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Excising the Demon and Seeds of Power Essence

Essences are £7.50 each +p&p (10ml).

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Why do people want to be powerful?
How does it affect the powerful person if they are still a child in adults clothing.
What damage does the need and greed for power do to the person and all those around.
Power is an addiction, it can be a dopamine trigger giving you a high.

Power goes to people's heads. It can be a craving, a madness.
Often there can be a loss of empathy, compassion, even love and the following.

Being disinterested in the welfare of others.
Stereotyping others, including showing bias.
Not making eye contact when in conversation.
Acting as if they are entitled to get what they want.
Expecting others to comply with their requirements without question.
Acting in untrustworthy ways, but expecting to be trusted.
Having different rules and values for themself vs. other people.
Being more prone to anger than others.
Acting outside company policy or creating it for their own purpose.
Breaking the law.
Believing they are untouchable and above the law.
Colluding with other powerful people in immoral and illegal acts.
Where did this notion of power and its obtainment come from, it's certainly an ancient one.
Power has been corrupted and abused by religions, politics, wealth.
One that has caused much disruption and distress down the ages, war, murder, crime. So many off shoots to the evil it can and has created.
A lust for power.
As a result of their childhood experiences some people have developed the need for superiority and for being powerful ... Inner child disruption. Family traits hologram, programming.
So the seeds of power lust come from a a damaged individual who needs to feel valued and worthwhile, but sometime a long the journey the power bites back, the negative energies corrupt.
Some people are born into power ..they have a choice how to use it.
Power can be a security, a striving by the inner child to make their world a safe place by total control through power
Mental delusions, illusions and psychoses can be created by the ongoing negative corrupted energies of power.

Personal power is an internal state that allows you to act in your long-term best interest in all circumstances. Internal power is stable and enduring because, unlike feelings of power, it does not depend on temporary ego states driven by adrenalin and reinforced by a certain amount of self-deception. In other words, being powerful differs in important ways from feeling powerful.

This essence seeks to excise all the corrupted notions, seeds and Negative corrupted energies of power.
It will help the person regain a balance and harmony of personal Internal empowerment , rather than seeking external power gratification.
It is another cleansing of the morphagenic resonance.
Blocks, behaviour patterns, thought forms, miasmas, traits, chains and trains of events in past lives, holograms, all will have work done.

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