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The Goddess Essences

Essences are £7.50 each (10ml).

Set 1. Honouring the Goddess
Channelled by Mary Magdalene

1. Honour the Goddess Essence
Positive Effects:
To love being a woman /female /maiden , mother and wise one.
To honour the fact you are a female/woman a giver of life.
To be comfortable with your own body, sensuousness ,and nakedness.
To honour the gift of sex as a wondrous event.
To acknowledge and honour your power as a woman.

For those people who are ashamed of being a woman.
For those who feel shame and degradation in the act of sex.
For those who feel shame and revulsion at their naked body.
For those who believe that being sensuous is wrong, and women should not have those feelings.
For those who feel sex is shameful, disgusting, dirty, should not be discussed, that it is something men have to do, that lust is all sex is about.
For women who feel dirty and ashamed when they menstruate.
For those who believe sex in an alternative for love.
 For women who deny their bodily signals, desires, needs and try to pretend they do not occur.
For those who shy away from being a mother. Seeing it as being a lesser mortal, not important, or feel they are not worthy.

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2. Awakening The Goddess Essence

Positive Effects.
To retap into the sensuality of the Goddess/woman who gives and receives.
To learn about spiritual sex.
To teach us the energetic mysteries of sex/orgasm.
To tap into the powerful sources of sexual energy and use it as a healing tool, dismantling negative energies.
To teach ourselves to go to the point that we can cope with at this time.

For people who wish to develop their sensuousness.
For people who wish to learn the mysteries of sex as a spiritual tool, creativity, gateway to other dimensions, astral travel and a healing modality.
For people who wish to accept and acknowledge sex as a higher form of consciousness, letting go of the paradigms of lust mentality.

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3. Cleansing The Goddess/God Essence

Positive Effects:
Cleansing the male and female reproductive systems of all the old patterns and beliefs of the last 2 thousand years, of degradation of the female power.
The consciousness of these systems has been steeped in lust and victim consciousness, it is time to raise humanities vibration out of the lower base aspects of these chakras and systems.
This enables these systems to hold the higher dimensional frequencies.
Bringing the reproductive systems in to balance and stability.

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4. At Peace with The Goddess Essence

Positive Effects: This essence is to release the distortions present in the base and sacral chakras due to the belief of sex being filthy, repulsive and shameful, thus creating disease in these areas.
All diseases linked to the distortions are about inner hate and inner repulsion which are in conflict with the desire and extreme need to explore ones sexual power. We are sexual beings there is no getting away from that aspect of ourselves without causing distress.
The chakras are out of balance because of the distortions these will rebalance as you make peace with your sexuality in a healthy and constructive way.

For people who need to be at peace with their sexuality.
For people who have inner hate and inner repulsion at even the thought of sex.
For people who need to explore their sexuality.
For people who are afraid of judgement and reprisal in their expression of sexual feelings, desires and needs.

Endometriosis, infertility, cysts may result because women were persecuted for being female and hold this in their cellular memory.

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5. Embracing The Goddess Essence

Positive effects:
This essence is to help release the extreme fear and embrace the female power.
Teaches the use of the female power for the highest good of all with integrity , balance and love and wisdom.
For stepping into your power with acceptance, courage ,trust and confidence.
For acknowledging your self worth as a powerful woman.

For women who are timid.
For women who do not know they are powerful
For women who are afraid to come into their power.
For women who know nothing of female power/strength.
For women who are afraid of judgement and persecution for expressing their power.
For men who need to let go of the extreme fear of the female psyche/power/strength.

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6. Reunion of your Inner Mother Goddess Essence.

Kindness, compassion, sensuality, generosity, guardian , guide, strength, uncorruptable, integrity, trustworthy, nurture, wisdom , honest, firm and fair.

The intention of this essence is to raise your consciousness to the highest levels of universal mother and nurturer. This will bring power as a creator and as an alchemist.
If you are still menstruating this will bring your cycles into full balance and you will move deeper into the sensuality of Mother Goddess.
If you are no longer menstruating your inner power and wisdom manifests as a new cycle of expression as the Grandmother Goddess/ Wise woman.

