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Get Out of Your Own Way Essence

Essences are £7.50 each +p&p (10ml).

Step aside
Allow yourself to succeed, be reassured.
Severe the ties
Let go and Simplify
You have set the intention now allow the universe to work .
Be in a state of grace.
Trust accept, have faith.
Let go of doubt. Have confidence.
Stop procrastinating
All will be well, allow that possibility to take root.
Have courage, be encouraged, be, allow peace to be in your heart.
Halt the angst and anxiety, worry and panic.
Allow yourself the knowing you are worthy. Allow self approval.
Never mind what other people will say, it's none of their business.
Be true to yourself.

Look at the fears, vested interests you have
Do you have to control everything? Why?
You have told the universe what you want let it give it to you.

Every time you say "yes but"
You stop the universe responding and working.
you are the creator in the driving seat of your life.
Slow down, take you foot off the gas pedal, stop throwing spanners in the works ..allow the engine to change gear and move along's an automatic !

However there may be some impediments you had not realised
So what can you do?
There may be underlying causes old ancient energetics ,paradigms, family patterns, beliefs holograms, curses , chains and train of events, links, threads ties emotions thought forms in the way.
well ask they all be cleared, excised and balance restored.
Then leave the universe to overcome the obstacles.

So this essence is a all encompassing set of instructions to allow the journey ahead to be cleared and for you to move on.
A complex set of codes and harmonics and beautiful energies to restore, repair and set you on the correct path at this time.

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