Tailored Essences

What we can do for you:

1. Clearing childhood problems, fears and issues

2. Clearing work and relationship worries and anxieties

3. Help for emotional crisis, bereavement, abuse traumas

4. Helping to move you forward in life if you are stuck

5. White Crystal Light attunements

6. Spiritual and personal growth, mindfulness and conscious awareness

7. Practioner training in Unfolding Enlightenment

8. Guided Meditations for healing or development

9. Clear houses and land of unwanted energies

10. Help for distressed animals

11. Teenagers angst and children's fears, ie bullying

12 . Metaphysical teaching

How? We use Skype, phone, email and essences go by post, in this way people in many countries can participate.


An Introduction to the White Light
and Unfolding Enlightenment

Unfolding Enlightenment heralds ground-breaking new concepts in healing. This innovative new and exciting approach involves looking at the entirety of a person energetically at a depth previously unknown.

This all encompassing approach is accomplished through a unique step by step process of deep healing at soul level that allows you to return to your true state of being. The process has been given to us and humanity at this time by the White Brotherhood to enable the healing, development and progression of mankind.

It is about showing the way forward for mankind, illuminating the path to enable humanity to release all the dark negativity which has reduced them to third dimensional frequency and held them captive there for aeons of time.

The deep healing involved in the process is achieved through the use of The White Light, The Rose Cottage Flower/Vibrational Essences [which have been produced in conjunction with The White Brotherhood] and the Angelic Healing teams of the White Brotherhood with whom we work. Each of these is integral to each step of the process and as such are interdependent.

The three components together enable practitioners to  recognise and  address the soul loss and deep damage at soul level accumulated over many lifetimes which has not been recognised by any other therapy until now and which though unseen, is nevertheless present for everyone, regardless of the path they have taken so far.

Unfolding Enlightenment is the only therapy which can do healing at this deep level at this time. Without healing at this level any other healing process is like putting water into a colander it leaks away and is not effective in the long term.

Unfolding Enlightenment is path of deep healing for everyone, it is a spiritual journey to expanded consciousness and deeper levels of awareness or  a path of healing, learning and development for anyone  wishing to become a therapist.

Felixstowe TV interview
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Interview with Robina Hearle on the Eternal Spirit Show

Healing Cards

The steps of the process are described here in the order in which  we learned and experienced them. It is therefore  numbered to give some coherence to it. However, it is important to note that while White Light Attunements are an obligatory step for those wishing to be therapists or those wishing to progress on the spiritual path they will not be the first step for those requiring healing. Experience has in fact shown that some steps of the process are intermingled with others when part of a treatment plan.

As clients many people have the healing of the process without wishing to be attuned to the White Light, whilst others become interested in the process through  their own experiences  and do become attuned.

We are also very excited and privileged to be able to include Channellings from Archangel Michael with whom we work on this website too now. He has been working with Sue with this idea in mind for some months prior to the creation of this new site. [see Library]

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