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Excising the Demon and Seeds of Bullying Essence

Essences are £7.50 each +p&p (10ml).

Bullying , a complex set of reasons why it occurs.
For some it is a family trait , in the family hologram.
It is in society, school Family and religion, politics and the work place.

What does it do to the recipient?
It breaks people's spirit.
Causes people not to trust their own judgement loose faith in themselves crumble, they are easier to manipulate this way
Creates fear and distress.
People loose their self worth, self confidence a constant erosion over time
People can be shattered inside by shouting, anger, abuse.
People can be immobilised Thru mental/emotional /physical violence, they become the rabbit in the headlights. Frozen and unable to cope or know what to do
Soul loss occurs.
Coercive control is a sideline of this.
This is another destructive emotion leading self harm ,to death, suicide by the victims.

The person bullying is on a power trip, they have little want to recognise the damage they do.
If they do recognise why they are doing its a score, an adrenaline high.
Bullying is a habit, a way of life, blundering through people's finer feelings with no care or regard. All levels of society and peoples do this.
Some people are in pain themselves.

People can direct frustrations, hurt, anger and difficulty at home or in class to you by bullying. Lack of attention from friends, parents or teachers can make a person bully you, just to feel popular and seen as 'tough' or 'cool' and in charge.
This essence seeks to excise the emotions on all levels, down the ages.
The traits of the bully and the traits of the recipient.

The reactions of the victims gives the bully a sense of accomplishment, so he continues the behaviour. Bullies can't regulate their emotions. When people get frustrated and angry, they can usually stop themselves from doing things that will hurt others.

People bully others because they have a certain imbalance in their psyche that can only be fixed when they bully a powerless victim.
It is this negative demon, seed, energy that we seek to excise with this essence.
It also works to excise the feelings and damage of the victim all are linked.
Forgiveness is a route to go down to cut the ties and links to the person you were bullied by.
Saying sorry to the people you bully and being honest, holding your hand up is the way to go for the person who is a bully.

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