is not meant to be serious why should’nt we be happy.

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10. You are Good. Inner Child Essence

Positive Effects:
For the realising and understanding that you are good.
For letting of the belief and deep fear of the inner child that you are inherently no good. evil, naughty.
For the knowing that other people’s judgements are not the truth of who you are.
To know that you are a perfect beautiful whole being. There is nothing wrong with you. Realising that you are lovable.

For people/children who believe that they are bad, evil and not nice. and have gone through their whole lives with this misperception.
For people who were repeatedly told as children that they were bad, naughty, evil and believed it.
For people who believed they would not be loved or be worth loving because they were bad.
For people who hate themselves.

The issue of believing you are bad as a child is so damaging and colours your whole life and your belief systems.
The beautiful soul you came in as cannot possibly be bad.

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11. Healing Rejection, Inner Child Essence

Positive Effects:
To heal the pain, sadness, hurt, loneliness and misery of being rejected/unwanted.
To have the confidence to love yourself.
To know you are a lovable, worthy being and you do not need others to confirm this to you. You are alright. You have nothing to prove to the world.
To understand that the rejecter has a problem not you.

For people whose mother /father rejected them at birth.
For people who could not bond with their mother.
For people who were not wanted from conception.
For people who were given up for adoption.
For people who were put in an incubator and felt they were being rejected.
For people who constantly try to please.
For people who try constantly to prove their worth.
For people who have been rejected in adult relationships.

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12. Healing Loneliness, Inner Child Essence

Positive Effects:
For letting go of the deep misery and sadness from being lonely.
For being happy to be by yourself.
To realise that you are never actually alone, there are always angels and guides to help you just have to ask.
To learn to reach out to others, create contact and the reality you desire.
For letting go of the fear of being alone.

For people who are deeply lonely and do not know how to mend this.
For people who were left in an incubator as a baby, for this is where it can start.
For people who were taken away from their parents, for whatever reason as a young child.
For people who do not know how to communicate or overcome, reach out, when they are alone. For people who lost companions, siblings, friends, grandparents, loved ones, pets perhaps through them moving away or death.
For people who feel lonely because a relationship has been broken.

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13. Mending Nocturnal Patterns, Inner Child Essence

The intention of this essence is to correct and mend distorted sleep patterns. Restore a normal sleep pattern. Distorted sleep patterns will have come about due to emotional, mental or physical stress as a baby. This can have happened from in the womb and up to the age of 6 or more. Sleep may have been disturbed because of hunger, discomfort, fear, anxiety, panic, and many other causes. These distorted sleep patterns will continue to re occur, especially when emotional issues arise or are being revisited.

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14. Separation Anxiety

Positive effects:
To help you to release the emotions you are holding onto around separation.
To recognise the panic and fear that you may never see that person again and to let it go.
To have realisations about yourself surrounding this issue.

For those who were separated at birth from their mother, because premature and put in an incubator, adopted /abandoned or rejected.
For those who did not bond with either of their parents.
For those in later life have separated from partners, husbands, children, parents, divorced.
For those who feel the loss keenly, and have anxiety about being separated from loved ones.

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15. Sulking

So why do people sulk?
What is a sulk.
What creates a sulk?

Misunderstanding of situations, issues, lack of explanation to a child
The inner and young child cannot be heard through strict parenting and is not allowed to speak up.
Being told no is an issue to rebel against.
The child may be blamed for things he or she did not do.
Powerlessness and anger become unexpressed, become internalised.
A situation cannot be understood or rationalised by the child.
Brooding occurs, negative thoughts about the situation and the people involved which then creates energetic wounds, a dark cloud of energy is created.
It is part of the negativity hologram that we all have.
Stubbornness. Bitterness ,morose can ensue
Vibrational frequency of the person drops for a long period of times.
An inability to let go of the issues.
Refusal to smile or be pleasant.

The only way to show outwardly there is a problem is to sulk.
Disappointment is an ingredient here for expectations not met.
Needs are not recognised or fulfilled.
No speaking, lack of and an inability to communicate, this can occur for days

It becomes a habit and a behaviour patterns that can and often does go through to adulthood .
Other traits include
Mope, brood, sullen, grumpy, despondent, out of sorts, pine, harbour a grudge, eat your heart out, moon about, aloof, withdrawn, silent, unsociable.
Ill humoured offended manner.
Refusal to discuss the problem.

Positive Effects:
To enable the person to see clearly all sides of an argument.
To know you are not a lesser person to give way.
To be able to communicate your needs.
To release and excise the habit and behaviour pattern.
To release stubbornness bitterness as they are blocks.
To be more allowing in your behaviours with authority.
To be able to,over come disappointment.
To turn negatives easily into positives.
To be able to lift yourself up out of the situation.
To be able to let go and move on.
To become sociable, agreeable, humour restored.
Mood to lighten.

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The Inner Child Essences
1. Reassurance, Inner Child Essence
2. Compassion, Inner Child Essence
3. Play, Inner Child Essence
4. Self-Worth, Inner Child Essence
5. Healing Jealousy, Inner Child Essence
6. Safe & Secure, Inner Child Essence
7. Healing Anger, Inner Child Essence
8. Healing Sadness, Inner Child Essence
9. Being Happy, Inner Child Essence
10. You are Good. Inner Child Essence
11. Healing Rejection, Inner Child Essence
12. Healing Loneliness, Inner Child Essence
13. Mending Nocturnal Patterns, Inner Child Essence
14. Separation Anxiety
15. Sulking

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