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Developing Self Belief Essence

Essences are £7.50 each +p&p (10ml).

The qualities of the essence
To excise all the pathways and seeds of disbelief in yourself, trust, lack of confidence, self approval and low self esteem.
Healing the soul damage repairing restoring and rehabilitating.
Excise the belief you are a failure and will never succeed.
To remove all the criticism of you and self judgement that makes you doubt yourself.
To excise all the childhood issues that caused you to doubt yourself, often abuse in some form or another.
To clear the family hologram of lack of self belief, lack of confidence and fears of lack.
To excise the chain and trains of events, thought forms and emotions to incidences in this life and past lives where you have not succeeded and felt a failure.
To clear the heart chakra of the pain of failing however hard you try which causes you to doubt and not believe in yourself.
To clear the positive self belief pathway of the blocks it has upon it, such as low self esteem, feeling silly, self loathing, feeling inadequate, anxiety, lack of self respect, worrying about how other people perceive you and what you say and how you behave.
Fear of self embarrassment.
Fear of rejection by others.
Excising the demon of depression anxiety and being over sensitive.
To clear any family curses enchantments ancient and modern.

The Positive Effects
To positively entrench the idea and truth that your are a worthwhile, confidant person who trusts, respects yourself and has no doubts that you can succeed in what ever venture you set your heart upon.
You are always good enough, you have the faith and trust .
You can now judge your worth to be as high as a mountain.
To love and like yourself wholeheartedly.
Believe other people when they compliment you.
Pat yourself on the back for a job well done.
Praise, be generous with yourself.
Letting go of the opinions of others, they are inconsequential.
You can be successful and try new things.
Knowing it is okay to get it wrong sometimes and to laugh, not cry.
Learning to be bold and assertive.
Developing individuality, creativity and self assurance.
Knowing you have choice.
You can become your own person, have sovereignty over yourself.
Putting in good boundaries of personal space with people, being able to say no. having the freedom to express yourself .
Take your power back you have given to others because you did not believe in yourself, you can stand alone, be self sufficient and have the inner resources to be a happy person.
Your world opens up for you once you believe in yourself.
No more doubt your skills abilities looks or behaviours they are all just fine.
You can and you will.

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