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Excising the Demons and Seeds of Vanity Essence

Essences are £7.50 each +p&p (10ml).

Vanity, conceited, arrogant, proud , obsessive tendency , self absorbed. Egotistical. Admiration of self to an obsessive state , narcissist tendencies.
No flaws ever shown or seen. Mistakes covered up in case others judge.
A state of excessive unjustified false pride.

People who are vain can be more concerned about themselves in every way, than with anyone or anything else, totally self centered.
The men can be under pressure to forfil traditional male traits or conceptions of how to be.
Women and men can be obsessed with appearance, their qualities and achievements.
Vain people want the world to see them in a certain light. The facade they create is one of being successful, perfect, rich, glamorous, polished, sophisticated.These people live in their make believe, delusional and illusionary world they fabricate about themselves and their lives.
Vain people will use other people, wives, family friends to try to manipulate, and perhaps bully to maintain the illusion.

So who is the real person under all this vanity ?
Is this a family trait , in the family belief structure?
It is certainly destructive to self and others around them, and absolutely if it is taken to extremes.
"The truth is for some that looks matter, they always have and they always will"
Shallow ? Yes.
Perhaps we have a loss here of self esteem, self worth, sense of self, reality , truth , honesty, integrity , self confidence, Insecurity.
Vanity can be a compensation for areas of your life that you are not good in.
Vanity can be a bluff.
Fear of judgement by peers, society, work place.

It is a destructive emotion for self and society, you are saying you are better and more than the next person. Seen as stuck up.

There is nothing wrong with balanced loving and liking of self and your achievements.
Vanity is a corruption.

So this essence is about removing the traits, seeds, demons you have at work, and negative thought forms energies.
Blocks, belief patterns, chains and trains of events going back over lifetimes.

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