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Excising Stereotypical Beliefs, Prejudice and Discrimination Essence

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If you are honest this applies to most of us.

A stereotype is a belief about a certain group of people. Prejudice is a feeling about a person based on their membership in a group. Both stereotypes and prejudice can be either positive or negative. Discrimination is an action that denies the rights of a person due to their membership in a group.

Prejudice covers many aspects.
Colour of people black, white, red, yellow.
Race Jewish, Kurds, Asian, Indian, Chinese, Tibetan, the list is endless.
Religious, Protestant, Catholic, Muslim Shiites
Sexual differences
Young or old

Forming an awareness of where these beliefs feelings ideas have come from. Seeing the inconsistencies of thoughts and beliefs
Unfavourable beliefs and assumptions that are not based on actual experience is the key to prejudice and discrimination.
Pre judgement of someone or race .
Excision of negative Stereotypical thoughts, beliefs ideas teachings and indoctrination.
Excising the deeply held seed and threads, links of feelings, the unfairness and unreasonable behaviours emanating from the family, culture, Religion, media ,nationality, country or continent you live in or come from, of prejudice and discrimination.
Looking at Genetics, family holograms, culture and excising the dark energies involved, shards, curses, enchantments , hypnosis. brainwashing.
Excising the emotions of hate, intolerance, anger, rage.
Excising the energetic pathways of hatred, fears, intolerance, unfairness, rage, anger, hostility
Excising the chains and trains of events thought forms and emotions through this life and past life of all incidences that have occurred.
To clear negative Blocks on the pathways of tolerance and celebrating the differences of people being able to love others.
Excising the behaviour patterns of discrimination, unreasonable behaviour, attitudes, opinions, dislike, hostility.
Excise Irrationality of thinking and the habit of listening to ill formed beliefs of others and being easily swayed by strong words and rhetoric.
To aide the excision of prejudice, discrimination, intolerance and stereotypical thinking from the morphagenic reasonance .

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