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Holiday Mode Essence

Essences are £7.50 each +p&p (10ml).

This essence is to address and help maintain the loss of holiday mode once we take on the mantle of our every day lives.
Why do we do thi ?
We get straight back into the habit of everyday doing which takes over rather than holiday being.
The essence is to help you balance yourself between the two states of awareness.

For being able to let go, slow down, be, be in the allowance, be in the Now.
Being able to step out of stuff, be carefree, knowing it's all okay.
Being happy serene tranquil, calm, at Peace, in a state of grace.
Loving, generous of heart, harmonious and self being in a fine balance.
Being able to heal your perspectives on many aspects of your life.
Knowing when to rest, unwind. Centre ourselves.

The difference between our holiday mode self and our day to day self has become too great, to our own detriment. We loose ourselves in the mad rush of life.
We make ourselves ill by the way we are in our day to days, it's stress, so much so, that often during a holiday our bodies unwind and let go all at once, and we begin the symptoms of flus colds etc.

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