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Set 2. Stages Of Woman The Goddess Essence

The intention of this set of essences is to facilitate balanced energetic patterning into the processes of being a woman.

1.Goddess giving Birth Essence.

Positive Effects:
Prepare the emotional, mental,and spiritual aspects of a woman for the birthing process to take place with ease.
To help put back the energetic patterning that has been lost over aeons of time.
To Take the fear out of the situation, and give reassurance.
To help the baby feel safe and confident.

For women who are apprehensive in this situation.
For women who are filled with fear.
The birthing process has been corrupted so much so that it is now filled with too many difficulties that are present in the consciousness of many women. It is a natural event that should occur with ease and joy, but not many women experience this on the planet at this time.
To be taken 3 weeks before the expected event.

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2. The Fertile Goddess Essence

The intention of this essence is to put in place the balanced energetic patterning on all levels of PEMS to facilitate fertility.

Specific energies are needed for this to occur, this essence seeks to correct distorted energy patterns in the base and sacral chakras.

Women’s fertility has become distorted due to the degradation of the female energy and loss of honouring of themselves over the last 3000 years and more.

Modern contraception also creates energy imbalances. Fertility is a woman’s sacred gift, we have lost sight of this as sex has become disproportionately about lust rather than conceiving children.

Women will eventually return to a knowing when in their cycle that they are fertile, for the moment this gift of awareness has been lost.

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3. The Goddess with Child Essence

The intention of this essence is to aid the pregnancy process from conception to birth, by creating healthy energetic patterns in the PEMS that enable the whole process to go with ease.

Keywords: Joy, satisfaction, placidity, contentment, serenity, loving and nourishing environment, tolerance, balance.

Positive effects:
To distress an event that has become surrounded by fear, old wives tales, lies and distortions.
To enable a woman to feel happy and joyous and content in her new role. If the mother is content then so will be the baby and will not therefore create any inner child issues at this point for the baby.
To support the woman in her process.
Underlies the gift and the importance of the situation.

For the woman who does not feel at ease with carrying a child.
For the woman who is apprehensive, fearful and overwhelmed in her new role.
For the woman who wishes to feel contented and happy with her role.

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4. The Changing Goddess Essence

When women undergo the change of life this occurs on all of the levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This essence’s intention is to encourage the process to proceed in a balanced manner. Redundant energies need to be cleared before the new paradigms can be in place.

Positive Effects:
To create an easy transitioning process...
To release with gentleness and ease all the old issues, behaviour patterns, thoughts and fears that are held in the body and prohibit an easy change.
To help allay the fears of the change taking place.
To help you to stop fighting an inevitable process, stop seeing it as a hindrance, a negative step in your life. To stop seeing it as a marker of old age creeping on, it is only your belief that creates that one!
To embrace the stage of the wise woman. A sexually active, powerful, creative individual.

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5. The Maiden Goddess Essence

This essence is for when a girl begins her cycles and becomes a powerful and sexually active, aware being.
The intention of this essence is to create a balanced transition from child to maiden, and to balance and enhance the monthly cycle.
Our perceptions and beliefs surrounding the moon cycle have become damaging on all levels of PEMS. Beliefs such as women are unclean at this time, have to be hidden away, dirty, smelly, something to be endured, calling it a curse, dishonouring the gift. All of these thoughts and more have been seeded into the female consciousness over a long period of time creating dis-ease. Painful cycles to mention just one.

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6. The Grandmother Goddess Essence

Balanced wisdom, enhanced creativity, insight, clarity, guidance, service, knowledge, patience power.

The intention of this essence is to ensure the balanced energetic patterning of the wise woman/crone, has been set in place. To reveal and understand the potential of being a wise woman the power of the woman is at its peak at this time and needs to be used with integrity and responsibility. To harness the ability of enhanced creativity at this time.
Issues surrounding being a wise woman need to be released. Many older women in times gone by were burnt as witches and were greatly feared by men, this energy lives on in our memory. Women have had to hide and disguise their power and prowess. The Grandmothers can be a huge force for service and good for mankind.

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Set 3. Taking the Tiger by the Tail
Goddess essence set 3. Channelled by Mary Magdalene.

