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Clearing the Anguish of Being Misunderstood Essence

Essences are £12.50 each +p&p (30ml).

This is a hugely damaging aspect of many people's lives eroding their confidence. It is very painful when you realise people do not see you as you see yourself, or see the world in the same way. It is to learn that it is okay.

This is for people who feel they are always misunderstood. Who always have to explain themselves.
What ever they say is taken the wrong way
Who know what they want to say and do not seem to be able to put their thoughts across
Where there is a discordance of communication lifestyle and beingness.
For people who have gone through their life not being able to connect with people because something is off kilter.
For people who feel they are not truly listened to.
This can begin in childhood when there is disharmony between your energy and your family,a clash,generation gap, people stuck in their ways and you do not fit into their agendas
For people who feel they have never fitted in.
For people who feel their opinion and uniqueness has not been seen or taken into account.
It may be your self confidence belief, self approval and self worth has been eroded and shrivelled by being constantly misunderstood and undermined.
It can be very painful when your words are refuted, twisted, taken out of context, frustration, exasperation, anger and powerlessness are felt.
Peoples views of your opinions are theirs , perhaps learn to step back and see that this is so.
People only hear what they want to.
Know you have a choice wether to respond or not, engage or not.
If people do not like what you say, it is okay, you do not need their validation.
Know that people can go on the defensive when an opinion is spoken and it is because it is uncomfortable for them and presses a button.
People are very emotional ! People are complex, people play games.

You do not have to spend time correcting other people's misperceptions, give yourself permission to go through life your way, be free. Let go the angst.
To enable you to find a way to get through to people.
To boost, heal, empower your self belief, confidence, approval, sense of self, worthiness.
To Stop giving up, you can and will achieve this.
This is to help remove the paradigms that have continually happened in your life, the chains and trains of events over lifetimes, the emotions and thoughts. Cutting the ties, links and threads to incidents where this has occurred.

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