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Excising the Pathways and Mindset of Self Pity and it's Pain Essence

Essences are £7.50 each +p&p (10ml).

"Self-pity is easily the most destructive of the non-pharmaceutical narcotics; it is addictive, gives momentary pleasure and separates the victim from reality"

People who wallow in self-pity usually go around in a bad mood, feeling sorry for themselves, feeling they've been wronged some how. They only care about themselves. They failed because of someone or something else. They don't own up to their own faults. Whatever, you never allow yourself to live. “a self-indulgent dwelling on your own sorrows or misfortunes.”

Awful things happen. Dreadful circumstances or tragedies will affect most of our lives at some point. It’s okay to cry and feel sorry for yourself and your circumstances, mope around, or get angry. But at some point you must shake it off, let go of the past, and choose to not let it consume you entirely. Otherwise, you won’t be able to learn from the experience and move forward in a constructive way.

For people who habitually go into self pity mode.
pity for oneself, especially a self-indulgent attitude concerning one's own difficulties, hardships,
For excising the habit and the mode of self indulgence this pathway creates
To excise this running script and all it's components.
To remove the chains and trains of events, threads ,links to emotions, instances, places and the people.
To severe all the ties to this mindset and its constituents.
The goal of self pity is to direct attention to yourself for help support energy, empathy. It's a plea. It can become emotional blackmail if you are not careful.
It's a dead end pathway people go down it and take up residence.

Self-pity is a choice. If we blame negative circumstances for our place in life, we are giving up responsibility and control. We can chose to be in perpetual sadness or not.

To enable you to move forward and not dwell on the past.
To change your perception from negative to positive. Your cup is half full.
To help you find your own inner resources to cope.
To remove the seeds and demons,imps, negative energies that maintain this mindset and habit.
To be able to see all sides of a problem.
To normalise your thinking and relationship dynamics.
Time to move out into this life now with your head held high, with courage and conviction. The past is the past, your life is before you to create.

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