Humanity must merge as energy of collaboration, co-creation, co-existence, and the manifestation of that divine polarity and harmony inwardly and outwardly between fire and water, man and woman.

In order to do this the base emotions surrounding sex such as lust has to evolve from the base and sacral chakra to the upper chakras.

Women have to know their female energy, and then be in balance with their masculine energy. For many women this has been forgotten and hidden. Men must balance their female and male energies in order to progress on the planet.

This set of essences is designed to help clear some of the lust consciousness that has been a part of the third dimension for 3000 years, as we move in to the fourth all of this will change, but we have to do the work on ourselves...

1. The Mistaken Goddess/ God Essence

The intention of this essence is to change the lust energies for those of a higher perspective, from the heart. Also to promote self-worth.

Positive Indications:
To help women/men to honour and love themselves; and realise that casual sex is not an answer for finding a deep inner satisfaction that only comes with being deeply loved.
To create a new balanced paradigm around the sacredness of sex.
To put into perspective lust, sex and genuine love and honouring and self respect.
To give women some coping strategies, find self-respect, self love, confidence and self-worth. To realise they do not have to have sex to find love.

For those people who mistake sex, lust for love.
For people who are desperately in need of being loved and having sex fulfils this need, but it is a hollow and transitory thing.
For girls/women who have babies because they desperately want to be loved and have someone to love.

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2. The Terrified Goddess/ God Essence

The intention of this essence is to help clear from the female/male consciousness the fear of rape, being hurt through sex, incest, being over powered, helplessness, tortured, humiliation betrayal and murdered. This may pertain to this life or previous lives.

Positive Effects:
To help clear and heal the deeply held fears.
To help to move you forward into a healthy positive paradigm of sexual behaviour.
To elevate the consciousness about sex to something sacred, wondrous and wonderful.

For people who have been raped, or sexually abused.
For people who have undergone incest.
For people who have been subjected to torture through sexual activities.
For people who have extreme fear of being over powered.
For people who give in to sex for peace and quiet and for the fear that if they do not they will be harangued or hurt.
For people whose sexual activities are totally coloured by their negative experiences.

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3. The Responsible Goddess/God Essence

The Intention of this essence is to teach the correct use of the sexual attraction energies.

Positive effects:
For valuing the sacredness of relationships.
For men and women to equally value each other.
For the responsible use of sexual attraction.
 For integrity in relationships.
For teaching a policy of no harm to others through your actions.

For women who arouse, tease men for fun, entice and enslave.
For women who keep a man on a sexual energetic string of attraction for days, weeks or years even though there is no intention of the relationship growing.
For men who create false hope in a woman, when they are only playing.
For people who use people for sexual gratification and then dump them and this has become a habit.
For women who fear they will be left on the shelf and hold on to men as an insurance policy.
For those people who have a score card of conquests, with no thought of what damage they are doing to others and themselves.

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4. The Frustrated Goddess/God Essence

The intention of this essence is to change habits, perspectives and patterns around being sexually frustrated, desire and lust.

Positive Effects:
To clear negative behaviour patterns that have arisen due to repeatedly being left sexually frustrated, not being able to achieve orgasm through the lack of understanding or thoughtlessness of your partner or for any other reason.
To let go of the anger, frustration and powerlessness in that situation.
To help you put coping strategies in place, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Orgasm is a release of energy which if blocked can cause distress on all levels. You are also sharing energy with your partner which has profound effects on their PEMS levels.

For people who have been repeatedly sexually unfulfilled, which has led to some unhelpful sexual behaviour patterns of belief, thought and deed.
For people who cannot reach orgasm for any reason.

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5. Clearing Sexual Energetic Wounds from the Goddess/God

The intention of this essence is to clear the negative energetic wounds that you can be subjected to through contact with people who have lowly base sexual energetic behaviour patterns, thoughts, feelings and desires and they direct these at you.

For people who have felt they are the object of someone’s fantasies, lust or perverted thinking.
For people who have felt revolted by others behaviour.
For people who have felt sleazy, distressed and unclean after encountering others.
For the awareness and responsibility of your thoughts and feelings sexually towards others. It is normal to feel attracted to others but there are boundaries that need to be observed so that no harm is caused.

