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Let go of the Deep Belief you are Bad Essence

Essences are £7.50 each +p&p (10ml).

Feeling bad makes you accept without challenging/think you deserve the difficult/unkind things that happen in your life and also make you feel undeserving of the good things. That makes it difficult to accept any gifts from anybody else, whether it be a compliment, offer of help, friendship or a present. To even think that someone would want to give you something is impossible to believe which affects your relationships with other people, ie not giving too much of yourself for fear of hurt, not trusting that they like you. So, totally influences how you interpret and live your life from family and friends through to ambitions and work. I think not knowing yourself or where You would like to go could be part of this as well as setting out on an adventure with confidence is difficult if you don’t believe you are worthy of success.

Removal of all mechanism and devices and energetic blocks that have created this misperception down your lifetimes.
The tendency to be bullied or walked over because you believe you are bad is a paradigm that needs changing.
For people who have been enslaved.
For people who have this belief as a deep soul idea.
Allowing yourself now to believe you are good enough.
Mass belief you are guilty and are to blame , is a personal one and in the hologram of humanity.
The belief you are bad and sinners is rife amongst religion, a brainwashing that needs clearing.
Letting go of the fear of other people witnessing you are bad.
Letting go of accepting abuse of any kind because you deserve it because you are bad.

Time now to look at the lovely being of light that you are and be in the joy and celebration of yourself.

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