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6. The Free Goddess/God Essence

The intention of this essence is to lead us back to freedom, free will and choice. This free will and choice is one of the keys of Enlightenment.

Positive Effects:
To be free of the chains that bind, the patterns of behaviour and belief systems.
To recognise when you sabotage your free will and choice, when you give your power away.
To be free of all ensnarement’s and other people agendas.
To be free to exercise our conscious free will and choice.
To free the female energy from the tyranny of the masculine.
To have the courage to return to free will and informed choice.
Having the free will to make conscious choices without being coerced.

For those who have repeatedly been caught in a pattern of ensnarement, and not been able to be themselves and have to be what others want them to be.
For those who have lost their free will from lifetime to lifetime.
For women who are considered to be no more than chattels.
For those who are bound by the ‘shoulds’ of life and are not being true to themselves, will and heart choices.
For those who have had chains and bindings imposed upon them.
For those who have not had the courage to break free.

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7. The Ashamed Goddess/God Essence

The intention of this essence is to heal our deep shame and embarrassment of bodily functions.

Positive Effects.
To reach a new level of being open, honest and accepting.
To have no embarrassment around the bodily functions of urinating, defecating, menstruating, burping and sex.
To have no shame about the functions of the body.
To recognise they are just an ordinary part of life, that just is.
To remove all childlike reactions to bodily functions.

For all who have a deep shame and embarrassment about urinating, defecating, menstruating and relief of wind.
For those who cannot talk about ordinary bodily functions without using words to try to cover them up, or mask what you are really talking about.
For those who feel deep revulsion at even the thought of bodily functions never mind performing them.
For those who feel that they are a lesser mortal if they admit to, or have to talk about their bodily functions.

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8. The Horror of the Goddess/God Essence

The intention of this essence is to heal the deeply ingrained horror of humanity for things that crawl. This is a base chakra issue about being safe and secure.

Positive Effects:
To be able to maintain courage, calmness, centeredness and creative conscious thinking in a situation where something crawls on to you.
To help heal the primeval fear of things we think are out of our control.
To heal the horror and terror of the unknown.
To heal the panic and irrational feeling of being unsafe.

For those who have a deep terror, horror and phobic fear of all things that crawl.
For the belief that things that crawl are out to get you.
For those who go into panic if a spider or insect crawls on to them.

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9. The Harmony between the Goddess and God Essence

The intention of this essence is to create blending and a harmony between man and woman, fire and water, the male and female polarities

Positive Effects:
To create within each person a possibility of compatibility, collaboration, co-creative and co-existence in a harmonious framework.
For each person’s male and female aspects to be in harmony and balance.
For relinquishing the fear of harmonious interaction.
For men and women to have halt all fear and argument between their sexes.

For women that war on men.
For men that war on women.
For people who cannot come into inner harmony with their polarity aspects.
For those who are in great fear or feel threatened by the prospect of harmonious interaction between the sexes. Fear of possible loss of some aspect of themselves.
For people who always need to control.
For those women / men who are totally dominated by the other sex.

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The Goddess Essences

Set 1. Honouring the Goddess
1. Honour the Goddess essence.
2. Awakening The Goddess Essence.
3. Cleansing The Goddess/God Essence.
4. At Peace with The Goddess Essence.
5. Embracing The Goddess Essence.
6. Reunion of your Inner Mother Goddess Essence.

Set 2. Stages Of Woman The Goddess Essence
1.Goddess giving Birth Essence.
2.The Fertile Goddess Essence
3.The Goddess with Child Essence.
4.The Changing Goddess Essence.
5.The Maiden Goddess Essence.
6.The Grandmother Goddess Essence.

Set 3. Taking the Tiger by the Tail
Goddess Essence
1. The Mistaken Goddess/God Essence.
2. The Terrified Goddess/God Essence.
3. The Responsible Goddess/God Essence.
4. The Frustrated Goddess/God Essence.
5. Clearing Sexual Energetic Wounds from the Goddess/God.
6. The Free Goddess/God Essence.
7. The Ashamed Goddess/God essence.
8. The Horror of the Goddess/God Essence.
9. The Harmony between the Goddess and God Essence

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